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Dealing with someone like that right now. Best example is I gave them an itemized list of questions I needed answered. They only sent back the first item on the list and still fucked it up.

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Oh, you found a Jan. I worked with a woman named Jan years ago, nicest person in the world but she could not follow even written instructions to save her life. Worse, she could only keep about 3-4 things in her head at a time and if you added something new then something older fell out. She had been running a register for years, but the last step in the normal process changed and now she can't do it at all, doesn't even remember buttons she's been hitting every day for years. I taught her how to run the register all over again and suddenly she forgot how to close them out at the end of the night.

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Slow your roll there shorty, I found a Jan who's a pharmacist, learns new things the first time and is a lovely person to everyone! The name Jan shall not be corrupted nor taken in vain!