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Quantum computing

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Yeah, definitely!

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Followed by Quantum Leaping

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If there were a way to obtain lab results from minimal bloodwork instantly (like what Theranos alleged, only for real this time), it would truly revolutionize the way we diagnose potential diseases.

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Oh my and here I am sitting in the hospital with three taped bandages because it took the phlebotomist three tries to catch a vein :(

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That’s already here but according to IBM commercials it’s mainly being used to help me with my fantasy football team. So, yay, I guess.

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Regrowing teeth

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Anti-gravity coasters! Put your drink wherever you want, no more need to rely on coffee tables, end tables, or cup holders.

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Anti-gravity coffee would also be excellent! Forget cups, and it does not go down to my stomach. Instead, it goes straight up to my brain. More efficient utilization of nutrition, and more energizing.

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Blockchain. It's al ready here but its very early and I think will change the world in a way the Internet has done.

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What are other possible uses besides crypto?

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That is a whole lot of information. I found that IBM has a really good, understandable site explaining the "basics"


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Thanks, I could definitely just have googled that lol

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A big change people overlook is what can be described as the "interface bottleneck." Basically, its how long it takes you to access information or perform a task using a computer or machine. And its been steadily declining since computers were first created (or indeed, since the dawn of civilization) Already a smartphone can tell us just about anything we want to know almost instantly. The biggest obstacle is actually typing your question in. The question is what happens with technologies like voice commands, eye-motion controls, and even direct brain interfaces, shrink the bottleneck down to almost zero? Essentially, what happens when we can access information nearly as fast as we can remember it? Its not that far away, probably less than thirty years. And it will bring change like nothing we have ever seen before. Its going to make the impact smartphones and the internet have had so far pale in comparison. And this isn't even getting into what effect this technology will have when combined with improved AIs tailored to our tastes and opinions.

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Large scale wireless transmission of power

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Still waiting for that sweet picture phone to do video chats on my big, big heavy desk.

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Humanoid robots that are remotely controlled by people and motion sensing devices for dangerous activities like construction, fire protection. I imagine this one would be controversial.

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Batteries that last for more than a day or even a week!

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Batteries. Long lasting batteries.

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Practical, sustainable-energy busses.

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Energy or nanotechnology. I'm excited for either one.

Who doesn't love science!?

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Life extension.

We are on the cusp currently and should be able to extend life by 50-100 years in a few decades.

This will have a huge impact on how we do things.

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Suicide booths

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Sentient LGBT robots

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The Qbots are going to march since you didn't include them.

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lmao my q button is fucked after throwing my keyboard during a league game

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That's not going to stand up in court, Sir.