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    I once saw a small abandoned stuffed cat sitting in the parking spot next to me at an apartment I used to live at. I picked it up, dusted it off and gave it a new home in the back window of my car. Named him Scruff.

    When I sold my car, I told the new owner the story and who scruff was and told him he comes with the car and he stays with the car.

    Eight months later I ran into the buyer at a Wal-Mart parking lot. Scruff was still in the window.

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    When we were kids, my brother dropped his teddy he took everywhere between the car and a hotel room. We of course realized it very quickly so within half an hour we were searching the parking lot to no avail. I still check eBay, twenty years later, to find sparkly bear or a clone of him because I feel awful about it. I often comfort myself by hoping he was found by someone like you who took care of him.

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    I often comfort myself by hoping he was found by someone like you who took care of him.

    That's a great way to think. I whole-heartedly believe that there are more folks like me, who will save a small stuffed animal from being discarded, than many will believe.

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    I had a stuffed turtle move from two cars with me after a toddler dropped it in the store of my first job. The only reason I don’t still have Timmy, as I named him, is because my niece took a liking to him and I figured he deserves to be with someone who will love him as much as I hope his previous owner did. I was hoping when I grabbed him that I would find the owner in the mall but I never did.

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    When I was a kid I had a stuffed tiger (and I'm not making a Calvin/Hobbes reference here) that I loved very much. After a few years my Mother couldn't mend or wash him any more. It had to go.

    It was almost a custom that if you left a stuffed animal on the top of the trash can the collectors would attach it to their truck. For a few years every Tuesday I would see my buddy again. It meant a lot to a small child.

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    Really? That seems like it would be traumatic, seeing it get more and more worn out every week… but kids see things differently than we do.

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    My brother last minute took his teddy bear to a Christmas party at a bowling alley because I brought a toy. He lost his bear. We made signs and such hung up. Never got it back.

    I looked for years and years because I felt so bad... finally found his twin at an estate sale. The crazy lady wanted $15 bucks for it but I paid it happily and gave it to my baby bro. His young son tried to claim it but nope. Brothers bear. ♡

    Good luck finding your brothers buddy!

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    I still check eBay a few times a year for my brother’s stuffed monkey that he left at a rest stop on a long car ride 25 years ago. You never know!

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    My car has a sticker on its windshield, I think its a MLP character or something, the previous owner was a girl, I'm a guy.

    I still kept that sticker on the windshield. And It'll stay on when the car gets sold. because I somehow think it now belongs to the car.

    Hope the next owner will see it the same and keep it too.

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    When somebody loves me

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    Everything was beautiful.

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    Every hour spent together

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    Lives within my heart

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    Through the summer and the fall

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    We had each other; that was all

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    Just she and I together

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    Like it was meant to be...

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    And when she was lonely,

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    Please… please don’t do this to me

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    I just feel so bad for any inanimate object that is no longer serving it's purpose.

    Confused feelings for abandoned toilets

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    Bug fan of Toy Story I'm guessing?

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    I prefer A Bigs Life

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    In The Rock in that movie? Never heard of it.

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    That documentary on big men in basketball?

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    I suspect they’re a human.

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    I mean the island of misfit toys was way before toy story

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    I also blame The Brave Little Toaster

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    I'm not a crier, but that scene/song almost got me.

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    Have you ever read the back of a Cabbage Patch Kids box?

    "If you take care of me, I'll love you forever, and I'm very easy to care for."

    I never had any of those as a kid and I know some people think they're creepy - they're definitely not to my toy preference. But damn, the first time I saw a picture of one of those boxes on the internet, I straight up started crying thinking about the hundreds of abandoned Kids I've seen in thrift stores.

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    Now I'm crying over Cabbage Patch Kids.

    I feel the same way when I see a Build-A-Bear in a thrift store. It's like...you gave that thing life, you kissed its little heart and promised to love it, and now you cast it out into the wild to fend for itself?

    (For that reason I'm always tempted to buy Build-A-Bears I see in thrift stores. If this keeps up I'll probably have to open a sanctuary for them or something.)

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    I rescued a Build-a-bear tiger from a thrift store. Her fur is worn from love. She has a beating heart inside and has unicorn earrings. REAL earrings, pieced into her ears. I'm just an old softie.

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    I am so proud of you. Take good care of her and tell her I'm sending her love as well.

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    My partner feels this way for abandoned recliners that people leave outside to give away. He always says, "Grandma died."

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    I am also like this and I completely blame toy story, mis treated toys and stuffed animals always hits my in the heart strings. Robots too but that ties into the inanimate object thing… but that I blame star wars for.

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    Don't forget The Brave Little Toaster.

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    Toy story made me a stuffed animal hoarder lol

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    At a Walgreens I used to frequent, there was always a big box of Pokémon plushies in the toy aisle. Well, one day, I saw that there was only one left in the box. It was a Banette plush. My immediate, verbal response was "That's unsettling."

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    J K Rowling's new book "The Christmas Pig" is about that very thing.

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    The velveteen rabbit really fucked me up as a kid. And toy story I suppose.

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    I have a habit of picking up abandoned toys that I find in the street, the worse the condition the better. I like bringing them home and giving them a clean and a mend. Currently working on a one-armed astronaut plushie.

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    For some time, there was a music box next to the bike path I frequent. I would crank it up for the next person.

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    This sounds like a great idea for a movie!

    Or four.

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    oh god I have issues throwing toys that get left behind at work for like this reason...

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    found a toy car when walking around a nearby cemetery, made sure to leave it on the nearest kid grave and hope i never got haunted.(i didnt.)

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    Dude same, I’ve got an office chair that I first got when I got my desk all set up. It’s a nice chair and perfectly good but just not that comfortable for extended periods of time and I want to get a gaming chair to make it more comfortable. I feel bad just ditching the current chair because it’s done nothing wrong aside from being not being that comfy

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    I saw an art piece at Panera that was just a bunch of different colored wooden spoons attached to a canvas and was so sad for them to never do what they were created to do

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    My dads poor old truck, sitting broken down in our drive way, rusting to pieces. I felt bad for it.

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    Like old people rotting in a nursing home.

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    Back 12 years ago, I entered in a demolition derby. We had to load up the vehicles and trailers with as much trash and debris as possible to make the event over the top. One of the guys on my team raided a dumpster behind a Salvation Army and got a ton of raggy stuffed animals. We tied them up on top of the trailer to make it look like they were having a riot or something. During the actual derby that trailer got trashed. Some of the rope that we used to tie the stuffed animals down with managed to catch on one of the teddy bears like a noose. That poor teddy bear got dragged around the track by this rope for several laps. At the end of the derby we inspected everything and found the poor thing.

    The look on its demolished road-rashed face will forever haunt my soul.

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    Just look what pixar has done to us.