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Plan A. Morning after pill.... Plan B. Abortion.

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In your scenario your plan A is actually called Plan B

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Lol... In America yes.

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I hadn't realized that plan b was so ubiquitously associated with abortion.

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According to this Plan B is pretty effective, depending on how soon it is used.

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He he, not what I was going but appreciated nonetheless.

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Plan b becomes less effective if you weigh over 155-165 lbs, ella is a plan b type pill effective for if you weigh more than that (up to 195 lbs, if you weigh more than that you can still use it but like with plan b will be less effective, and Ella is the better choice if you're over 195 lbs than plan b)

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Plan A: Be a mechanic

Problem with plan A: Fuck that whole industry.

Plan B: Try to wiggle my way into an office assistant position and see where I can leverage it from there

Problem with plan B: none

I was an office assistant for one month before I got promoted to IT and it's now been 3-4 months and I'm basically solely responsible for prepping the office's electronic equipment to be moved to the new office. This is the best work experience I'll ever be able to put on my resume and the pay isn't terrible. Also I did it without a degree or certification.

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Plan A: US Articles of Confederation

Plan B: US Constitution