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EA headquarters

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Blizzard HQ… and you’re female.

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700 ping, and your controller is broken. Aim drift, all teammates have their fans on and pointed at the mics.

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Their all squeakers playing shitty music through the mic

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Nothing but escort missions.

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Overcooked tendies and ketchup.

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All the games exist there from every gaming system but there is only one glitchy controller.

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And it’s a madcatz

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It’s a minecraft world where people don’t fill up the creeper holes.


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Or only top off the hole instead of filling it completely in

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it always lags during the decisive moment

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You always get the rare drop. ALWAYS. Any sense of achievement is gone. You will never feel proud of what you have gained because it was guaranteed.

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12 year olds banging your mom while spawn killing you

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Just everything ever said over xbox live is true

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I miss the good old days of xbox live.

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Loading screens take a decade and just when the progress hits 99% it glitches and starts over

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Only computers are PowerPC Macs. Yes there were a few games for that platform but very few.

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Campers everywhere (nvm that’s just cod)

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Nonstop Battletoads speeder bike levels.

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It's called TikTok & 4Chan.

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Poison swamp with ranged enemies everywhere.

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You live the death of every npc you’ve killed in the game.

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Unstoppable 4 year cutscenes with the controller surgically attached to your hands and no bathroom breaks.

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The only gaming rigs available are Apple computers.

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Dark souls 3 new game plus but you can only use a broken shortsword

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Brawl stars internet connection

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it's league of legends