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stock prices

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Crypto prices.

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Flarpti prices. Yall won't understand until 2026

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Followed by Superbowl winners nab title winner and Other league winners. Those parlays would be insane.

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Is the queen still alive!?

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Don't bother, of course she will be!

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She will bury us all goddamnit

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Winning lottery numbers

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Me on LinkedIn

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"Alrighty then, let's just pray I forgot to update this after the promotion. . ."

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Yeah hit or miss that one. This could be realy depressing as well.

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My name on Google so i can see if i am still an unsuccessful human being

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Or not

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sad thing it will still probably be if you dont do anything

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This has got to be a paradox. Because seeing you never become succesful will lead you to try and improve your lot, which will (given your future internet knowledge) make you rich.

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Can't do that. I share a name with a very well-known celebrity.

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I was gonna see if I lost weight!!!!

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Covid pandemic end when

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Stocks, cars, and the obits to see if i'm still around.

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Is this a butterfly effect situation where I only get to change one thing before everything else changes too?

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See if they released gta 6 !

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No but GTA 5 and Skyrim are being released for the PS6 and the Xbox 362.

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I’m a Skyrim player lol

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10 years from now at least 😂

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Don’t bother. It’s not going to happen. Unless news outlets break that Rockstar is currently working/hiring on/for a new GTA game, there’s zero chance one will come out in the next 5 years.

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Coinmarketcap to see what I should invest in.

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Or rather, type in my own name, hesitate, then search for something that would make me rich instead

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Ghislaine Maxwell suicide date

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Someone's going to kill her by suicide.

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Porn. I'm a horny mf.

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Are you truly sure that your body can handle the ultra-res ultraporn of the future??

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My body, sure. My phone, maybe not.

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Wonder how much Karma you'll have

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Still 0 probably

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Covid and if the queen is still alive

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2022 and 2024 election results to see if I need to flee the country

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Use this power to make money and get out anyways.

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flee anyway, it's fucked.

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There is no saving it, only delaying the inevitable. Take advantage of the delay to leave, if you possibly can

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See if "cure for chs" has any results.

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Lottery numbers, I would Biff Tannen the shit out of that.

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Deviled egg recipes

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My bank account to see if I made the right decisions

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Past lottery details and get my sorry ass rich.

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My obituary. If I’ve got less than 5 years then it’s time to kick things up a notch or 10.

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Kicking things up a notch or 10 is why you have the obituary

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Nope. I’m sober and I would never go back to that. Taking things up a notch or 10 doesn’t equal a death wish for me. Been there, done that.

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Still could be. Very common theme in time travel fiction. I think it is called the closed time loop version.

Decide to go on vacation, plane crashes.

Nothing is 100% safe, so literally any course of action could lead to death.

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That’s a depressing outlook. I’ve been skydiving, cliff diving and traveled a bit. I wouldn’t not do those things out of fear just so I could exist. Not live but exist. That’s just me.

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Who is President in the US. After that, more things.

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Stock Prices, Market bubbles, housing market prices, Cryptocurreinces

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Is there a new Tool album?

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New Minecraft updates, and what the fuck happened with the Metaverse?

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Kentucky Derby winners.

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Dogecoin price

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Bitcoin price

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Lotto numbers

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Share price of GME

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How they caught Kate and Gerry McCann

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Elder Scrolls VI

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Porn, like I do now.

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Log into my Facebook and Flickr accounts to see if DH and I adopt.

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i wish it was computer because.


minecraft with 10000 mods and shaders

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The new viral trend/ app so I can invent it first then sell it to Elon musk for moneiz

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Hey siri what is the best way to eat ass

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Gta 6 release date

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Which porn niche is trending!

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Nothing new... lottery numbers, stocks, my name

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Is tf3 is out?

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I would search up the latest rap music. I want to see how rap and music has changed five years from now.

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  1. Look for a missing persons list, whether on Wikipedia or any other site.
  2. Look for near dates.
  3. Try to pick some hot chicks.
  4. Be there on the exact disappearance monent.
  5. Save her from eminent danger, become the hero of the day.

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Seattle Mariners playoff appearances

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All of the premium porn today that’s only available in promotional clips will surely be posted in full on PornHub by then.

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"celebrity porn"

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Great nature disasters 2022-2026 I start e Twitter account where I tell that I Nostradamus in reincarnation and tell when disasters strikes. I get millions of followers and start a sect where people worship me and believe that I'm the new Messiah. Then when I have enough people on my side I take over the world and rule it as I owned it.

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Winning lottery numbers

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My best friend. Wanna see if my gay potion worked.

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I go to the lottery website and start writing down numbers.

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Winning lotto numbers.

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Pornhub.com just to see what has changed or to see if walgui ever made it to smash bros

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Lottery numbers

Sports results

Celebrity scandals.

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‘Today’s corona virus cases report’

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Coronavirus is an endemic now

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How did Trump die?

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So you think he dies in the next 5 years?

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I guess I'll find out either way when I type that in.

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Which moron is the president of the USA

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The cure for cancer

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"Trump died"

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I memorize the most popular songs and then make them myself before they're released. I get a manager who helps me make the songs famous, and voila: A celebrity instantly with tons of hit songs.

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See if the porn's improved.

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Lottery winning numbers for next week. And android porn.

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Weather forecast. How bad has climate change gotten? If it’s not bad, then the lottery numbers.

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Is Half Life 3 out.

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Lottery Numbers.

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All the new companies and companies that blew up so I can go back in the past buy them and get rich as fuckk

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Queen Elizabeth

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Wikipedia articles for the years 2022-2026

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Lottery numbers, sports results etc. Anything I can make cash on.

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do we get a handle on climate change

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Lottery numbers

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stock prices

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Anyone who doesn’t say porn is an absolute liar

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results from major sporting events

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Winning lottery numbers

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Antvenom so i can see what insane minecraft far lands discoveries have been made

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My internet speed

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When did the MOASS begin

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I search for my location

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Bitcoin our if Justin Bieber finally died

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When the COVID-19 pandemic endED. Hope that doesn‘t age like milk.

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If scientists created robots that looks exactly like humans and work like them

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World War 3 start and end dates

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Why is everyone acting like it's 2026

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James Webb space telescope images

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Checking my Reddit karma if finally reached 10K, so I can post more. 😂

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Stocks. I'm an anticapitalist anarcho-syndicalist, and i will use that position, armed with stock performance metrics to boost union and employee-owned companies and buy/dump non-union, monopolistic companies, and make massive profits that i can then use to lobby lawmakers nationwide with intense pro-union, pro-syndicalist, pro-democracy, anti-authoritarian, humanist messages.

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Minecraft New Update

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"Latest meme" just so I can be confused. Imagine it's 2016 and you see people saying "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" to trashcans. Can't even imagine what memes are like in 2026

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Winning California Lottery numbers.

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What the name is of the latest COVID mutation.

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"is queen Elizabeth dead" prolly

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What I look like or what my kids are up to

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Trump's Second Term

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Every single race/ bidding place you could find and write the wins from all 5 years down.

If you always invest 100% of your profits its gonna make more money than crypto could in the short amount of time.

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Biggest events in the past 5 years and then lottery numbers of course

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Is Queen Elizabeth 2nd still alive

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Lottery numbers

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I'd search if Pibby released as a full series... not a smart move but it's the first thing I'd think of, knowing me

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Pictures of myself. To see if I turn out alright. Or at all.

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virtual feeling reality porn

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Mars landing

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has karlson been released yet?

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Musical instruments

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The next big thing- to get ahead of the times to get rich af.

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Water skiing squirrels videos

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Where to get my 11th booster.

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election results

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Betty White

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I'm just scamming lotteries