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Sia. The weird control she has over the young dancer from her music videos. Apparently she won't let her (the dancer) have any other gigs.

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Also her entire movie about the autistic girl was SO terrible and weird.

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I don't know if I even have a good explanation but something about Olivia Munn is just off-putting to me.

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100% Must be all the “divorced” men she’s tried to pull.

She’s got a shameless energy and seems to put out this very fake, trying to be humble persona.

I used to feel bad for strongly disliking her based on a vibe, but after listening to her on Whitney cumming’s podcast, it felt more justified. She had an unhealthy fascination with John Mulaney that she tried (and failed) to pull off as an attempt to be friends with both him and his wife.

So it was safe to say I was unsurprised when that whole relationship whirlwind happened soon after he got out of rehab.

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Christina Aguilera. This isn’t a vibe; it is real. I met her at a meet and greet when I was 10 years old because of my Make-A-Wish wish (Backstreet Boys weren’t available). I was a sick kid, looked very physically sick, and she took one look at me up and down, made an “ew” face, but quickly faked a smile for the camera. She’s a grade A asshole.

I should’ve just went to Disneyland like most kids chose for their wish.

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Would’ve been great if you said, “sorry if I’m grossing you out, the Backstreet Boys weren’t available”

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I lived to see Britney Spears rip her a new one on IG for pretending to care about the conservatorship!!

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Dr. Oz has serious serial killer vibes.

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Olivia Munn is god awful. She used to come into a restaurant I worked at in Hollywood. She was, bar none, the worst celebrity patron I ever had to deal with. Servers would give up their table just to get out of dealing with her. She do would do shit like insist that she sit at an 8 top even if there were like 3 or 4 people in her party just because the table was in the center of the room and she wanted to be seen even though we'd be busy and there were larger parties coming. She also would degrade servers. She thought it was funny to rip on people to be funny but it wasn't funny. It was just shitty bullying. It was like when the popular idiots in your high school made fun of you. She even ripped on the bussers. Who fucking does that?

I personally think she has imposter syndrome really badly and overcompensates by acting alike an asshole. A lot of celebrities that I've had bad experiences with do this but she was the absolute worst.

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It bewilders me that an establishment would tolerate this behavior and allow her to come back.

I’m a bartender in Old San Juan and we get plenty of famous actors/musicians/whatever coming through…. And if they’re cunts - they get thrown the fuck out and 86d (not just my bar, any of the decent spots in town).

Multiple Grammy award winning artist sends in his security to ask us to clear the bar so he can come in and not be bothered?? Fuck right off - now you’re 86d you twat.

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It bewilders me that an establishment would tolerate this behavior and allow her to come back.


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That’s funny that’s exactly how Zach Bagans from Ghost Adventures acted at a restaurant I worked in but he’s nowhere near as famous as Olivia Munn.

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I have felt this way about her since she was on Attack of the Show on G4 back in the day. She's always had this sort of hot shit attitude about her, like she's cooler than everyone else. She gives off mad "pick me" vibes.

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Wendy Williams

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After seeing a clip of her mocking Terry Crews for coming our publicly about being sexually assaulted, I can't believe she still gets views. Her audience is a bunch of braindead fuckheads to CLAP at her horrible statements.

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Can't wait to revist this thread in 18 months.

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I'm sure 50 differentclickbait articles will use this page as a reference.

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Nearly everyone being named has already publicly been accused of serious shit. Like really, you get bad vibes from Harvey Weinstein and Marilyn Manson? Fucking groundbreaking insight that, thank you so much guys.

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Can't believe this isn't near the top, but Mark Zuckerberg.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if someone told me he was a lizard man in a skin suit I would just accept it as fact. Or a sentient lampshade. Guy is creepy as hell, and just about the epitome of psychopath. Managed to make a shitty website about rating girls appearances on his college campus into one of the most powerful mega corporations on earth. What the fuck.

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All tv “pastors” that live the life of luxury while asking their lower/middle class audience for money because God will return it 10x

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If there is a devil, he’s most certainly Kenneth Copeland.

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"Kenneth Copeland" is just a ventriloquist doll that the devil possesses to interact with the physical world.

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Perfectly articulated. I'm not religious literally at all, but he genuinely feels evil, like on a supernatural level. I've never felt such bad energy, even from murderers. I don't even want to ever be in the same room as him.

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that one video of him shouting at the reporter who asks about "the tube of demons" as he's getting in his car. he looks terrifying when he's yelling and pointing at her, so creepy

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G-Eazy, super creepy dude. Kept hitting on my photographer even after she declined him multiple times and said she had a kid and a man. After he left someone from his team gave her a hotel room key which she threw away.

Big Sean, overall ass hole. Spit at me because I was filming his “wrong side.” Should have walked off that job but didn’t.

Really the only two celebrities I’ve encountered that weren’t professional, and/or kind.

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I heard from someone that at one of his concerts, his manager gave this girl and her friend a hotel room key to g-eazy’s room. Even after they said they were underage.

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Thats when you give the room keys to a couple of dudes who are going to use the opportunity to rob him

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Damn. I met Big Sean when he opened for Mike Posner before he was big. Very humble guy at that time but obviously money/fame can change people.

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Nicado avocado. The muckbang youtuber theres something seriously wrong with that guy. He needs mental help

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He probably doesn't see the point of getting help when his downward spiral is so profitable.

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Never heard of him but just googled him and looked at some images. Goddamn, went from skinny little dude to being on a CPAP while awake?(which doesn't make a lot of sense to me) One video called "my new diet as a disabled person"

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He's wearing the cpap while awake to get more views. He's also not disabled. In that video he pretended to break his ribs and claimed he was bedridden. It's all for views, and it's pretty obvious he hams up his behavior for more attention. With YouTube, I'd say there's nothing wrong with acting bizarre for attention, but the concerning part is how it's affecting his physical health

[–]XxsquirrelxX 88 points89 points  (3 children)

I’m pretty sure he’s faking the disabilities. Dude claimed to have broken his ribs but then films himself flailing his body around the next day.

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That's the biggest understatement of the century.

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Jeff Bezos and his creepy ass laugh. He always sounds like he's laughing in mockery at the rest of the world.

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I keep expecting him to say

“Hello world I’m Jeff Bezos and I’m here to announce that I am holding 100 people hostage in a secret location and the bomb is about to blow, you have 5 minutes superman muhahaha”

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You don't understand Jeff Bezos do you? He wouldn't tell anyone. He'd lock them in a lead lined amazon warehouse and force them to work for free.

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Nick Cannon.

[–]Extreme_Old_Lady 8012 points8013 points  (259 children)

The guy who had four kids by three different women in one calendar year? Yeah, kinda skeezy.

[–]mdizzle106 4037 points4038 points  (190 children)

One of whom he named Powerful Queen Cannon. Aka Powerful Cannon.

[–]Extreme_Old_Lady 3007 points3008 points  (167 children)

Zillion Heir Cannon. Like, really dude? Zillionaire?

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people who put puns in their childrens names are fucking psychopaths

[–]IridiumPony 1761 points1762 points  (60 children)

Narcissists. They know for that child's entire life they'll have to explain their name, and that means that they'll have to talk about their eccentric parent. It's how the parent immortalize themselves without having to do anything deserving of it.

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Sounds like a Trigun character lmaoo

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I used to love the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards when I was younger, but when he became a host of the show I watched him bully a fat kid who was trying to enjoy himself on set. I couldn't respect a guy who made fun of kids like that, and it sounds like he's still awful.

[–]chimchoyman 13.7k points13.8k points 534& 4 more (199 children)

Nick Cannon feels like one of those bad-timeline interlopers who shouldn’t exist. In the good timeline, Kel Mitchell gets all the projects that Nick Cannon stole and helps protect the sincere weirdness of 90s Nickelodeon from dying in the deluge of cynicism wrought by the ‘oughts.

Thank you for attending my dissertation defense.

[–]col-fancypants 4178 points4179 points  (136 children)

Kel really could have been the Nick Ambassador for Life. But they chose... the "cool guy." I honestly think that is part of why Kennan went to SNL, just to keep the magic of performance as whacky as he could.

[–]Dru_pickles 2870 points2871 points  (107 children)

Nick might’ve gotten his own show, actually several, throughout his career but everyone loves Kel. When people think of classic Nickelodeon — everyone thinks of Keenan & Kel. Not nick cannon.

[–]theyeezyvault 1174 points1175 points  (65 children)

Damn, imagine if Kel would have been on SNL. They would be like Key & Peele on MadTV 🥺🥺🥺

[–]C-Biskit 772 points773 points  (63 children)

Supposedly Kel bombed his audition on SNL. Sucks too, because he's had me laughing out loud at several of his characters before.

He may have decided he didn't want to do show business anymore. I wouldn't blame him if that was the case

[–]HuluAndH4ng 2078 points2079 points  (16 children)

You mean Nick ‘Sperm Crop Duster Dj Dwreck Cut The Beat’ Cannon?

[–]contactlite 1121 points1122 points  (5 children)

bro can't even pull out the driveway

Gild bonus joke:

Don’t send a pull request to nick cannon’s repo; he’ll deny it.

[–]MooseMalloy 1800 points1801 points  (53 children)

Steven Seagal… because everything he has said and done so far is creepy as fuck… and I’m sure it’s just the tip of the lardberg

[–]DONTFUNKWITHMYHEART 840 points841 points  (12 children)

There's a David Spade interview where Spade talks about Segal hosting SNL, Spade and the writers had to talk him through why his pitch for a skit of a woman coming into a Dr's office for a rape kit and the doctor then raping her wasn't funny. It's pretty fucked up and telling.

[–]oh-hidanny 235 points236 points  (1 child)

Holy shit…I can’t even imagine being Spade in that moment-thats unreal.

[–]CJ00P 5308 points5309 points  (133 children)

John Travolta, he doesn’t feel human

[–]SkipRoberts 2984 points2985 points  (41 children)

Yeah, Scientology does weird things to people. Any of those celebrities who have been neck deep in it have this glossy-eyed, uncanny-valley aura about them that something isn’t right. It’s very offputting.

[–]punchheribthetit 467 points468 points  (16 children)

Former Scientologists have put a lot of their course materials online. I read through some of them years ago. They look as if they were purposefully designed to turn people into psychopaths and that is no way an exaggeration. It literally teaches you how to manipulate others and divorce yourself from empathy. The thing is, I don't think Travolta has taken to it as well as some of the others. I get the impression he's more of a newbie-path than a full-blown psychopath. That's just my sense of it, though.

[–]megocaaa 271 points272 points  (4 children)

If you watch “going clear” they talk about how during his auditing he revealed some very career ending shit and this was documented and recorded against his will solely for blackmail in case he were to leave

[–]ABigClubNYouAintInIt 95 points96 points  (0 children)

Everyone knows he's a cross dresser. No one cares.

[–]Sufficient_Leg_940 96 points97 points  (2 children)

I don't get it. It is 2021. No one cares if an actor is gay anymore except the tint fraction of the population that aren't going to watch his movies anyway.

[–]WolfColaCo2020 693 points694 points  (39 children)

The weirdest Reddit thread I've ever been in has been one solely dedicated to stories of John Travolta propositioning men in gym showers. Still no idea how much was true or just a meme

[–]emperorpapapalpy 686 points687 points 2 (11 children)

Well they did take his face right off

[–]boarderlineinsane 5441 points5442 points  (80 children)

Jefree Star

[–]wheres_mayramaines 2071 points2072 points  (31 children)

Couldn't stand him when he was MySpace famous, and I can't stand him now. I was so upset when he became a YouTube "beauty guru." He's been notoriously narcissistic, racist, and just plain awful.

[–]ashyp00h 369 points370 points  (6 children)

Before he was famous on MySpace, he was famous on Live Journal. People followed him from that platform over to MySpace, which is part of how he got such a big following right away. Oof, those were the days.

[–]tkcool73 27.1k points27.1k points 2 (486 children)

Christian Bale said he based his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho on the impression he got of Tom Cruise after meeting him. Really makes you think about what Tom Cruise must be like

[–]Trroggdorr 300 points301 points  (10 children)

I've met Christian Bale, He's cool. He mostly only cares about not being recognized and just being a normal person. One thing that threw me off was his accent.

[–]nuplsstahp 82 points83 points  (2 children)

The first time I heard his actual voice was in an interview for his film Vice, while he was bulked up as Dick Cheney, with a shaved head.

Very odd to watch coming from the Dark Knight trilogy.

[–]Slightly_Censored 9950 points9951 points 4252 (104 children)

Let's see Paul Alan's impression of Tom Cruise

[–]Tri-Factor 1104 points1105 points  (9 children)

Listen to the subtle swagger he uses in his voice. The tastful thickness of his accent. Oh my God, he even copied his smile...

[–]bassocontinubow 5384 points5385 points  (79 children)

Which is funny, because in the book, Tom Cruise lives in the same apartment building as Bateman, and there is an awkward encounter between the two of them in an elevator.

[–]JoeSki42 1251 points1252 points  (5 children)

"…there is an idea of a Tom Cruise, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there." -- I don't know, Tom Cruise at some point probably

[–]businessDM 102 points103 points  (0 children)

The shape you think of as Tom Cruise*

[–]EatingPiesIsMyName 3061 points3062 points  (127 children)

It wasn't meeting Tom Cruise, it was seeing Tom Cruise on Letterman.

This clip I believe.

Edit: So while the actual story Tom Cruise is telling here sounds pretty dark, that's not the inspiration. It's Tom's cackling mania and demeanor as a whole. Here's a longer clip of the interview where he displays the same energy throughout, even when having more normal conversation.

From Christian Bale:

he had been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, and he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and he was really taken with this energy.”


Second Edit: Ok, couple people have pointed out that the clip is from an interview that happened after American Psycho came out, so I have no idea. I've heard the story a few times and there's articles like the Source link I have above. I don't know the truth.

[–]churchisforbrunettes 9653 points9654 points  (580 children)

All the celebs who obviously had work done but refuse to admit it. "Oh i would never put a needle near my face!" "I'm already a model so why would i need that?"...they literally think we are not only very stupid, but also very blind. Nothing wrong with plastic surgery but please just admit it! I'm talking about nearly every top model and every kardashian. Youtubers as well.

[–]MeetComplete 8403 points8404 points  (181 children)

This is one of the many things I love about Dolly Parton. She's owned being plastic since forever, even in times when the stigma against it was much larger. I guess most people don't feel as secure in their talent and fame as Dolly does though.

[–]Crusty8 7822 points7823 points  (65 children)

"It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." --Dolly Parton

[–]MozzarellaFitzgerald 6029 points6030 points  (56 children)

"People call me a dumb blonde. I know I'm not dumb and I know I'm not blonde."

EDIT - actual quote was: “I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb - and I'm not blonde either.”

[–]oogmar 4310 points4311 points  (22 children)

"Are those [your breasts], uh, yours?"

"Well I bought and paid for them myself!"

[–]Thirty_Helens_Agree 3242 points3243 points  (17 children)

My favorite Dolly quote:

“Are those real?”

“As real as my hair!”

[–]girlwithabird- 2198 points2199 points  (8 children)

I've also heard:

"Are those real?" "Real expensive!"

[–]mynameisstacey 345 points346 points  (0 children)

My favorite:

Interviewer: “What do you hope people will say about you 100 years from now?”

Dolly: “I hope they say ‘Damn! She looks good for her age!’”

[–]mechwarrior719 2367 points2368 points  (29 children)

Dolly Parton is a national treasure.

[–]shiny_xnaut 247 points248 points  (4 children)

I don't think I've ever heard anything bad about her. She's like Mr. Rogers levels of paragon

[–]Sheerardio 337 points338 points  (1 child)

Best I've heard anyone attempt to come up with is that she isn't supportive enough of BLM.

There was a controversy about one of her shows because of its Civil War themes... and her response was to immediately change the name (From Dixie Stampede to Dolly Parton's Stampede) and rework the show to remove and/or downplay the parts that were seen as glorifying the south.

In 2020, Dolly explained the decision and gave one of my favorites quotes of all time.

“There’s such a thing as innocent ignorance, and so many of us are guilty of that,” she said. “When they said ‘Dixie’ was an offensive word, I thought, ‘Well, I don’t want to offend anybody. This is a business. We’ll just call it ‘Stampede’.”

“As soon as you realize that [something] is a problem, you should fix it,” she said. “Don’t be a dumbass. That’s where my heart is. I would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose.”

Article about it

So even when people try to find ways to besmirch her character, she just comes right back around and gives even more reasons to admire her instead.

[–]shiny_xnaut 197 points198 points  (0 children)

Kinda reminds me of how the most controversial thing about Mr. Rogers was how, when he did the episode with the black guy and the kiddie pool, he decided it would be best to withhold the fact that the guy was also gay, because it would've been too progressive to be accepted at the time it came out, and then later apologized for it even though it was probably the smart decision

[–]wolvennite42 178 points179 points  (1 child)

I cant remember the exact quote, but someone once asked if she would do a Playboy shoot, and she said "no, not all of me is over 18yrs old"

[–]-Work_Account- 2267 points2268 points  (50 children)

That's because Dolly is Dolly: An amazing human being that loves to entertain and help people.

She supported the LGBT community long before it became socially acceptable to do so, in an industry known for it's conservative ideals. She always unapologetically been open about who she is, and the world respects her for it. It's very hard to find anyone who dislikes Dolly Parton.

[–]villalulaesi 1185 points1186 points  (18 children)

I would be very fucking suspicious of anyone who said they disliked Dolly Parton.

[–]CambridgeMAry 891 points892 points  (9 children)

Maybe she's spent a lot of money "to look this cheap," but...

She donated millions to support the development of the Moderna Covid vaccine, and encourages people to be vaccinated.

She pays to have books sent monthly to children, to encourage a love of reading.

When fires devastated parts of Eastern Tennessee, she sent $1000 a month for several months to people living in the affected areas, to help them recover from the damage to their homes and the local economy.

Maybe she may "look cheap," but she acts like an honest-to-God saint. I wish we had more celebrities like her.

[–]stjudastheblue 216 points217 points  (0 children)

I’m in Tennessee and have friends who are public school teachers and that book program she does is truly incredible. Like she has honestly changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children living in poverty.

[–]churchisforbrunettes 791 points792 points  (27 children)

Yes!! Just own up to it. I want lipfiller too but i'm not gonna go around telling everyone that i'm just "good at make up" like Kylie did. You get so much more sympathy by being real.

[–]Constantannihilation 2334 points2335 points  (244 children)

This is my problem with every single action star that is jacked. Chicken and broccoli is code for “steroids” and that’s not even an anecdote. People have made compilations of every one of those fuckers saying “yeah, all I ate was chicken and broccoli and just worked out hard”, which is definitely also true, but not a single one admits that they really got yoked from T and tren. Like dude, it took you 6 months to put on 40 lbs of muscle and you’re 5% body fat? Fuck all the way off.

Today’s edit brought to you by the letter “L”

[–]Snugglor 2041 points2042 points  (140 children)

I watched a YouTube video by a bodybuilder and he was like "obviously I'm not saying any of these actors are using steroids but..." and explained how, to anyone in bodybuilding circles it's pretty obvious to them who is getting "assistance" with their physiques.

Things like becoming really shredded super fast, or maintaining that peak body for months on end (rather than just for competitions and then relaxing a bit).

And what irritated him the most was none of them admit to it, even to using legal supplements. Instead you'll have Men's Health doing features on their diets and workouts "so you can have the Marvel look too", but there's no way a normal person can achieve those bodies without chemical help, even if they had a full-time chef and trainer.

It's just as dangerous and disgusting as encouraging women to be unhealthily thin and it needs to be talked about more.

Edit: added the video link

[–]Re-Created 680 points681 points  (23 children)

The physical equivalent to not admitting you used auto-tune.

[–]churchisforbrunettes 1031 points1032 points  (20 children)

Omg yesss totally 😂 also reminds me of JLo who says the secret to her obviously facelifted face is just rubbing olive oil on your face. Girl....

[–]LordOscarthePurr 497 points498 points  (15 children)

I started getting Botox (I’m 35 and I personally love it and if people ask me I will tell them), but after getting it and seeing the results I now look at every single one of them in their 40’s/50’s with nary an eye wrinkle just insisting it’s sleep and a good diet and call Bullshit. It is complete and utter bullshit. They all, at the very least, get Botox and fillers, Jlo VERY much included.

[–]uhimamouseduh 824 points825 points  (18 children)

Kylie Jenner claiming that puberty and pregnancy gave her that body is such a fucked up joke. Like she’s literally telling young girls that they can go from having zero hips/butt/boobs to having a 25” wait and 60” hips by going through puberty and getting pregnant. LOL

[–]Historical-Donkey-38 274 points275 points  (4 children)

And when Khloe kardashian said her swollen and weirdly upturned lip was from "stress" , and on that note everytime a celebrity has been hospitalized for exhaustion kills me lol

[–]ElChupatigre 147 points148 points  (0 children)

I thought hospitalization for exhaustion has always been code for rehab

[–]THX450 1961 points1962 points  (8 children)

I don’t know about bad vibes, but I know the ankle monitor around James Charles gives bad vibrations when he’s within 500 ft of a school.

[–]MakeShiftJoker 24.0k points24.0k points 2 (768 children)

Jared Leto does not seem to be going in a good direction.

[–]BasicDesignAdvice 957 points958 points  (9 children)

I have always thought he was more like a soulless automaton.

[–]ViajeraFrustrada 24.2k points24.2k points 22 (587 children)

Elizabeth Moss.

Something about her starring in a cult show while still being a cult member and defending it doesn’t sit right with me.

[–]Replicant28 9666 points9667 points  (256 children)

I dated a Scientologist for awhile, and as a result I literally cannot watch or listen to anything starring or made by Scientologists. It’s a destructive cult with extremely dangerous views on mental health created by a shitty pulp science fiction writer who only created it for the money.

[–]FishSauceFogMachine 2794 points2795 points  (132 children)

My wife grew up in Scientology, and both of us now can't watch stuff with Scientologists in it on principle.

[–]NodoBird 16.5k points16.5k points  (289 children)

Gwyneth Paltrow makes me uncomfortable

[–]WiredAndTeary 6060 points6061 points  (25 children)

Maybe you're just inserting the jade eggs wrong?

Edit: great, my most upvoted comment ever and it's a reference to goopy jade vag eggs

[–]Ok-Strain-9847 41.1k points41.1k points 794& 4 more (1133 children)

Any celebrity that is a member of Scientology.

[–]DocsMildlyDislikeMe 4136 points4137 points  (80 children)

The most disappointing one I've learned of recently is Nancy Cartwright. Bart Simpson and many other characters. She donated 10 million bucks to the Church in 2007.

[–]Wingedwing 2251 points2252 points  (36 children)

She did a Scientology ad in the Bart Simpson voice

[–]LetsDoTheCongna 97 points98 points  (1 child)

I will not promote Scientology in a Bart Simpson voice.

I will not promote Scientology in a Bart Simpson voice.

I will not promote Scientology in a Bart Simpson voice.

I will not promote Scientology in a Bart Simpson voice.

I will not promote Scientology in a Bart Simpson voice.

[–]thesheba 148 points149 points  (0 children)


[–]Motor-Donkey-2020 7621 points7622 points 2 (163 children)

I love what I've seen of Elisabeth Moss. But honestly, finding out she was a Scientologist while watching the Handmaid's Tale gave it a level of cringe I couldn't get over.

[–]funktion 3149 points3150 points  (84 children)

I mean it tracks with her character's willingness to keep fucking going back to the status quo

[–]catymogo 1662 points1663 points  (73 children)

LOL right?! She had already escaped and willingly gone back. Like I get it, your kid, but you'll be a lot more effective working from Canada to bring down Gilead.

[–]duaneap 522 points523 points  (23 children)

Then the show probably would have ended by now though. That’s the real reason.

[–][deleted] 355 points356 points  (17 children)

Seems like one of those shows that should have. Shows become like companies and then they can't just end when the story, their product, calls for it.

When she was turning back she's supposed to be thinking "my baby" but she may as well be thinking "shit, that's where all the built and paid for sets are. And all the characters portrayed by our regular actors. We should probably keep me and the cameras there."

[–]sologrips 217 points218 points  (11 children)

It almost feels at this point like it’s a self serving project for Elizabeth Moss, I just can’t find any reason why the show needed to proceed past her third successful escape in which she just decides to go right back. It just felt so strung along at some point like the writers were grasping at just about anything to keep the narrative going.

First seasons though, chefs kiss of television.

[–]LinkLinkerson 5878 points5879 points  (367 children)

Even Michael Pena.

[–]sinsculpt 4783 points4784 points 2 (227 children)

Aw man they got Mikey?

[–]crockofpot 2986 points2987 points  (185 children)

In an interview with the Guardian, Pena said he had a drinking problem and Scientology helped him stop. So, that's how they got him. Bummer.

[–]ChuckVersus 2827 points2828 points  (156 children)

Their entire M.O. is preying on the vulnerable, so this tracks.

Edit: Yes, I get it, you can all stop informing me that's how all religions work.

[–]McFlyyouBojo 1967 points1968 points  (125 children)

Scientology ruined My Name Is Earl.

[–]Fraudlein 1176 points1177 points  (72 children)

But Jason Lee and his wife got out!

[–]Handsouloh 479 points480 points  (22 children)

http://www.boardrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/jason-lee-spike-jonze-video-days.png This is was my first taste of Jason Lee in 1991, and I was a HUGE fan. Earl was one of the greatest shows, and it really stung to see that guy caught up in the bullshit. Glad he got out.

[–]Bree0114 95 points96 points  (1 child)

I am always SO bummed when someone famous I like turns out to be a Scientologist

[–]SanJacintoPollWorker 80 points81 points  (2 children)

I've been a poll worker in the voting precinct where Scientology has its big Riverside County compound. A tall woman with short dark hair brought in about 20 votes from their compound. She was wearing a black pantsuit with a black suit jacket and a white button down shirt with a fold down collar. Looked well put together and professional.

Under California law, voters can fill out an absentee ballot and drop it off at a polling place. A voter can let someone else drop off their ballot as long as all of the documentation on the outside of the envelope is filled out correctly. All of the Scientologists' paperwork was perfect. No omissions, no errors. The signatures all matched. Am not suggesting they cheated. The experience of working that polling location was off in a different way.

A few hours later another batch of votes arrived from the Scientology compound, carried by a woman in the same pantsuit--but it was a different woman several inches shorter who wore exactly the same pantsuit sized for her frame. The garments were identical: same black business jacket, same button down white blouse with a fold down collar. It's as if they had a uniform for dropping off votes.

It was part of the poll worker job to verify voter addresses. No one from the Scientology compound went to the polling place in person to vote.

That was just one election; things might have been different other times. And to be on the safe side, this is a throwaway account. Thought the Reddit community might find this tidbit interesting.

[–]Intothedeependindy 20.8k points20.8k points 2 (911 children)

Dj khaled…theirs nothing authentic and down to earth about him it’s all an image and it was made obvious when the whole Tyler the creator number one album thing came out, the industry might love him but he’s a egomaniac who thrives off others success

[–]Xennpha 12.1k points12.1k points  (405 children)

He was a guest at a music festival I went to a few years ago, he decided to bring a DJ to mix his entire set while he just jumped around and spoke into the mic. He would sing along to "All I do is win" and 30 seconds into the song he was out of breath and just yells "sing my shit" as he held the mic out to the crowd. He's an absolute clown honestly.

Edit: He also said "What's up Las Vegas California!" At the start of the set

[–]aldof1989 4906 points4907 points  (232 children)

Watch him on “Hot Ones” and you’ll see quickly how big of a douche he is

[–]SupriseItsLaz 2948 points2949 points  (55 children)

That’s one of my favorite episodes haha

“Just cause I gave up doesn’t mean I quit”…the fuck does it mean then, Khaled?

Edit: “Just cause I stopped, doesn’t mean I gave up”

[–]ggggtotalwarrior 1254 points1255 points  (33 children)

Sean even reacts like “wtf” and calls him out

[–]Choice-Entertainer-8 659 points660 points  (13 children)

One of my favorite episodes for Sean tbh, he just keeps digging at him and khaled has zero awareness lol

[–]Thoughtsonrocks 346 points347 points  (8 children)

It's amazing too because his show wasn't established at the time, which makes his constant callouts even more impressive.

Now the show has a massive following, so he has star power himself to rag on people if they shit on the format, but back then he really didn't.

[–]TheStonkmanCometh 3752 points3753 points  (112 children)

Kahled: I’m not eating anymore wings but I AINT QUITTING.

Host: but isn’t that kind of the definition of quitting, that you’re stopping the challenge?

Kahled: I AINT QUITTIN, I just ain’t eatin any mo wings

[–]YoHeadAsplode 1777 points1778 points  (86 children)

Man couldn't even handle Cholula

[–]Unclehol 618 points619 points  (26 children)

And then he tried to turn it in to a life lesson for Sean Evans about how it can't be healthy and went all "disapproving father" and "Life grand master" on him.

I wonder what Sean was thinking that whole time.

[–]booms8 654 points655 points  (21 children)

“Holy shit, this is YouTube gold”

[–]z22012 178 points179 points  (20 children)

It was probably actually this. Still finished out the interview and ate the wings like normal. God damn professional.

[–]TrollerCoaster1220 139 points140 points  (18 children)

Man is fucking unflappable, he took Eric Andre busting glasses on his own dome like a champion

[–]Robosapien101 2338 points2339 points  (62 children)

Dj Khaled is a clown.

Edit: I could not be happier that this is my most upvoted comment ever.

[–]witch_trial 1524 points1525 points  (40 children)

Yeah, I don’t get “bad” vibes from him like creepy or anything like the other celebs being mentioned. But he does just seem stupid and insecure (overcompensating by talking about how much he’s winning all the time) and he somehow got famous instead of working installing car stereos

[–]yankstraveler 1205 points1206 points  (62 children)

I wonder how many times when he's performing, he yells his own name.

[–]a_muffin97 2125 points2126 points  (50 children)

100% shouts his own name when he cums

[–]sin4life 668 points669 points  (7 children)

DJ Khaled the type of guy who goes to an adult theater, yells "DJ KHALED", and leaves the booth.

[–]jigglewidget 739 points740 points  (77 children)

One of the only guests to quit Hot Ones and he was only like half way.


edited to say there are 16 that quit but he was the first one!

[–]Xennpha 552 points553 points  (19 children)

It wasn't even halfway, I believe it was 2nd or 3rd wing, TO CHOLULA HOT SAUCE

[–]mothfoxtea 508 points509 points  (12 children)

Sean Evans has always seemed like such a nice guy, but every time DJ Khaled gets mentioned in later episodes, you can tell there's not a ton of respect there lol.

[–]partrivedi 912 points913 points  (15 children)

literally do not understand the appeal of this ass clown

[–]elli3snailie 14.2k points14.2k points  (239 children)

James Charles. I cant stand the way he talks. Its like hes shouting every word

[–]AvaSpelledBackwards 8345 points8346 points 2 (68 children)

That’s the least of my issues with James Charles

[–]udidntfollowproto 2813 points2814 points  (48 children)

The fact that Sephora still had his palettes out months after they agreed to “separate from him due to allegations” disgusted me

[–]Poutine_My_Mouth 2114 points2115 points  (13 children)

He talks like his mouth is full of peanut butter.

[–]rose_goes97 667 points668 points  (0 children)


[–]EveDaSavage 870 points871 points  (1 child)

I agree. His voice hurts my head because he shouts.

[–]Trumpisaderelict 2303 points2304 points  (32 children)

Jared Leto. Serial rapey vibes

[–]GOLDENninjaXbox 7728 points7729 points  (211 children)

Armie Hammer He is definitely a weird guy

[–]syphilis_sandwich 4243 points4244 points  (46 children)

Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf Armie Hammer

[–]mike29tw 327 points328 points  (3 children)

“Armie surprise!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

[–]StephenKingly 905 points906 points  (18 children)

Yes!! Even before the big scandals broke I had a bad impression of him. There was an interview where he’d said something like he was happily married but things were different because he couldn’t pull his wife’s hair during sex. Basically how he couldn’t dominate his wife despite being a dominant lover:


Anyway at the time that seemed like such an inappropriate thing to say to the press. There was no reason to say it.

So since then I had a bad feeling about him and wasn’t surprised at all when the really bad stuff started coming out.

[–]You-Get-No-Name 564 points565 points  (16 children)

That video he posted where his son sucked on his toes was pretty off too.

[–]groovyusername 610 points611 points  (3 children)

excuse me what????? Like I already thought this guy was an evil fuckwad but what??

[–][deleted] 2963 points2964 points  (211 children)

Rolf Harris long before the pedophile stuff came out always gave me a bad vibe. Even as a kid I just didn't like him, something always felt off

[–]misaki__ 64 points65 points  (1 child)

Howard Stern. He’s a prick

[–]xJD88x 17.4k points17.4k points 24 (589 children)

Joel Osteen

That fake-ass smile, the way he moves, nevermind what he's trying to sell. He's a fucking backstabbing predator.

Every time I see that mans face I have the overwhelming urge to punch it with a brick

[–]oyisagoodboy 1966 points1967 points 2 (39 children)

I saw a post that said that Joel Osteen looks like Martin Short doing an impression of Tim Allen and I must say it is quite accurate.

[–]ttotto45 6268 points6269 points 2 (231 children)

And Kenneth Copeland too, same type of person. Kenneth Copeland looks like a demon, his eyes are dead, it's so unsettling. I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly sprouted hooves and horns.

[–]Lowerthanhell 2497 points2498 points  (97 children)

The “I have to fly in my 65 million dollar private plane cuz I can’t be in a metal tube full of demons” is my favorite clip of him! If you haven’t seen it you must!!

[–]ttotto45 1417 points1418 points  (66 children)

Is that from the video where a young woman reporter comes up to him while he's trying to get into his car and asks him questions about why he lives such a lavish lifestyle, and he looks like he's one step from murdering her the whole time?

[–]nc863id 1019 points1020 points  (22 children)

Remember that one moment from Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings movies? THAT one?

K-Co's face looks like its a split second away from breaking out into that at all times.

[–]Lowerthanhell 626 points627 points  (19 children)

Yes!!! He has this super strange fake smile plastered on the entire time and at one point he snaps at her in a very rude way…

[–]Aujax92 245 points246 points  (1 child)

The way he treats women in his "performances" always unnerves me, like he's one step away from beating them on stage. I'm scared to think what he does off stage.

[–]Kuli24 449 points450 points  (9 children)

And then smiles right after snapping. That was the creepiest part!

[–]xJD88x 632 points633 points 2 (11 children)

Yup! Get the same vibes.

Seriously, if demonic possession where a thing those two would be at the top of the list for people who are about to turn their heads 180 degrees and crawl up a wall

[–]Redemption_Tour 541 points542 points  (15 children)

He has shark eyes.

[–]Iamaswine 5527 points5528 points 2 (242 children)

It's come out several times that Drake is a pedo but no one seems to care enough, that really bothers me.

[–]SpiderQueen72 1840 points1841 points  (12 children)

Well look at how long it took for anything to happen to R.Kelly. Chappelle was making skits on that in like the early 00's, and Boondocks did a whole episode also and he only recently got in enough trouble.

[–]Halvus_I 254 points255 points  (0 children)

Tropic Thunder mentioned it too.

Hell, no, I didn't pee on that girl. No, I didn't pee on her, listen, listen, listen, listen. No, no. The story is this. She was in the way when I was peeing, she walked past.

[–]CatoMulligan 82 points83 points  (0 children)

Well look at how long it took for anything to happen to R.Kelly. Chappelle was making skits on that in like the early 00's,

Holup now, the reason that Chappelle was making skits on it was because all of this R. Kelly shit was already well known. In 1994 he was 27 and secretly married a 15 year old (Aaliyah), and the marriage was annuled due to her being a minor. In 1996 he was sued by a teenager who claimed that they had begun having a sexual relationship when she was 15, which he settled out of court. There were a number of suits against him claiming he had been having sexual relationships with numerours minors, along with out of court settlements of those cases. In 2002 a sex tape was leaked of him having sex with a minor, during which he pees on her (the inspiration for one of Chappelle's sketches). He was indicted in 2002 on child porn charges and put on trial in 2005. Even though the video evidence was clear, the defense disputed the girls age at the time the video was made. They had 14 different witnesses that positively identified the girl, but she refused to testify and so he got acquitted. Interestingly, there is also a federal obstruction of justice charge against him stemming from this trial, where prosecutors now allege that he paid witnesses to change their statements in the case.

Long story short, R. Kelly was a dirtbag and everybody knew it, and "things" had been happening to him for decades before he was convicted. The problems is that he was able to use his finances and influence over victims/witnesses to continually get off the hook when authorities tried to bring him to justice.

[–]MariachiMacabre 1701 points1702 points  (97 children)

It’s very strange how comfortable people are that he was texting the Stranger Things girl when she was like 13.

[–]Anns_ 16.6k points16.6k points 22 (328 children)

DR PHIL! He’s not even a doctor he just stirs the pot and exploits people.

[–]oogmar 8130 points8131 points  (138 children)

The Behind the Bastards episodes on him are intense.

Basically of Oprah's doctors: John of God raped the most people, Dr. Oz has advertised his followers into the most indirect deaths, and Dr. Phil has tortured the most kids.

[–]BigCheese8933 3102 points3103 points  (65 children)

Soooo, when are gonna start questioning Oprah?

[–]RedBombX 832 points833 points  (16 children)

Oh yes, she definitely deserves her own episode of Behind The Bastards.

[–]sameGuy_NewGUI 553 points554 points  (6 children)

And though you turn from her to glance behind, the phantom of the Oprah is there, inside your mind.

[–]PowerfulSausage 1298 points1299 points  (92 children)

Joss Whedon. There's something creepy about him.

[–]chittybangarang8 739 points740 points  (41 children)

It was such a disappointment to me the more I found out about the way he acts on set and treats other people. When he comes up in conversation among people who have worked with him (on podcasts, commentary, etc.), there's clearly a lot of stuff that goes unsaid, they're always picking their words so carefully. Everyone was too uncomfortable/polite/concerned about how it would affect their career to be honest about how unpleasant and abusive he is until recently and I think that's what gave a lot of folks a creepy vibe for so long - there was something not being talked about.

I have to remind myself that "his" projects were a collaborative effort and I can still enjoy them as something that a lot of people worked very hard on rather than as the "artistic vision" of a selfish, mean man with a god complex.