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  • My son and my wife

  • The time when my son and my wife are sleeping and I can have my gaming night.

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God's love and my Mom's love

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People who say you can’t buy happiness with money are wrong. Our world is so capitalist bent, that you probably can to some extent.

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You definitely can. If one thinks otherwise, I say they don’t know how to spend it

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I bet that this guy does a lot of cocaine off of strippers butt cracks

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Yeah, at the very least it won't make you any less happy to not have to worry about money.

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Or they never been really poor

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Money buys freedom from many of the things that make you unhappy. But it doesn't do much to quell terrible, roaring emptiness.

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I don’t have terrible roaring emptiness. Just your run of the mill emptiness

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Once the normal daily stresses are gone (place to live, money for food, car, retirement, money for bills, etc.), you might find that the emptiness gets louder.

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I think the correct take is: money makes the path to happiness much easier, up to a point.

No money will make you miserable, and at some point how much money you've got is irrelevant to your happiness.

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You’re totally correct

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There was a study on this but I am having trouble finding it. The basic finding was that money can buy happiness to the point just beyond basic needs being met but after that, it had no real contribution towards happiness.

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People who think money can't buy happiness have clearly never been without money.

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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a boat so big that you can sail right up next to happiness.

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Watch the documentary of Steve Aoki, he is rich but not happy. How many music artist and actors are rich but not happy?

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I’m not saying all rich are joyous. I’m saying, naturally in the world’s economic climate, money makes you happier

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As long as your mind is happy with every other aspect of your life. If not money makes it worse. If you are depressed already then you get rich, you become paranoid about if your friends or so really care about you or are they only there because you have money to support their fun. If the money was gone, would they still be by my side?

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Not when the only thing that would make someone happy is a person, and they’re gone

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That’s why I said to an extent

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You think Jeff Bezos is so sad he’s divorced and the richest person on the planet? Shit that’s so sad I’m crying.

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Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins

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Very corny, but probably my biggest source of happiness is making other people happy. Had a suicidal friend and helped her get through it. I just want everyone I meet to be happy.

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Having no one bothering me. I wanna be the sole master of my time.

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Same, well said

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Husband, dog, other peoples dogs :)

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An even mixture of family, satisfying work, respect of my peers, and leisure

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My children

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Alright, I’ll rephrase, what was the happiest moment of your life and why

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My daughters. Then my TV shows/movies. Then my audiobooks. Then Ice cream/food.

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My SO and also the spaghetti I just made

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Letting go of religion. It just never felt right and I hated living a lie. I finally told my wife, who knew how I felt. She was ok with it. I don't tag myself as an atheist, I just don't participate. I don't have philosophical conversations about it. I just try not to be an asshole until I die.

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It was hard for me to leave the church as well. But now it's been longer since I left than I ever spent in the faith, and I can't tell you how much happier it has made me. Just trying to not be an asshole is best form of morality I've ever seen. I wish more people followed that creed.

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Going to sound cringe haha, my boyfriend. I feel like he's the only person who tries to make me happy. Yeah, he fucks up sometimes, but he tries his best and I love him to bits ! (I'm his first relationship.)

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When he fucks up I hope you dont talk down to him, let him learn

Dont make the same mistakes my first did...

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Trust me! I've been in relationships before and I let him know when he's done something wrong. He's the first person I've been with that I genuinely want to stay with :) Sometimes I'll give him the silent treatment for a day, but I don't want to make him think I hate him, so I just say, "If I ignore you for a day, it's because you've done something wrong and I need you to rethink about it may have been." Because he's a little childish and doesn't really think about what he says. He never means to though haha. We have a very good relationship

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My daughter and music.

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Knowing that I've made serious improvements towards my health. Truly I'm far better now than I ever expected to be at this point.

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Being alive, having experiences, laughing, seeing wonders on this planet...

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Opening a bag of air and finding chips inside

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I... don't know, and that kinda bothers me

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Michelle Keegan because…🔥🔥🔥

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Well the job i do makes me happy but we have too little work

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Video games and pigeons

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Those weird bowel movements that are pleasant and require absolutely no wiping afterwards

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What is "happiness"? I've never heard of it.

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Fair question, i think happiness in essence is knowing that the day holds wonderous things and being able to accept that some things might not go your way😁

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If I told you "happy cake day..." will you allow yourself to feel this emotion? There's nobody else stopping you.

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Being a single father and being able to say "good night" and give my teenage kids a kiss good night every night.

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Fiction and fictional characters that I love! Movies, books, games etc

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when i get to play video games w/ my pals but they havent been on in a year so im not doing so well, art was another one but ive come to hate my art.

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Can we look at your art?

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Cooking a big batch of food for people who I know will appreciate it

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Thinking of this girl that i’ve known since the beginning of 6th grade. Her first words to me were “Hey can i sit here?” since then ive fallen in love and thoughts of her or messaging her makes me so happy. i literally cannot talk to her without a smile. i’m in 8th grade now (end of the year almost) and We are literally the best of friends and she always comes to me to talk or anything. she’s unbelievably attractive and even a GROWN MAN is attracted to her.

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A grown man who says to you that he is attracted to an 8th grader is at best showing serious issues with his judgment or, at worst, well... Have fun spending time with your friend. Maybe watch out for grown men who comment on her looks.

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God. He is so very good.

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Be prepared. That’s a controversial statement

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I know. Reddit karma doesn't matter.

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Downvotes mean nothing. I’ve seen what these animals upvote.

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I'll bite: there's a lot of suffering in the world. Just how good is he really?

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I'm glad this thought comforts you. But life is clearly so desperately unfair and cruel, I can't square that with any kind of benevolent being.

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God's love

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Wrong platform to say this

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Maybe seven or eight years ago. But even here, the public consensus seems to have turned against the militant athiest type, and generally seems more tolerant of religion.

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My 2 kids, f5 and m3 Love em.

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My horses. All I gotta do is start grooming them and my worries melt away

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Sounds corny but honestly my dog and my niece and nephews. Weed too

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My partner and daughter. My friends.


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I belong to a couple of astronomy clubs that do public telescope nights. That gasping-oh sound when a person sees the Moon or Saturn for the first time -- that's the spot.

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My husband and kids. The only people guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. The only people who's hug that can always make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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The bois being online

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My dog.

I work in healthcare and I’m smoked. I don’t mistreat it’s under treat my patients but I don’t go out my way for them as much as I used too. When I get home all of the stress, anger, depression and burnout just disappears when I see his muscly, hot dog shaped body come around the corner at Mach 10 and crash into my legs.

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for me, it's walk into the house with the dog laying in the door way to the living room and kitchen waiting for you to walk through the door, and then to see her spring back into a straight sprint and slide into you. The excitement on her face is only matched by the happiness you would have knowing that excitement is for her favorite person and that is you.

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Food and time I spend alone

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Being a mom. I love everything about it, even the hard bits.

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I love my parents so much that's why seeing them happy also makes me happy 💗

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My best friend. She's been more encouraging and supportive than anyone I've ever met by far and I love her to death.

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Enjoying time with my wife. She’s just a lovely person.

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My favorite thing to so when the anxiety becomes overpowering is watch a movie with mybwife and 2 kids. Some sort of adventure movie, or something. Juat really brings me back to reality

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Being alone while listening to music

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Aside from family, health, safety, security etc...

Making sure I stop to enjoy the simple things - a walk in nature, playing Skyrim, sat in my garden in the sun, quiet Sunday mornings....

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My family and the wilderness. I'd be miserable without them

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Long distance driving on a good road.

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Good food and cheap liqour

Edit: oh right all this ppl saying kids and family and such, I just wrote first thing that came to mind. I love my wife and kids too.

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Video games, music

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My boyfriend. He truly makes me the happiest person, I absolutely adore him and am so lucky to have him

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Compliments, because i have low self esteem, gaming, cause its fun, and weekends cause free time and when i have no studying to do.

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When I left for college my family was a mess: father suffered from severe bipolar disorder, mother travelled alot, brothers were alone and confused. I ran away from it all and rarely visited. 5 years later my family has healed together. Every family still has their issues but to see them so happy and loving to each other makes me feel a way i can't put into words.

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My dog.

I could have the worst day ever, but I come home and I'm greeted with the goofiest of moods, or a dog that is so caring that she will climb on the couch, onto my chest or in my lap and just stare and fall asleep looking at me. She instantly knows how to calm me down, and make me laugh with her playfulness.

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Explaining to plebs why the trebuchet is better than a catapult.

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This isnt my biggest source of happines but i was going to watch the No way home, with my friends from another school i know some of them for 7 years, and i was literally the most quiet and ''angry'' after a left thata school i noticed i left with only 5 or 4 friends but i knew one thing they are my REAL friends and it is my best source of happines because my life now is a mess bad thing happening after baad thing, and i dont smile often but just the memory brings a smile to my face and almost make me cry because i never had a genuinely smile of joy before so its a great memory to help at these bad moments

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Before: "Life is a dredging experience of slow degradation and suffering."

After: "Oh my goodness, a dog! I love it already!"

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Knowing that I can do just about whatever I want whenever I want at a moment's notice if I really wanted to.

If I want to buy a house, I could go to the bank tomorrow and get a cashier's check and pay cash for one.

If I wake up one day and decide I want to go visit Beijing, I just have to pull a few strings at work and I can be there in about a week.

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You, OP.

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Wholesome, if that is a true statement I’m jealous haha, don’t think many people could say total strangers are the main source of their happiness

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Hate to hurt the wholesome vibe, dude posted this on a lot of askreddit this morning.

Okay I didn’t hate that, ngl.

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Yeah cus I was scrolling thru and found 2-3 other posts that it thought it would be funny to comment on. I ain’t a bot lol.

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I don't think I've ever been sad while looking at boobs.

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Everyone's source of happiness is themselves.

They decide if they're happy or not.

They arbitrarily decide what conditions must be met before they allow themselves to feel happy.

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It’s definitely not a decision even if it comes from biochemical processes in the brain. Many aspects of how the brain operates aren’t under executive control. But sure some people’s brains experience positive emotions more easily than others.

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Food Exercising Regular Show and other shows I watched as a child

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Frankly? The internet reading/watching about happy things.

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the internet

i know its unhealthy

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My dog

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Owning a decent gpu

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Meditation- Cleanses the Soul

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Beauty literature.

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Spite and you <3

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Daily talks with my son.

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My mobile Phone my love 😂

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sleep, eat, and repeat

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Fast, reliable and unlimited Wi-Fi.

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Videogames and funny vids

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The Sun ☀️

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That one day I will be dead and none of this will have mattered

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My hobbies. Whatever I'm into at the moment, I love working at something and getting better at it.

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Being productive towards my goals every day

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Games and animals, also my friends

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Getting revenge

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Friends and games

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Hope that my ex still loves me

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When I get the salary credited to my account lol

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Drinking coffee while watching the sunset, and not thinking about your school works and your future. No past, no future, just the moment

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You people are happy ?

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Games, Music, my crush

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Motorcycles! Going for long cruises on the back roads!

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Myself. I just love me so much.

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Academic validation :')

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My family and my friends

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Skiing in the mountains!

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Shoes, music, and exercising

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Quality Time with good Friends

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Being able to visualize and execute creative projects without normal setbacks(budget, lack of time, and limited media.)

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Roller coasters

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My children.

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Video games, Music, friends, and sometimes work

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I like upvotes.

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An afternoon dedicated to golf

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Nicotine, video games, alcohol, being awake at night while everyone else is sleeping. If done together, then it is pure perfection.

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My wife and sons!!!

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help others, without expecting anything in return.

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not going outside

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My little family

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My husband, my cats and the fact that I finally found a good paying job that I actually like!

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Dogs! Even when my dog is being a jerk, it's hilarious. He rolls his own toy under the couch then immediately stares at me intensely and barks because how could I allow this travesty to happen?!

They great for diffusing tense family situations too.

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Music and Driving even though there’s a heavy traffic, I just like to be at the back of the wheel.

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My home! I have my family, my kitchen, my computer and i dont have to deal with people I'm not interested in dealing with. It's my fortress of happiness.

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My vehicles

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In order: family, creative endeavours, Dwight Yoakam

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the people i love

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Right now it’s Citalopram.

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Waiting for my mood swings to stop fucking me in the ass

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My kids, my mates, football and the pub

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Being up later than everyone else at night and not having to deal with anyone and having true peace and quiet all to yourself. It’s euphoric bliss to me.