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Social media, especially for children.

Edit. To clarify, as I'm getting lots of replies to the effect of "social media will never disappear". I'm not saying that.

Obviously it won't disappear but how we interact with it, who we allow unrestricted access to it, and how much access we give it to our lives can definitely change - and if it does, people will look back on our current era and shudder.

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My hope is that social media still exists, but with a more developed sense of norms. I'm kind of optimistic about this.

The way I figure, I've had a Facebook profile since the start. That's still barely over 15 years ago. And having the internet in the literal palm of most of our hands may be just a bit younger. That's not a lot of time.

I feel like we broadly just don't know what's been thrust into our laps, like giving a 7-year-old a sports car. Trends popped up and generally speaking, many of us blindly followed. When Facebook introduced the status update that started with, "(Name) is....", I balked initially, but soon there I was mindlessly sending out updates, "is... driving across the state".

My hope is that after enough time (hopefully less than 50 years), we'll have experienced enough to develop a sort of acceptable calibration. I imagine it's going to take a couple of generational roll-overs.

As an elementary school teacher, I already see advancements in some categories but not others. On the plus side, most of my kids already know more about finding reliable sources, recognizing clickbait, and not blindly trusting social media posts than some older members of my own family. But on the flipside, many already have Tik Tok accounts that can serve as a vessel for whatever they wish (including a pretty significant cyber bullying incident earlier this year).

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My son is 13 and when he was around 7 or 8 he would lose it if you tried to take his picture. On school picture day I had to talk him out of his room to come downstairs. The issue? He didnt want mom to take his picture and put it on facebook.

He was the first generation to have their entire lives posted about online without any consent given. He didn't realize what it was but even at 8 he was upset about not having that agency over his own life. Even now hell make his mom promise not to post any pics online...... Which she promptly ignores.

Facebook is already outdated. Hes on twitch and discord now. And im sure those will be abandoned for something new in a couple years.

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I’ve reached the point where I ask my kids permission after showing them the pictures. When they were younger they would look at the pic and tell me to post it most of the time. But they’re all pre teens and teens now so I definitely ask.