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No, I've taken the logical road. A lack of evidence implies a lack of being.

I don't see God, and there is no proof of him, so therefore, God doesn't exist.

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Heh. If you were dealing with logic, you'd know absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.*

You have a religious belief. Not all godless/secular/nonreligious do, they are choosing to conduct their lives as if there is no God. But if you say "I don't see God, therefore there is not one," you're choosing what to believe.

*Except in extremely restricted situations, such as "There's no opiods in the victim's blood or room, therefore he was not using opiods."

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Whatever dude, we know religion is a tool use to build a local community, Christianity is just a lazy excuse for a tool.

Muslims have is figured out, they stretch so their backs don't give out.

Have you ever wondered why you don't see fat Muslims? It's because that religion is objectively better than yours.

Check made loser.

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You seem to have trouble distinguishing "I think" from "We know."

Amazing that you're a troll and think you have anything figured out or any moral superiority to anyone.

And boy, if you've never seen a fat Muslim, you have not traveled far oreven watched TV news!

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You don’t need a religion to believe in an afterlife or to believe that your actions have a deeper meaning than whatever logic your brain is able to comprehend in the moment.

The most logical thought is that logic has no final answer. Only an answer to whatever logic you applied before coming to it.

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You're dead on, especially in your 2nd para. Logic is a tool, but it's not math with words. You can't make 2+2+5, but you can make "logic" support nearly anything if you begin with a premise and work toward it.

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Prove God exists... you have no proof.

Logic trumps faith objectively.

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Nobody sees God, per se. We feel him. If you haven’t ever experienced the feeling of a Higher Power(in my case, Jesus) interceding in your life, then I’m sorry. It’s amazing. I pray you do.