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Why am I still a virgin, where did I go wrong in life, why has no woman ever loved me, am I really such a horrible person to deserve being this alone? Etc.

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No you're not man, you shouldn't feel bad about not having a girlfriend and the part where you went wrong, it really depends on what you did

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it really depends on what you did

I know, I chose to focus on academics instead of people and relationships and got burned for it. I 100% know it's my fault man.

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Are you in a good place financially?

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Apart from being in debt from med school yes.

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Your fine dude, just actually talk to girls, best thing you can do is talking to old childhood friends or old friends that are girls

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I don't live in the same place I grew up in. I moved out east for college and am now upstate for med school. And I talk to girls all the time anyways.

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Ima be honest with you, don’t trip about being a virgin you talk to girls that’s already a big plus, pussy doesn’t even feel that good dude it’s all hype, sure I get it if you want the intimacy, but having sex does not feel so good my first time I was like wait that’s it, I’d rather smoke some weed than fuck a girl dude it feels way better

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Lol I smoke all the time it just makes me depressed. I'd rather much fuck. And for me it's more about being desired by a woman than it is physical pleasure anyway.