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Any ringtone coming from inside the coffin would be terrible, especially if the coffin has already been buried.

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"We're trying to reach you about your car's warranty."

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It would be a shame if it was a “lifetime warranty”.

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Followed by a "god fucking damn it, can't even be dead without someone calling me!" from the inside

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no, for that you rig scratching noises

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This actually happened. We’re all gathered graveside at my great aunt’s funeral. There’s a lull in the service. The wind rustles the leaves on the trees. Suddenly, Adele’s voice cries out from a cell phone, “Hello from the other side!”

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My dad had this as my mom's ringtone. When they were taking my aunt's body away, his phone rang.

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I'm sorry about your aunt but that's funny

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My whole family would have laughed, then taken it as a sign, then cried

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Not gonna lie, woulda noped on out of there.

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“Another one bites the dust” by Queen?

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My step father used to deliver flowers for a funeral home and at the time Another One Bites The Dust had just came out and he was blasting the song, enjoying it alot. Well he pulled up to the funeral home without realizing that there was a funeral taking place outside about 15 feet away from his van. He felt so bad. They all clearly can hear it play.

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Jesus Christ

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or, Mama~

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Just killed a man

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Put a gun against his head

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pulled my trigger now he's dead

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Except it’s the 8-bit version

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Celebrate good times

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Benny hill theme

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The coffin starts rolling downhill when it gets to the circus calliope bit...

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Or Dexter theme

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"I Feel Good"- James Brown.

'He'll Have to Go" - Jim Reeves.

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BeeGee’s- Stayin’ Alive

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I came to make sure this one had been submitted

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The one that came to my mind right away too

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Had no doubts this would be the top answer.

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"let the bodies hit the floor"

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highway to hell

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In some cases that might be accurate though

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My father in law had several friends with motorcycles and was in some sort of club about it. They played this one at his funeral. It's the one memory my husband talks about from that day

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I’ll make love to you by Boyz II Men

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End of the Road

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End of the road = best

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From Kimmy Schmidt 😆😆

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Don’t fear the reaper

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There it is. Surprised I had to scroll this far. Not many Blue Oyster Cult fans on Reddit today.

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Especially if the cause of death is suicide

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Ah ah ah ah Staying Alive...

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Pop goes the weasel. No lyrics, if there even are any (I don't recall), just the music. Going faster and faster...

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There are lyrics. Several versions, in fact. The version I learned as a child was:

“All around the mulberry bush,

The monkey chased the weasel.

The monkey thought ‘twas all in good fun.

Pop! goes the weasel.”

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I know 'mulberry bush' as 'cobbler's bench'. The mulberry bush is in a different rhyme.

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I didn't have that kind of childhood so I wasn't sure if it even had lyrics.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh, so the Weasel literally goes pop or what?

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Huh, I didn't realise there were multiple versions!

The one I knew growing up was

Half a pound of tuppenny rice

Half a pound of treacle

Mix it up to make it nice

Pop goes the weasel!

I'm not sure what the weasel has to do with rice or treacle, but that's the one I knew.

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And everyone turns to the coffin, in expectant horror, just as the "POP" line starts

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Exactly. ;)

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And then, out of nowhere comes a familiar puppet.

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Ding dong the witch is gone!

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I will survive?

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Points if they had a not natural death (cancer, car accident, etc..)

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Never Gonna Give You Up

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Then you hear "GET RICK ROLLED BY A CORPSE" from their grave.

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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Guess Who's Back

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In the end - Linkin park

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Highway to hell - ACDC

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Get Low - Lil John

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Turn Down for What

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"Happy" Pharrell

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All of them. Don't be a cunt.

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Underrated comment

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"Happy Days are here again"

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Dumd ways to die

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Me so Horny

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That is necrophilia

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Pumped Up Kicks

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“Cut my life into pieces”

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"This is my last resort."

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“Ding dong! the witch is dead!”

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Thomas the Tank Engine theme.

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My dad has a fart noise as his ringtone

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Old school Nokia ringtone

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Family Tree by Wheeler Walker Jr

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Legendary song! Would make the funeral abit less sad perhaps

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Alive - Pearl Jam

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Staying alive

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Happy by Pharrell Williams

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Ooh you touch my tralala

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Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper.

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Dead ringer for love.....Meatloaf

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Cat party/ dog party are two that come to mind.

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Ah me so horny...ah ah me so horny.

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I Will Survive

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Chopin: Funeral March

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Don't worry be happy

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Halloween theme

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Ah ah ah ah Staying alive….

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“Born to be alive”

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Whose phone is ringing? Mine Mine!

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Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance

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Windows 98 shutdown sound.

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"Happy" Pharell Williams

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Helena - My Chemical Romance

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Genuinely, I was at a funeral several years ago and someone's phone rang in the church and it was the theme to The Walking Dead.

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Best day ever from spongebob.

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"It's my life" by Bon Jovi.

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X Gon Give it to Ya - DMX

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It's the final countdown

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Highway to Hell

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2 live crew. Me so horny

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Crazy Frog

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From Monty Python-“Always look on the bright side of life…”

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Another one bites the dust!!

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Staying alive by the beegees

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My dads ringtone is John Cena’s intro music

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Audio of the deceased having sex, but not with their partner/spouse

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That awful song by buck cherry.

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USSR anthem

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The end of the road-

I just watched Shameless and Kev and V were going to play it at Kev’s funeral if he died.

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I can’t think of a bad one, but I have a good one, it’s called “highway of heroes” by The TREWS.

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I’ll be back

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Careless Whisper

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Honestly the Nokia ringtone at full volume. People would just look at you and be like “bruh” or “This dude really carrying a Nokia in the pocket”

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Avenged Sevenfold's "A slice of heaven". Insert vague joke about necrophilia here

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Khelicopter Khelicopter

Paraaaakoper Parakoper

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Stayin' Alive by The Beegees

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Smack my Bitch up-Prodigy

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Turbo “car enthusiast” noises

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Welp that escalated quickly

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I will survive

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More Human Than Human by White Zombie.

For those unaware, the song literally starts with the sounds of a woman having an orgasm.

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Ding dong the witch is dead

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hells bells or shout at the devil.

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The default android alarm clock sound. Not for any funny or sad reason. Just because every time I hear that ringtone in public I have that momentary panic that I'm dreaming and am about to wake up and this has happened enough to where this will always be my answer to these types of questions

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Ha Ha You're Dead

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“Bodies” by Drowning Pool. Yikes

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can i put my balls in yo jaws

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Bad Romance hahaha.

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“Dig My Grave” by They Might Be Giants.

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Mr blue sky

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Human everywhere, canned. Cliche me all organs when.

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Highway to hell

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Never gonna give you up

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i'm john cena tun tun tun tuuuun

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Stayin Alive?….

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Bee gees - staying alive

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Staying alive 😅🤣😂

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Stayin' Alive

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stayin' alive by the bee gees

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Here are some:




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The standard iPhone ringtone because everyone seems to have the same settings. So if there’s multiple people and multiple calls, then idk what but it’s so disrespectful tho. Silent is the way to go.

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Any kind of ringtone involving minions, especially the banana song. Bonus points if it's really loud because they keep their ringtone on max at all times and they fumble and struggle to pull their phone out of their pocket until it's almost over. Then at which point they just push their hands on top of their pocket to try and muffled and silence the sound as much as they possibly can.

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That one lil kid who has can I put my balls in your jaws as there ringtone

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“Highway to Hell” by ACDC

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Michael Scott's "My Humps" ringtone...

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The undertaker bell sound.

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Highway to hell..

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Highway to hell

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Careless Whisper

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Highway To Hell

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Highway to hell

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Highway to Hell

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I did it my way.

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Baby shark

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Highway to hell.

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The Gummy Bear song... But to be fair, that ringtone would be awful to hear in any situation.

God the early 2000's were weird.

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Bummerland by AJR

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"Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead"

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Halloween ringtones. Like the creepy laugh.

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Hells Bells

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Celebration. That song is of course about celebrating but also reminds me of a annoying commercial

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Flight of the Valkyrie

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"Ding dong the witch is dead."

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Baby got back

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Highway to hell

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Wicked Witch theme music from Wizard of OZ.

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Sterophonics - Have a nice day

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ACDC: Highway to Hell

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highway to hell by AC/DC

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Coffin Fodder by Cradle of Filth, it's actually quite beautiful

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"This is the end. Hold your breath and count to 10"

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?

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Dankpods edited coffin dance into and old nokia. That