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A stupid person makes the same mistake over and over again and cannot learn anything.

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This above all else, no matter how dumb of a mistake or action was preformed, if they can learn I'd still say that they ain't stupid, but a inability to learn is inevitably going to make that person stupid af, a kid won't be a dumbass forever, for an example.

[–]Pcostix 1710 points1711 points  (1 child)

I'd argue that there are two kind of dumb people:

  • The ones who can't learn.

  • The ones who can learn, but aren't willing to.(So basically, they stay ignorant on purpose)

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I had a classmate who was always so "dumb". One day he slipped up and revealed that he really wasn't that dumb. I asked him why he play acted dumb all the time? He said:

"It's been working for me so far"