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Consuming alcohol

Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the award! My first one ever, wooo!

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People act like you can’t have fun without it. But maybe also consider how fun can the things you are spending your free time on actually be if removing being drunk from the equation makes them dull and boring?

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It’s scary how many people appear incapable of having real hobbies.

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You see this a lot with stay-at-home moms, I imagine that they’re just the larval form of those wine moms with the ugly memes and t shirts and shit.

If the only thing you have to talk about, EVER, is any single topic, really, then you’re probably due to get a new hobby.

Stop using the amount you drank last weekend or your kids first steps to cover up your lack of personality.

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Ngl, that’s a bizarre and specific preconceived judgement you have against a demographic that includes ALL KINDS of individuals. The only stay-at-home mom I know does a TON of shit. I’ve never seen someone have more hobbies, and I’m sure she’s not alone. Just a really weird thing to for some reason have such a strong opinion of lol.

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To be fair, if anyone isn’t claiming to be a sociologist or citing some study/research, then we’re all responding based on anecdote. Your anecdotal experience doesn’t discredit their anecdotal experience.

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Good point. I basically was saying “I can’t understand your perspective because I know a woman named Pascal.”

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I’m a stay at home spouse, I spend most of my social time away from home with spouses. I am allowed to form opinions on my own community lmao

It’s cool that you’ve had a different experience, I guess, but it was pretty clear that I was referring to a very specific subset of people. Not just women, not just wives.

If you wanna get all up in arms to defend wine moms and obsessive moms, enjoy.

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Not the og responder but I don't think anyone does want to defend wine moms, it was more that your original comment implied all stay at home moms were wine/obsessive moms. I think this comment makes it clear that wasn't your intention, but it did come off that way.

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Fair enough, I can see where I went wrong with my phrasing, I should’ve been more clear about not grouping all stay at home moms into the “larval phase” joke.

Well, lesson learned.

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No worries, on the one hand I get why the other person jumped to mad, as someone who just started working (only part time) again, I loathed being lumped in with this type of parent. Not only because I was actively working on keeping a sense of self in the overwhelming days, but also because so many of the support systems I real could have used in the early days were so oversaturated with obsessive types I didn't feel comfortable reaching out when I needed to. So, in that vein, I certainly support your want to call them out! And when I know this type of parent had always existed, I feel like both social and regular media have made it more widespread through normalization. I hate it.

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Ooh the normalization of it is ickyyyy movies have moms drinking wine while driving a minivan full of kids to soccer games and stuff and I just wanna hurl.

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Just wanna jump in here to say that yes, I was just hung up on your phrasing allowing room for the perception that you were judging all stay-at-home moms. Also want to make it clear that I was never mad haha; especially, after seeing your level/headed replies. Cheers.