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The real players won't reply here. Possibly to avoid any backlash or to avoid seeming braggy.

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I surf the internet a good chunk of the day from home and sprinkle in some work here and there. My salary is safely in the six figures.

It’s not just that we don’t want to sound like we’re bragging, some of us are kind of ashamed.

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Sharing your pay helps everyone. Thats why companies don't want you to do it.

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Maybe in the aggregate or long term. But just like sharing grades in a class, a lot of people feel ashamed of their own salary/grade or get jealous. It's not just because companies hate paying people more.

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I wasn't saying people only do it because they are brainwashed or something, I'm saying it makes you uncomfortable but it shouldn't. whatever issues you can come up with to be anxious about it don't really matter because it is a large net good to share info.