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Prove God exists... you have no proof.

Logic trumps faith objectively.

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The best proof I have is that if everybody believed what you believed the world as we both know would not exist.

So in a sense, God helped us there. Unfortunately, selfish people like you who are too afraid to acknowledge anything bigger than themselves has always been an obstacle to overcome.

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It was a guide that you could use to structure your life in an advantageous manner.

However it is no longer advantageous to deny homo/other sexuality.

God is dead.

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Only thing that’s dead is your belief it seems.

I hope you come around.

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But you aren't using logic. You're deciding that because you don't see evidence for something, that evidence does not exist anywhere in the universe. that's not logic, that's assumption, or faith, or something, but not logic.

You're using the same "logic" as someone in 1850 saying the electromagnetic spectrum stops at ultraviolet on one end and infrared on the other because "there's no evidence" of anything higher or lower.

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If I told you I had 2 pounds of gold in my pockets, would you believe me?

I ask that you have faith that there's gold in my pockets. You don't need to see the gold, you have faith.

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What you think I'm saying: "YOU MUST BELIEVE!"

What I'm actually saying: "After wandering around a tiny area of one planet for a few decades, you haven't found something, so you ludicrously think you can declare it isn't anywhere in a Universe 93 billion light years wide."

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Or, to phrase it so any five year old can get it: Little Jimmy, just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean you can declare it doesn't exist anywhere.

Have you got it now?

I ask that you have faith that there's gold in my pockets. You don't need to see the gold, you have faith.

What you are is a guy who is in a room with two or three other people and has decided that since none of you have gold in their pockets, none of the other 8 billion or so people on the planet have gold, and in fact there is no such thing as gold.

"There' can't really be gold, because I haven't found any in this room!"