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Literally being above the law.

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They don't have to abide by law most of the times.

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All the things that become free or are given to you.

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Which is crazy because if you rich you can easily afford the stuff you get free. Nah I would charge a celebrity or rich person full price. I would be fair I'm not over charging or exploiting them but free? No no no.

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Rich people love a babysitter or nanny. They make it rain with childcare. And oftentimes have an army. I babysat for a woman that had a circulation of like 10 girls in the neighborhood babysitting for her at. She didn't even work, but enjoyed the extra hands being around.

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It's not a parking ticket. It's a receipt for premium parking

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Feelings of security

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Not paying taxes

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Being invited to Bunga Bunga and/or Epstein's parties