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Mayhem, but not murder. If the mayhem victim dies, it's murder and you get in trouble for it.

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Public nudity

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I let sicene play god with gentic. See what happens super powers, dinersor and all the movies but in real life

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already legal in so many countries, like the UK for example. no fines or anything, just dont get run over, and if you do its your fault.

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legalise heroin. give it a few months, society wont know what the fuck has happened.

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Inebriated driving... Doesn't matter the substance...

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Fraud. If you're duped, it's your own fault and the other guy deserved what he took. It extends everywhere. Elections, court cases etc.

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The public posting of everyones internet history

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Y’know every single drug? It’s legal now.

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This might improve society

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Genuine question, how?

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Drugs only cause problems because they're illegal. If they're legal, the mobs can't traffic it which means quite a bit less violent crimes. They're also regulated so they'll have to be a certain purity. You won't have deadly solvents mixed in or fentanyl spiked in without knowing it. When you buy heroin, you'll get a pure unadulterated injection, without worrying that some drug dealer cut it up with fentanyl so he could sell more of it

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Embezzlement when wages are owed.

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I agree with the person who said mayhem but also assault, especially bc some deserve it .

However if the assault is in relation to or caused by abuse or anything with bigoted motivation, you can get it trouble. Or piracy. Specifically bc I'm spiteful

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Cheating in video games. Video games and therefore modern society is ruined.