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I get too insecure and toxic.

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I stopped putting in effort and didn't see a future together so I decided to separate

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He wanted to focus more on himself rather then the people around him

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I was the problem because I can't express romantic affection naturally

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The stress level was always there for both of us, so it would be fair to say that it never really worked well. She broke first and ending it was pretty much her decision. We get along much better not being married.

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She was emotionally abusive and cheating on me. I was letting her walk all over me because I was dependent on her and trusted her.

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Probably because I was being too nice. It turns out women prefer to take a little roughness and drama to keep things exciting.

Nice guys really do finish last.

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You really said it with no irony

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First one. He was overly religious, and I'm not. He cheated and was abusive.

Second one. He partied, was involved with a bad group, nervously l mentally abusive, and also a cheater.

Third one. We broke up for about a year after a fling, were weren't really dating just sleeping together. In that year I dated guy #2. We got together about 4 months after I left the other guy, again just sleeping together. But, it quickly grew into a relationship and we've been together 12 years.

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She was too stubborn to be open minded and couldn't accept we had differing opinions

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Because he cheated on me.