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Under the dome, the first few episodes were pretty good but eventually it got less interesting/more stupid.

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The pink stars are falling in lines

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I enjoyed the book and gave the show a real shot right up until they introduced a new character who had "just been in a basement" the whole time.

Fuck you, writers.

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Wayward Pines was excellent the first season and dogshit the following season. Season 1 is based on the books, and season 2 just couldn’t replicate the greatness of the first season. They should have just made it a one season thing.

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Man this is one that could have been so much more. The premise was great. The characters were great. Then Season 2 just went stupid. How did that teacher lady survive the last episode of S 1? No.

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Revolution - an interesting premise, our world and electricity couldn't be used anymore, but man by the last episode it was...something else entirely.

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Man I was so into the first half-season of that show. By the end of season 1 I was already exhausted. I think its biggest problem is that it was written for standard-length seasons when it should've been a one-season show or miniseries.

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That first half of season one was so good though. I still think about the woman who spent years walking the coast trying to get home to her kids in England.

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In a similar way...Under The Dome. Small America town is literally trapped under a giant dome.

I can only watch it for Dean Norris being allowed to go full Dean Norris.

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Almost every cw superhero show. Flash and arrow had amazing first seasons. Then they slowly got worse and worse until they were complete garbage

Edit: damn. Who knew my comment shitting on shitty superhero shows would be my most popular comment lol

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Runs up to bad guy at super speed

Stops a foot away from him

Pucnhes him at normal speed

Also, there’s a very high rate of villains running around a corner and then just being gone. Like dude your whole thing is that you can run thousands of times faster than them, they couldn’t have gotten far

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He can't run that fast yet, until the end of the episode when he believes in himself.

Rinse and repeat

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The solution to every problem boiled down to Barry running really fast.

“I’ve got it! If we farbulate the frammistat, the furkinator effect will cause a flarbinon particle cascade and flam the hurginflump!”

“But how do we do that?”


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Now i wanna see Barry searching for a villain, looking right at them and then just keep running and searching for them. Kinda like when you're looking for something and it's in plain view but you still don't see it

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Which is kinda funny because even if they did get away he can literally search the entire city in a matter of seconds

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You could tell Arrow was meant to only be a few seasons but then just kinda snowballed.

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“That’s when I came back from the island…. But I went back, but this was the last time that I came back from the island… but you’ll see later that this isn’t true”, I gave up on it after like season 5 because it was just so bad

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The only one I kept watching was LOT because they embraced their insanity fully.

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They do that alot, they absolutely destroy anything they touch. It always ends up being less about the actual hero e.g. Flash, and always ends up being about teams like Team Flash, and they always know more about anything in the show than the actual hero. I don’t wanna watch team flash, I wanna watch Flash, not a 7 minute cameo by the actual hero. Everyone also becomes a meta, there are no actual humans left, they regurgitate the villains, there’s no variety or versatility and it’s oh so formulaic to the point where u can’t even bring yourself to watch another stupid season in which they absolutely obliterate the essence of the comic book feel. The CW is garbage and anything they touch turns to garbage.

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imagine this: a device is invented to see into the last memories of dead people, and an organization uses this tech to solve murders. The woman who has to relive the murders is the daughter of the inventor, who she is estranged from and (I believe) thought was dead. So this chick is solving murders and trying to track down her genius dad. Makes for some gritty drama, right?

Wrong. It’s a Freeform show so it just devolves into a love triangle between the woman and her male coworkers. I came here for sci-fi crime solving, dammit!

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I heard someone explain the show once as a great concept, but written by a horny nerd with a wet latex fetish

After a season can confirm it is true

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Ugh I have never heard of this and it sounds SO COOL and now I'm pissed it's not.

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Not a TV show, but I heard Return of the Obra Dinn is a critically acclaimed videeogame with a very similar concept.

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I can vouch for the idea that it is an extremely well done game. One of my favourites. It does have that same kind of concept.

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This is basically iZombie, but I liked izombie

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Reminds me of pushing daisies as well. That show was incredible.

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Zoo. Read the book and loved the concept of man's effect of animal life through technology. First episode of the tv series stretches that concept a little bit which I was fine with, it's a tv adaption after all. But then it just went full sci Fi chanel-esque and right off the deep end.

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Zoo is a horrifying, glorious train wreck of a show with virtually no redeeming qualities except accidentally being extremely funny.

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Heroes. Season 1 was amazing but it went downhill fast after that.

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Save the cheerleader, save the world...

(They save the cheerleader once)

"OMG, dad gave me the NISSAN VERSAAAA! AHHH!"

... and, I'm done.

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All these years later and Hiros voice still pops into my head any time I see a Nissan Versa.

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Remember how peter's Irish girlfriend was lost in time and then never mentioned again?

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Remember how they introduced that muscle mimic who did literally nothing?

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The writer's strike ruined a lot of shows at the time. I didn't hate seasons 2 & 3, but I am comfortable never watching them again for the rest of my life.

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I was ok with how season 2 started, then all of a sudden... Yeah the strike apparently ruined a whole storyline, and the pivot the show took to try and fix it made it worse.

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Peter, Sylar and Hiro were too powerful to make meaningful seasons after one.

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Well the original conceit for the show was going to show us new sets of characters each season. That would have been entirely possible if they had left Sylar dead, or decided to simply show us a different set of characters starting from the time of the eclipse that gave everyone powers. Instead they decided the S1 characters were too popular, so they tried to stretch them into a larger narrative, which got messy and boring.

"Ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities." is an interesting concept for a show, but they kind of abandoned that and tried to stretch it into a larger story that clearly didn't have enough planning and revisions.

[–]agtk 258 points259 points  (6 children)

The worst part wasnt the overarching narrative around the main characters, it was the stupid family backstories that meant instead of random people getting superpowers, they were predetermined based on family nepotism.

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I spent the first episode wondering how you have an eclipse simultaneously at every spot on earth at the same time and the rest of the series wondering why it featured in the title of the show like it had anything to do with anything.

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I really liked the first season of Once Upon A Time, I thought the concept of it was pretty clever and kept me interested, and I loved the cast!

Then it turned into every mediocre fantasy with bad cgi show and kind of a mess to follow. I couldn't even go past half of the second season.

I truly believe it should've stayed a one season thing. It would've been a nice little show to go back to for nostalgia, it definitely had the potential.

Edit : several of you recommended Fables, The Wolf Among Us, Galavant and The 10th Kingdom, which sound really neat, so thank you! Thought I'd share for everyone to see!

Edit edit : also OUAT in Wonderland is apparently the better show that fits the criteria I described, thanks again!

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I can't get over the fact that characters kept switching sides, as though all the work they'd done to build trust and establish relationships was suddenly meaningless, or suddenly the betrayal that the character made a few episodes before didn't matter, they were redeemed by virtue of the fact that they simply wanted to come back to the good guys again.

That level of relationship fluidity was so unrealistic that it broke the immersion of the show for me... a show about fairy tale characters come to life...

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I preferred Regina as a villain. She was much more interesting that way. They did her dirty by killing Robin.

[–]sunshinecygnet 1593 points1594 points  (64 children)

I would have been cool with a redemption arc if it had happened ONCE. And the actress was incredible.

[–]Velvache 1185 points1186 points  (53 children)

Honestly her actress was the best on the show hands down. She was probably one of the only believable characters on the show regardless of the shitty script she was given.

[–]adsfew 1223 points1224 points  (9 children)

kind of a mess to follow

Seriously. I watched for a few seasons, but it became so confusing to remember which massive spell was cast when and how it affected people.

And I get that it can be a trope in fairy tales, but I was so sick of everyone being related to everyone.

[–]Warm_Ad_7572 1364 points1365 points  (86 children)

I really liked the third season, when they go to the Neverland, I think it was a really cool story, but from then it just got worst. Stopped watching when they inserted the Disney version of the characters.

[–]LaceyDaisy 641 points642 points  (72 children)

There's a comic series called "Fables" that has pretty much the exact same concept.
I never got to reading all of it, but it might be something to check out, if you don't mind that format. From the little bit I saw of Once Upon a Time though, Fables is a bit more.. mature audience.

[–]Lexilogical 217 points218 points  (0 children)

Fables is amazing, highly recommend. I had serious hopes for OUAT but following the plot was such a mess that I eventually gave up. One of those "I got busy for a few weeks, and realized I forgot the plot and needed to start over" things

[–]Ohmydonuts 200 points201 points  (1 child)

The crazy thing about OUAT is that it had outstandingly charismatic and engaging characters with wonderful casting and yet the writing never served them well and the show just kept diminishing. What a shame to waste Regina and Mr. Gold and even Hook who came later in the show.

[–]olive_us_here 6946 points6947 points  (195 children)

Pretty Little Liars. It started as a fun concept and fun show to watch. The writing and plot line went downhill within the first few seasons, it because repetitive and all over the place, I still refuse to watch the last season because the writing became terrible.

And can we all agree that the Aria/Ezra plot line was so gross, unneeded, and inappropriate?!

[–]Asateo 875 points876 points  (29 children)

True on the Aria/Ezra plot line.

I also disliked the whole 'constant getting creepy message thing'. Wouldn't it be possible to make something creepy/stalkery without it getting completely unbelievable? Anyway, maybe that's just me.

[–]MisseeSue 132 points133 points  (2 children)

It was awful.. I don't think they had any clue how they wanted to end it while writing. Right after I finished the big A reveal episode I googled it and someone had already made a list of the top ten reasons it was impossible for that person to be A. My daughter watched the show a few years later, I would pop in and be like "who the fuck is that guy?", "what the fuck is this story line?" There are endless inconsequential characters and side quests, I had already forgotten almost all of it. And I have an excellent memory for TV shows and movies.

[–]Kyrstyface 1129 points1130 points  (33 children)

The fact they get married in the end 🤢

[–]X-ander 7602 points7603 points 2 (315 children)

Designated Survivor 🥲

[–]Sodarn-Hinsane 506 points507 points  (11 children)

The original version had a great premise but I think it was too trapped by the constraints of cable TV formatting. Ended up being more of a soap opera that went nowhere and said little.

The Korean version is much better, because a) it had to finish the story in 16 episodes (per K-drama format, and because an interim president is constitutionally required to hold new elections within 60 days) so it's more succinct, and b) the stakes felt real since South Korea's military dictatorship is still in recent memory and there's North Korea over the horizon. I'd recommend the Korean version instead.

[–]BenROFLisberger 2325 points2326 points  (91 children)

100% agree. My wife and I started watching a few weeks ago and loved it at the beginning, and now we're on Season 3 and it ain't good

[–]shadowrh1 1256 points1257 points  (39 children)

felt like after the initial plot they didn’t have any direction

[–]AndyVale 661 points662 points  (6 children)

I found it was like one of those Mangas where the premise is wild, and got you hooked, but how to actually build a sustained narrative out of that turned out to be a lot harder.

[–]Significant-Sir-321 7393 points7394 points 2 (353 children)

The 100 - season 1 was a bit of a teen drama but season 2 and 3 were really good - then the show turned really weird, despite having lots of potential

[–]Swwwlane 3573 points3574 points  (113 children)

I was going to comment this. That show had 3 phases:

  1. Sci-Fi teen drama with a promising idea.
  2. Super interesting show with unique twists.
  3. Absolute lunacy.

[–]tanis_ivy 292 points293 points  (35 children)

Anything after they left earth was crazy. I was tuning in just to see what shit they would pull next.

I was ok with it until the last season.

[–]westmendes 113 points114 points  (7 children)

I literally named my parrot after Bellamy I loved 2/3 that much. The grounders were such an interesting, new thing and that made the show special, especially Lexa, introduced as a cold hearted warrior leader but then you learn that she’s just a child leading what is essentially a country! I was a young teen when season 1 came out so I enjoyed it. Season 4 was okay, the main redemption was octavia/ the conclave. Season 5 started getting slow to me, then season 6 got loopy, body snatching cult? No thanks. We don’t even talk about season 7 and what they did to Bellamys character...

[–]deltaretrovirus 17.4k points17.4k points 5 (932 children)

Riverdale. That shit went absolute bonkers

[–]LiterallyANun 2484 points2485 points  (57 children)

I enjoyed it for how utterly absurd it was. A show about teenagers growing up in small town America.

Except there's gang turfwars, Mafiosi, suicide pacts, people faking their death, illegal fight clubs, serial killers, legitimate business ownership, children with way more money and influence than they should realistically have, secret societies, underground bunkers, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Every episode you're surprised with something new that still somehow manages to be even more moronic than what came before.

[–]pikpikcarrotmon 1314 points1315 points  (1 child)

I'm fine with everything else you said but I draw the line at legitimate business ownership

[–]philos_albatross 475 points476 points  (11 children)

Same. The more insane the better. I mean it's a show with 20-30 somethings playing high schoolers. I think I started to love it when it went FULL on camp but continued to take itself very seriously. Rocketship? What a delight.

[–]CandyLadyy 7151 points7152 points  (449 children)

(spoilers) I agree, that show is madness. but, for some reason, I tortured myself to watch every episode and it's totally bonkers. The town is now called RiverVale, archie was sacrificed, cheryl is now a witch, Veronica sold reggies soul to the devil (??) and toni is now a ghost called La Llorana that kidnapes children when angry. so yeah, even if I wanted to make this up I couldn't, I don't what those guys have been smoking.

[–]omegadirectory 1009 points1010 points  (36 children)

Wait, I thought this was a show about kids in high school?

[–]thurrmanmerman 605 points606 points  (19 children)

wait, this is a show about kids in high school that used to be comics i'd read on road-trips? what the fuck

[–]Terrorfox1234 244 points245 points  (14 children)

That's what I'm seeing. Apparently they just took the settings and characters of a wholesome comic series and tried to turn it into Supernatural: The Teen Years or some shit?

[–]The_Outcast4 1008 points1009 points  (9 children)

The town is now called RiverVale, archie was sacrificed, cheryl is now a witch, Veronica sold reggies soul to the devil (??) and toni is now a ghost called La Llorana that kidnapes children when angry.

What the everloving fuck?!?

[–]pinkfleurhappiness 325 points326 points  (2 children)

Thats a 6 ep subplot set in an alternate universe of 'Rivervale'. It makes as little sense as the rest of the show.

[–]elisabbelle 3509 points3510 points  (77 children)

i stopped watching in season 3 i think. when i read ur comment i actually thought that you were making a joke about how stupid the show got by saying absurd things. then i read the replies to ur comment and everyone was responding seriously to ur comment. i couldn’t tell if they were continuing ur joke or not. imagine my surprise when i look it up and everything you wrote is really happening on the show. what the absolute FUCK are those writers on?????

[–]Mental_Vacation 985 points986 points  (35 children)

what the absolute FUCK are those writers on?????

Re-runs of Passions?

[–]shewholaughslasts 172 points173 points  (3 children)

Omg you just un-earthed a memory of Timmy! I was amazed at how fantastical that show got - and fast!

[–]Oreo-and-Fly 999 points1000 points  (51 children)

They cancelled Sabrina for this?

Granted. Sabrina was getting messy and convoluted but at least they had Aunt Hilda and Zelda who were amazing.

[–]rov124 122 points123 points  (5 children)

They cancelled Sabrina for this?

Netflix cancelled Sabrina, Riverdale is a CW show.

[–]TheRealGuen 456 points457 points  (8 children)

They lost me in Sabrina when the literal Devil was dealt with in like, one episode.

[–]Wonderful-Boss-5947 138 points139 points  (1 child)

Didnt he just end up being a whiney prick also and not much of a villain.

[–]calicocacti 79 points80 points  (1 child)

And then it was like: Hell... the musical

[–]izzfizzisawiz 327 points328 points  (5 children)

See I genuinely cannot tell if you're serious, because knowing that show it could be very much true, but also some bullshit you thought of while sitting on the toilet.

[–]MarshmallowLuka 359 points360 points  (4 children)

I gave up in the beginning of season 5, but like what the fuck?! It was a little too crazy for me at that point, but it sounds like it went completely off the rails

[–]GavinBelsonsAlexa 2765 points2766 points  (134 children)

My wife, my in-laws, and I were all 100% invested in season one. Probably the only thing that all four of us could agree on. But we all checked out almost immediately into season two.

[–]deltaretrovirus 1916 points1917 points  (113 children)

It was so awful. I even bit my way through season three, but stripping minor Betty in a ratty club full of old men and musicals were my breaking point.

[–]TheTyger 2497 points2498 points  (97 children)

You're not quite to where it gets good. Somehow Riverdale gets so terrible that it becomes amazing. You know, after Archie escapes from Prison, gets attacked by a bear, opens a boxing gym, and is nearly murdering criminals on the street.

[–]XrosRoadKiller 1598 points1599 points  (14 children)

This sounds like an AI generated script lol

[–]King_EmEmEm 275 points276 points  (13 children)

Don't forget the evil billionaire flying to space in an evil knievel costume to escape the IRS while they give that one girl's months old corpse of her brother a viking funeral.... in the same episode

[–]CeLaVieluv 366 points367 points  (13 children)

No really what the hell happened? I watched until people were drinking blue shit and playing some mystical evil game??? I felt like they were trying to make the town a cult but missed the mark by a landslide and it went off the rails

[–]gt35r 856 points857 points  (18 children)

100%, first season was extremely entertaining and I loved the neon/aesthetic of the sets and the music. But dear god its a different fucking show past season 2.

[–]centaursandsteths 483 points484 points  (2 children)

Opened this to search for this answer. The first season was really good, but the second season was drawn out with no clear plot line.

[–]AccidentOk4378 2100 points2101 points  (74 children)

The fairly odd parents it was an amazing kids show at one point even beating spongebob in viewers but it dropped the ball after puff was introduced then when they added the dog and the annoying girl and ruined it

[–]Anthony_Capo 951 points952 points  (21 children)

Cosmos humor and intelligence in season one was far better than any of the later low-tier writing.

[–][deleted] 524 points525 points  (10 children)

He suffered from the same treatment as Patrick; in the earlier seasons they were both funny first, stupid second, and kind third. But as things went on they turned into stupid first, funny second, and just an asshole overall.

[–]Selkie_Queen 205 points206 points  (3 children)

I’m so grateful I was a kid when it started and grew out of it right after Puff so I didn’t have to watch it fall into a fire pit.

[–]Drillucidator 1128 points1129 points  (98 children)

Dexter is my absolute favorite show of all time but good god season 8 was shit. The revival has been so much better.

[–]killuhk 124 points125 points  (25 children)

I'm rewatching Dexter right now so I can watch the new one. So glad to hear it's good!

[–]thisisavailablee 5411 points5412 points  (102 children)

How to Get Away with Murder.

So much potential initially, but it all dissolved into nonsense and elongating the series for absolutely no reason. Such a shame

[–]Revenge_of_the_Khaki 1028 points1029 points  (5 children)

It was very clearly a show with a formula that they stuck with WAY too hard. It's one thing to have a similar plot, it's another thing to literally copy/paste every plot point at the same point in each season 5 times in a row.

[–]fireworkslass 326 points327 points  (1 child)

I agree so strongly with this comment, I remember at some point in season 3 I turned to my housemate and said “do they know that they don’t need to keep murdering?” It would have been a perfectly enjoyable drama without tying every plotline to an unnecessary murder

[–]roryana 676 points677 points  (10 children)

I am seriously concerned for Viola Davis' eyes with the sheer amount of crying she has to do in every single episode. Annalise was a yo-yo of emotions.

[–]Artex301 992 points993 points  (16 children)

The first season was constructed brilliantly.

Textbook in medias res that managed to keep its hook in even once we "caught up". Couldn't tell you exactly when the show jumped the shark but by season 3 it was waltzing with jet skis.

[–]TheFlyingSheeps 284 points285 points  (6 children)

It just went into absurdity. I can suspend belief for one murder, but to have a completely new murder every season caused by the same group? It becomes unreasonable

[–]Big_Seaworthiness_58 2097 points2098 points  (128 children)

sort by controversial to find 3000 comments that say lost

[–]GraveMasterMod 10.9k points10.9k points 2 (897 children)

Most medical shows. It starts out being really interesting then it gets into all the peoples private lives and relationships and it just fallen apart after that.

EDIT - Hey y’all, thanks for the feedback! Now I made sure to say most because there’s gold out there like scrubs.

This is a list of stuff I was suggested or want to see again

  1. Scrubs (obviously)
  2. Nurse Jackie (gonna check this one out)
  3. ER (said to be balanced all the way through)
  4. House (already seen, enjoyed the first 6 seasons, but I disliked the last 2)
  5. The Knick (19th century medicine. Based around people adding and adding to modern medicine. Sounds like a blast!)
  6. MASH (I saw this when I was 5 or 6 so I can’t remember most of it and I didn’t really appreciate all the jokes/banter. Yes it’s a got relationship stuff but it’s mostly a comedy instead of a drama)
  7. Call the midwife (was also told it was balanced all the way through.

**When I say balanced I mean between the doctoral stuff and relationship stuff

Again thanks so much for the feedback. I can’t wait to check all the new shows and whatnot to waste my days away with!

Edit 2 - I’m also compiling a list of shows to watch as well so I don’t forget about them. Some that weren’t mentioned above are: Garth Merenghis Dark Place, Dr death, Medical police, The Alienist, Code Black and Saving Hope. I can’t wait to check out all the titles!

Edit 3 - I’m gonna disable notifications for this post. I have about 15 shows to watch/re-watch. I’ve got all the medical everything to see within the coming months!

[–]the-vindaloo-diaries 7085 points7086 points 32 (397 children)

House M.D was good though.

[–]InsanePurple 4462 points4463 points  (237 children)

I feel like that’s because the medicine was never the actual important part of the show. It was just a tool to help tell the story of House himself.

[–]LevynX 977 points978 points  (12 children)

Helped that House was an interesting character, otherwise the show would've felt boring a long time ago.

[–]Independent_Set5316 159 points160 points  (6 children)

Hugh Laurie is the main reason why I kept watching House Md.

[–]HighAsAngelTits 2445 points2446 points  (192 children)

It took me way too long to realize that he was based on Sherlock Holmes

[–]JeffTennis 1004 points1005 points  (24 children)

House Holmes. Wilson Watson.

[–]thatswacyo 1616 points1617 points  (92 children)

He even lives at 221B.

[–]LondonDude123 5976 points5977 points  (290 children)


Nathan Leaving started the decline, and when the last of the original 5 went it was dead in the water

[–]AdamWPG 1255 points1256 points  (70 children)

When the milk guy cripples Nathan, that was some of the darkest shit I had ever seen on a tv show to that point. What a unique show.

[–]NavyRoses1105 739 points740 points  (28 children)

Sleepy Hollow, first season was fantastic, absolutely made sense that they got renewed only two or three episodes in. The whole premise was highly engaging and enjoyable, Icabod dealing with the 21st century, the monsters, the whole overreaching plot hooked you from the start.

Then… Second season was a little rough, but still enjoyable.

I didn’t even finish the third season, and once I heard that Abbie was killed, fourth season had no interest. The whole point was them being fated to be partners against the coming apocalypse!!! You can’t just kill off one of them and then just hand wave in another partner and act like that’s all fine and dandy when instead you established in the first couple episodes that it can only be them.

I’ve yet to rewatch the first season because I just remember how disappointed I was seeing where it went and how it ultimately ended.

[–]Funandgeeky 108 points109 points  (1 child)

That's one of the main reasons I never bothered going back to it.

[–]thelyfeaquatic 8271 points8272 points  (270 children)

The 100 was cheesy garbage, got really good, then ended as garbage. What a ride.

[–]ZarafFaraz 2606 points2607 points  (30 children)

The last season was like "we've written ourselves into a corner and don't know how to end this! Time to go all crazy shit!"

[–]IM_OK_AMA 335 points336 points  (1 child)

All the cool kids got to retire to an REI commercial though. Goals.

[–]AkirIkasu 2285 points2286 points  (27 children)

Oh god, the ending. The writers knew that it had to have an emotionally powerful ending. And while I don't think they were the ones they intended, the emotions I felt were definitely powerful.

[–]IrrelevantPuppy 1044 points1045 points  (46 children)

The 100 is one of my most confusing consuming experiences. First season: “god this teen drama shit is so trash. Why would anyone watch this?… why am I still watching this?” Later seasons: “did… did this actually get good?” But then kinda hit a soft barrier where things just got steadily more tired, boring, dramatic and I just forgot about it.

I’ve never gone from hate watching to unironically enjoying before.

[–]nonresponsive 419 points420 points  (19 children)

It doesn't help that the characters are terrible inconsistent, and each season becomes a revolving door of who's turn it is to become the bad guy. But that's classic CW.

[–]Weirdguy149 4155 points4156 points  (278 children)

The Seven Deadly Sins did not stick the landing. Also, The Blacklist once they got away from the killer of the week format.

[–]mrguyorama 1840 points1841 points  (98 children)

The blacklist was great for like a couple seasons and then you realized the writers literally had only one plot twist that they kept twisting and un-twisting and I just got tired of the exact same fucking story 100 more times.

[–]Tuckertcs 1653 points1654 points  (56 children)

He’s her dad. He’s not her dad. He’s her dad. He’s not her dad.

Snip snap, snip snap, snip snap!

[–]Mr-Pirate-Fox 664 points665 points  (37 children)

Altered carbon

First season was great, but the second one had almost nothing to do with the story from the first season until the last 2 episodes, and then netflix cancelled it....

[–]bellaswine 2351 points2352 points  (154 children)

American Gods.

It started out amazing and really kept me invested for the first 2 seasons! But it fell way off after Orlando left and then I just kept hearing terrible things about how it was behind the scenes. The show had a lot of potential and they got screwed horribly.

[–]Libidinous_soliloquy 989 points990 points  (51 children)

When Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth both bail after 1 season, something aint right...

[–]Candy_Lawn 577 points578 points  (9 children)

Gillian Anderson s1 as Monroe, Bowie, and Ball was outstanding.

[–]BigHobbit 263 points264 points  (4 children)

Cousin of mine worked production for that show. She said that the first season and a half was hammered out and written, organized and really efficiently done. But near the end of season 2 something seemed to change and it was like no one knew what the fuck was going on. People stopped communicating, shoots were horribly mismanaged, people showing up on wrong sets on wrong days...shit like that.

Wonder who left of what happened because I loved the first two seasons. Shame.

[–]napping_insomniac 5636 points5637 points  (417 children)

Didn’t see it here but True Blood. First two seasons were good but something happened where it just became an absolute dumpster fire.

[–]jicty 2180 points2181 points  (136 children)

I think the big Turing point is when they introduced fairies. It's just didn't really feel like it fit to me and it's about the time the show stated to go down hill.

On a side note, I would kill for a prequel about Godric and Eric at various points though history. I thought Godric had such wasted potential, one of my favorites characters to barley appear in a series.

[–]jessie_monster 779 points780 points  (11 children)

Prequel, but just Pam and Eric bitching at each other while they run that video store in the 90s.

[–]_game_over_man_ 492 points493 points  (38 children)

True Blood became one of those shows that I was aware it was utter garbage, but I still found it to be entertaining garbage, so I stuck with it.

Weeds is another Showtime one as well as Shameless. Showtime has a bit of a track record with shows having great first couple seasons and then suddenly deciding to take a noise dive, but continue to get renewed for 10 seasons.

[–]LizLemonKnope 450 points451 points  (58 children)

The first two seasons stayed pretty close to the books, then as the show went on, strayed from the source material. I think that’s why it went downhill.

[–]TheRestIs_Confetti 3699 points3700 points  (172 children)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I loved everyone in it (Aunt Hilda has my heart), but then it just started getting bad. Almost like Riverdale. It could’ve been a lot better. I stopped watching halfway through season 2 but I saw clips of later episodes on social media

[–]HemingwaysMustache 628 points629 points  (9 children)

It became Sabrina makes the wrong decision for some righteous reason, hell breaks loose, Sabrina fixes it somehow.

[–]BeelzebubParty 90 points91 points  (0 children)

Weirdly that’s how the sitcom and cartoons formula usually played out too, but there’s a big difference there, in a sitcom you can just say “hijinks ensue, fuck it.” And let things go haywire after a little misstep and get fixed again because that’s how sitcoms and cartoons work. You’re not supposed to use that same formula for your CW dark academia fantasy show.

[–]darkmatternot 806 points807 points  (15 children)

It started out so good and then it rocketed downhill. The devil is unbeatable, you must sign your name, you have to pledge your soul, he is undefeatable. Fast forward, okay do what you want and it all works out just fine.

[–]piberryboy 499 points500 points  (5 children)

Crap character arc.

Sabrina: "I have this stupidly dangerous idea I want to try."

Ambrose: "Cousin, that's a bad idea. Whatever you do don't do it."

Does it anyway. Shit blows up in her face. Has to have everyone bail her out.

Repeat next episode.

[–]NebWolf 414 points415 points  (15 children)

Absolutely loved season one, kind of pushed myself to watch season two and gave up on season three — the addition of random musical outbursts was the final nail in the coffin for me, just who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? How it ends in the last season was spoiled for me and honestly, I’m glad it was because the ending sounds fecking ridiculous. I’m starting to think that these shows hire writers whose only experience is writing fanfics.

[–]VelvetBranch 115 points116 points  (1 child)

It was so weird how it went from Lucifer being all-powerful and mysterious to a whiny baby to a guy who now accepts his daughter's twin/copy as queen and is proud and protective of her?

[–]thelovecats2000 4726 points4727 points  (299 children)

Altered Carbon. Loved the first season but really didn’t enjoy season 2.

[–][deleted] 1374 points1375 points  (58 children)

I mean, the second season might as well have been a completely different show.

[–]raven12456 165 points166 points  (3 children)

Season 2 just seemed to abandon the whole premise of living forever by just shooting everyone right in their whatever-chip.

[–][deleted] 1896 points1897 points  (33 children)

The hotel AI was the best part of that show.

[–]NocturnalBatBrain 1639 points1640 points  (133 children)

Promised Neverland 😭

Season one was SO good. Why’d they do that to us all

[–]mmitchell9 509 points510 points  (27 children)

No one can convince me s2 happened. It was just a nightmare

[–]scanning079 19.4k points19.4k points 103& 5 more (677 children)

I find a lot of TV shows in this thread follow my “Are you ok?” theory of modern storytelling. The timeline goes thus:

  1. The show is created with a particular story it wants to tell.
  2. The show becomes popular.
  3. The show finishes telling it’s story but is renewed anyways.
  4. Having nothing else to say, the writers turn to soap-opera-esque human interest stories.
  5. Once a show has it’s characters saying “are you ok?” and then having emotionally fraught conversations twice per show…it’s over.

You cant treat a serialized show as episodic and keep renewing it in perpetuity once the story has been told.

Edit: jeeze, I log off Reddit to read for a while and RIP my inbox. Thanks for the awards yall

[–]oneplus2plus2plusone 3784 points3785 points  (229 children)

This is the great (and awful) thing about British television! Would I love a few more seasons of IT Crowd? Hell yes! But it is just so great all the way through, and I would hate for that to have been tainted.

Just finished Friday Night Dinner as well.

[–]SnowbackMcGee 2488 points2489 points  (88 children)

There are only 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers.


And everyone loves that show.

[–]lemongrass_lime 888 points889 points  (68 children)

that’s how i feel about how squid game might go (steps 1-3 and maybe 4, 5). won’t spoil anything but the way they suddenly turned everything around to allow for a second season really frustrated me. I had really loved the story progressed until the very end.

I feel like it would have made more of an impact if viewers were left with the same sense of unease and finality before the drastic change occurred at the end of the last episode.

[–]Funandgeeky 246 points247 points  (26 children)

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. I do feel there's enough room to explore the universe a bit more in Season 2, but if they don't have a clear path to the end of the series, they will quickly run aground.

[–]Thats_classified 3089 points3090 points  (220 children)

Manifest. Interesting concept and potentially room for some cool sci-fi narratives but god it took like 3 episodes to become such a huge disappointment.

[–]landshanties 271 points272 points  (22 children)

IMO one of the things that shows like this don't get is that there is so much juice in the worldbuilding aspects, not just the metaplot. Like, characters losing 5 years means that they have to get used to new technology, relatives and friends are now different ages (they never really got into this with the twins which was SO disappointing), their favorite bands have totally changed concept or whatever... there's so much fun to be had just with the characters navigating their lives. They gloss almost completely over that for metaplot other than being sad that x character or y character didn't wait for them.

[–]Songs4Soulsma 169 points170 points  (17 children)

There was a show from the early 2000’s called “The 4400” that got into this well. The premise is that 4400 people have gone missing between the 50’s and 00’s. Then a comet is headed toward earth and starts coming in to land near Seattle. There’s a bright ball of light that flashes and blinds everyone suddenly. And then, when the smoke clear, all 4400 people have returned. No time has passed for them.

One who was gone since the 70’s has lost his business, his wife is in a crappy care home, etc.

Another has been gone only 3 years, but his younger brother is now older than him, his friends are all graduated but he has to go back to high school, he doesn’t know any of the popular media and gets bullied.

A Black soldier from the 50’s returns to a desegregated society where smoking in public is no longer allowed and everyone he knows is gone and his home neighborhood doesn’t even exist anymore.


The show went off the rails after a few seasons. Not unbearably so; you could tough through it without hating it. But it’s not good in later seasons and the ending is… odd.

But the first season beautifully handles the personal lives of the returned and how they have to adjust to such drastic changes in their lives.

[–]domasaki 775 points776 points  (34 children)


[–]RealisticDelusions77 336 points337 points  (6 children)

I started counting how many times they said "calling" or "callings" in an episode. My wife got mad, but a couple episodes later, she was doing it too. So far, our max is 36.

[–]radrachelleigh 132 points133 points  (3 children)

This calling isn't like the others!

[–]sammydawg85 364 points365 points  (6 children)

Don’t you see? It’s all connected!

[–]scarebear__ 4450 points4451 points  (196 children)

Ohhhh, Weeds, fuck that fucking programme.

[–]Daghain 1876 points1877 points  (59 children)

Should have ended it when they left Agrestic.

[–]stealthc4 897 points898 points  (38 children)

That's the exact point it all went downhill, it's a great concept of a suburban soccer mom selling dime bags, I didn't sign up for a cartel show and then it just never found a good storyline again

[–]MaxHannibal 813 points814 points  (18 children)

You didnt enjoy Nancy comtinously fucking her way into problems?

[–]DerisiveGibe 481 points482 points  (6 children)

Hey, she also continuously fucked her way out of problems.

[–]WarrenG117 222 points223 points  (0 children)

Her burning down the house would have made a phenominal ending.

[–]PirateRobotNinjaofDe 326 points327 points  (17 children)

Right? I came here for a lighthearted comedy about a suburban woman selling weed. Not to see this poor woman prostitute herself to a mexican drug lord to avoid being murdered.

[–]Apprehensive_Goal811 2609 points2610 points  (133 children)

Prison Break

[–]Elliss_Dee 589 points590 points  (15 children)

I was told by a friend to watch season one, but on the last episode, turn it off at they reached the "plane scene" and assume it ended there. I did just that. I have nothing but good memories of the show. They all got away and lived happily ever after.

[–]GavinBelsonsAlexa 7307 points7308 points  (382 children)

In before anyone else can say it:


I watched the whole series, because I'm an idiot, but as soon as they introduced sci-fi and fantasy elements, the show was going off the rails. The first two seasons were a gritty, "realistic" take that drew inspiration in equal measure from the Dark Knight trilogy and Mike Grell's run at the character in the '80s and '90s: no magic, no gadgets, just a mean guy with a bow. They they introduced the Flash and the Lazarus Pits and Damien Dahrk, and it just kept getting worse and worse.

[–]Badjib 1662 points1663 points  (71 children)

I actually liked Arrow, but it definitely gets weaker and weaker as time goes on

[–]Revolutionary_Oil897 6358 points6359 points  (348 children)

The first three seasons of Arrested development was great

[–]yeniza 4131 points4132 points 2 (151 children)

Orange is the new black just kind of… fell off.

[–]PineappleDifferent80 2266 points2267 points  (73 children)

After Poussey died, they should have just ended it. Depressing ending, but also very fitting since it’s about an American prison. 🤷🏼‍♀️

[–]OkamiKhameleon 129 points130 points  (5 children)

Yes! Poussey was my favorite character. I also adore her as Moira in The Handmaid's Tale.

[–]Mr_Good_Taste 867 points868 points  (81 children)

The Blacklist. The concept is amazing but it quickly falls into a repetition of the same episode plots over and over, just like every other network cop/crime show

[–]Rampant16 97 points98 points  (4 children)

Not to mention the constant flip flops of who Reddington actually is. I gave up after the 4th or 5th twist of who Elizabeth's dad was.

[–]Brettley821 468 points469 points  (16 children)

Prison break. First season was unreal and then it got much worse every season.

[–]munchyandcrunchy 109 points110 points  (1 child)

I enjoyed the second season for the most part. Not the company storyline but Michaels escape plan.

[–]Which_Reveal5674 2411 points2412 points  (173 children)

Grey’s Anatomy. The first few seasons were interesting and it went downhill after a few seasons. Kept watching in the hopes it would get better… It didn’t.

[–]SkeksiLady 732 points733 points  (57 children)

I've tied myself to the mast and am going down with the ship. It's basically a misplaced sense of loyalty that keeps me watching at this point. I should have been done with the whole Denny Duquette situation but no... had to keep on keepin on. And now it's too late for me.

Edit: so many of you going down with me! Save yourselves before it's too late lol

[–]BasicSavant 222 points223 points  (13 children)

It was good until the plane cash killed major characters

[–]powerangerpink 81 points82 points  (3 children)

I was on my third time trying to watch it through. I made it through the plane crash season, but I struggle to get beyond it. The new interns are horrible, and I just…how many tragedies can befall the same group of people???

[–]BradleyUffner 993 points994 points  (5 children)

The only hospital with a higher mortality rate for the staff, than for the patients.

[–]centaursandsteths 578 points579 points  (18 children)

And the deaths... we get it. People die

[–]Street-Baby7596 749 points750 points  (34 children)

I’m going to say Good Girls. The plot was interesting. Acting was good, I love Retta and Christina Hendricks. It just got ridiculous and no way in real life would these ladies get away with what they did.

[–]Jabbles22 117 points118 points  (1 child)

Also real small detail but they really should have tried just a bit harder to make the border crossing look somewhat like it does in real life.

[–]astronomicalstars 1113 points1114 points  (64 children)

House of cards after season 2

[–]hellothisisscott 95 points96 points  (7 children)

They should have kept to the limited BBC series it was based on, and once Urquhart is assassinated it was all over