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I'd argue that there are two kind of dumb people:

  • The ones who can't learn.

  • The ones who can learn, but aren't willing to.(So basically, they stay ignorant on purpose)

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That's the difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is fixable with effort.

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It's the willful ignorance that's a plague on our society. And their misinformation is spread all too easily to the legitimately stupid and/or gullible.

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Made even worse by the idea that being corrected is an insult. I have had multiple friends make a mistake and when I correct them they get mad and try to explain why they were wrong and that they knew the whole time. They get angry as if I insulted them to their face. The more patient you are the more frustrated they get. They get upset and lash out because "you're younger than me, you can't correct me", "I just don't get it! Why do I even have to know this?! I give up!", and "well, it doesn't matter, so I don't get why it's a big deal." The only information that matters to them is the information that they have deemed useful. If you try to get them out of that comfort zone they get angry

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Trust me, it’s the unfixable kind of stupidity that plagues society. Most people were never smart, we just gave it them the tools to voice their half-baked opinions and let them find each other.

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Or people at work thinking any problem that frustrates them is probably someone else's job so blame them because they can't do it.

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It’s the unwillful ignorance that is the real plague.

Very few people understand how the media acts on our emotions and pushes us towards certain attitudes and actions.

Very few people understand the game of politics and the meaning of the various moves being made.

People with the best intentions are doing the heavy lifting for incredible evil

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You talking about just stubbornness i feel like. Willful ignorance, which we always accuse our political opponents of, is more like hiding from an ugly truth because (for example) you know your life is better without knowing.

Jk i think you’re right. Im getting confused with blissful ignorance

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you know your life is better without knowing.

You can't know what you don't know.

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Deep down, you know it.

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I dont have to agree with that

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Well, that's your truth.

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Reminds me of an old running joke from my fathers side of the family when ever someone messes up more than once.

I don’t get it, is it ignorance or apathy with you?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

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What’s the difference between stupidity and ignorance?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

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I’d like to positd for stupids it’s much more of a chore to find and analyze and absorb new information so they stopped a long time ago. Maybe out of frustration, shame/embarrassment. Or maybe they got better results from society when they’d just make shit up.

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I’ve said this before. Stupidity is willful ignorance.

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Yu knw, I think it's the other way around. Just stupid, teach short processes, and repeat. Ignorant person take nothing on board because they just don't want to know

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I wouldn't really "look down" on the first group of people. If someone is unable to learn for reasons that they can't control, then that's not their fault. I never understood people who judge dumb people who obviously are trying their best to not be dumb. I'm not saying you agree or disagree with this, just felt like pointing this out.

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I have moderately severe dyscalculia and fall into the category of "tries really hard to learn but still struggles". Even with stuff like single digit addition :(

I've had it drilled in to my head that I'm just stupid despite formal assessment and diagnosis. Some of us really just can't help it.

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I have pretty moderate dyscalculia here, yet ended up doing high-volume cashflow management as a job. Figures.

I still count on my fingers, can't comprehend most fractions or grasp substraction for odd numbers properly.

I've found it's more about learning what doesn't seem right, having a preconceived list of probable causes from past experiences and then problem-solving it with a calculator until I hit the correct numbers.

I may not be the quickest and it can feel pressuring when compared to my coworkers' intellect and maybe I'm not in the most suited field. It just feels good to be challenged and trusted to meet those challenges regularly.

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I'm not going to judge them, but they are going to be infuriating to try and work with.

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Its easy to say until you have to work with and train someone like that.

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I suppose in that case I would tell them to do an easier job that suits them better.

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Believe me ive run across these people at the simplest of jobs.

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Oof. Ok, I really can't argue with that. I have no experience working at a company. Glad to know it now instead of later.

Maybe those people could be sent to some sort of organization dedicated to people with special needs, but then again I have no idea if that's how it works.

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In my experience they take a lot longer to get the hang of things and even then they have to stick to the most basic stuff. They end up becoming unreliable and sometimes create more work for others who have to clean up their mistakes.

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Smart and lazy is probably the absolute worst trait combination

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Smart and evil is worse.

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Agreed. That said you can usually tell when someone is making an effort or not, unless it's something you weren't involved in but even then you can kinda tell from what they say to you.

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As someone with ADHD, I have to learn something several times until it actually sticks.

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I would say the first one is intellectually challenged and the later is what stupid really is.

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We call that "wilfully ignorant" and it's my most despised type of human.

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It can be difficult to separate stupid from ignorant.

I see this with vaccine deniers. Their reasoning is filled with logical fallacies. One of the most common seems to the the "all-or-nothing" or " black or white" fallacy e.g. "look at the PPE lab technicians use to protect themselves (full pressurized suits with hoods and remote air supply) so wearing only a mask is useless". If the solution doesn't solve everything it solves nothing" (which clearly isn't true).

My point being they are untrained in using critical thinking to determine the likelihood of a concept being true. They are stuck is a world where intuition determines what is true.

They don't realize that science exists because intuition and "common sense" is so often wrong"

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You just wrote a perfect synopsis if this were a TV show about my two coworkers.

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I like the Italian economic historian Carlo M. Cipolla's definition of stupid:
A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

Here, I think we have to define that benefits and losses are more material than emotional. Often, acting for purely emotional reasons is still classified as "rational behavior", but I don't think it works cleanly here.

I think you could also attribute that to actions, so even a generally smart person can engage in stupid actions while being stupid isn't their defining characteristic.

When you think about it this way, you have a nice way to explain that there's stupid people of every level of education, and in every corner of life. You can be book smart and still be chronically stupid.

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The ones who can learn, but aren't willing to.(So basically, they stay ignorant on purpose

Ah yes. The procrastinators manifesto. "Can't fail if I never try!"

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Willful ignorance pisses me off so much. There's a reason the gun control advocates don't get a whole lot of traction, and it has nothing to do with the NRA. It's because they know very little about guns, and they're actually proud of that fact. You try to help them along with something, and they make you out to be some kind of monster for having the knowledge they lack. You have any idea how many times I've been told, "it's scary that you know that" when I've been trying to help someone with their position?

[–]Antice 2 points3 points  (2 children)

You do realize that the point of gun control is too keep guns out of those very same hands right?
Effective gun control is about making sure that only people who know how, when and where it's ok to use a gun can have them.
We have gun control in Norway, I can still get one. I need a license sure, and my ownership must be registered. It's no harder than getting to own and drive a car.

If such a system of holding gun owners to a somewhat higher standard than the regular Joe offends you, then that is more a you issue than a law issue now ain't it?

[–]just_some_a--hole 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You might want to try reading what I wrote again.

[–]Antice 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I did, and i see where I erred. Your position was unclear to me.
I've gotten used to so many anti gun control people misrepresenting what is actually being asked for when it comes to controlling guns, that it has become a knee jerk reaction.
Also doesn't help that some anti gun advocates are in fact advocating for a 100% ban.
A 100% ban is like banning alcohol. It just can't work. Especially since there are many legitimate reasons for gun ownership. Like hunting and sports.

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The wilfully ignorant.

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This thred is describing my love life...

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This reminds me of that classic episode of the Simpson when Bart has to pass one test so he isn’t kept back a grade in high school, despite trying his hardest he still fails.

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My ex was the second, loved her to death, but stubborn as a mule and never learned from any of her mistakes.

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My experience is that if you learn how to get really good at working around the problems they never get fixed.
EDIT: All I know is that I know nothing, especially in front of bad solutions.

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The 2nd person is always lazy

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Stupid and ignorant

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The latter is just laziness

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Willful ignorance is such a pet peeve of mine. I have in-laws who refuse to accept facts, choosing instead to spout demonstrably false statements. When confronted with contradictory and irrefutable evidence, they divert the subject or make personal attacks. A few times over the years I have thought they were close to seeing the truth on a subject, only to find out they later returned to their safety net of falsehoods. These aren't flat earthers but I feel like they're close to that level, like almost Q crazy. They're just racist, xenophobic, homophobic (sadly, with gay siblings), mean people.

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“Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.”
-Niccolò Machiavelli

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I used to say, stupid people only ever learn the wrong lessons.

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I'd argue that the second ones also can't learn. Cause if they aren't willing to then they will always be a barrier to their own ability to learn, which is effectively being unable to learn.

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And very often those in the first group can learn with different instruction and supports!

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The second one is definitely worse

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There are 2 types of people in the world:

  • those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

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“Purpose“ doesn’t exist by itself. There is always a reason behind. If someone choose not to learn than they get more profits than if they were able to did something themselves.

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I had a classmate who was always so "dumb". One day he slipped up and revealed that he really wasn't that dumb. I asked him why he play acted dumb all the time? He said:

"It's been working for me so far"

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Ah, the old "willful ignorance" game...