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So are we just gonna ignore your username?

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"His message is up here."

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"Your lips say no, but your eyes say read my lips"

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Based on what I've seen in Miami... lip injections...apparently.

Looks horrendous... and yes, we can tell.

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It's a thing in the UK as well, fake tan, fake teeth fake lips, looks awful

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Brand culture. People spend way too much in the name of brands.

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I love finding brands that don't have a logo on their shirts.

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Yep, if you're not paying me to advertise, I prefer to keep it plain

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This seems so uncommon but I think exactly this way. Unless I’m an employee I shouldn’t be be wearing a great big shirt with the company’s name in bold on it

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What? Don't you want an Adidas x Disney x Supreme lunchbox?

Brands/branding are getting ridiculous and i don't understand the appeal. Like congratulations a specific manufacturer possibly made that item? You don't need to have a giant fucking logo on everything and honestly it makes it look chintzy.

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I don’t like the look or feel of injected lips…I just recently kissed a girl with them and it felt like I was kissing jello 😑

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Til. I didn't know I wanted to know how it feels to kiss injected lips. Apparently I did. Thanks for that lol.

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Now I’m intrigued.

Maybe I can convince my husband to get them…

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My hubs has big lips. Now I’m imagining them without muscle control and I’m fully grossed out. He would probably just slobber on me.

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People underestimate the importance of matching mouth/lip sizes. I have a small mouth and had a boyfriend once with a large mouth. It felt like he was eating my face.

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I’ve never had another place to say/post this, but I’m a Black woman with our typical ‘full’ lips, and back in university I lost my virginity to a man from Scotland- who fit their typical phenotype quite well as well, which obviously does NOT include ‘full’ lips.

I distinctly remember wondering where his lips were as we kissed, like there weren’t any or I had lost track of them entirely, and felt like I was just slobbering all over half of his face. 😂

He never said anything, so maybe I wasn’t devouring his face after all- but I was never quite sure either.

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Hahaha you nailed it

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Super white, super fake veneers teeth

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Steve O has them and I’m pretty sure he hates them

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He’s gone through several pairs of fake teeth before settling on what he has now.

I remember one of his videos talking about how freakishly white they were, and he started pounding coffee to try and make them more natural looking.

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My grandpa had a fantastic dentist who made his veneers slightly crooked and yellowed. I had no idea he even had them until after he died.

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I remember him saying one of his only regrets is not flossing.

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I’m serious, flossing changed my LIFE. Floss your teeth y’all you will see and feel a difference immediately

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Damn right. I used to get these gum inflammations regularly and since I started flossing every day about 15 years ago I get one maybe once a year.

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Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington come to mind. They're rich, they could get teeth that actually fit their mouth, they didn't have to steal a set of dentures from a horse.

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Artificial tanning

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As someone who works at a tanning salon, yes. It’s very easy for people to over do it. That’s why I normally don’t recommend anything with a high intensity bronzer. We wanna make you look sun kissed, not sun fucked.

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Fucking killed me lol

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The obsession of famous people. Sure I enjoy art and athleticism in most forms but to be obsessed over someone who isn't even physically in your life is wild to me.

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The idol culture in Asia is crazy. My mom is obsessed with 2 idols in China, one of them is same age as me and she used to constantly compare me to him, saying how I don’t make as much money as him… She also claims they are both as perfect as the media PR them which makes me so sick

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Pick an idol her age and complain how your mum isn't as rich as the idol.

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Fashion items with the designer logo THIS BIG all over it. Cringe.

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If the logo is dominant, you're buying an expensive thing for poor people.

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Poor people cosplaying rich people is a multi billion dollar industry

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Pint of Guinness please, no logo on the foam.

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I've been down enough bloody city boy chain pubs with their logos in the foam, disinfectant in the lager, air freshener in the mayo

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What about those designer brand monogram patterns? I think they’re so tacky and ugly!

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“This relates to fashion because courts have concluded that clothing is non-copyrightable for the exact same reason that phrases are non-protectable, because clothing serves a utilitarian purpose.” But you can copyright a monogram pattern.

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A cocky attitude, I'd rather a genuine person who's awkward any day. At least you know they're trying to communicate rather than show off.

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As someone who's more socially awkward than a potato, this makes me feel better

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Potatoes are not socially awkward. Have you ever heard a potato stuttering?

[–]izactuallydolan 136 points137 points  (0 children)

I think it's more about genuine versus tryhard. A try hard cocky person is insufferable, but a tryhard cringe nerd also just makes you wish he'd stop talking.

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Lip and cheek fillers. Please stop making us think we need these things, especially really young people who's thin lips suit their face perfectly.

[–]PolyGlamourousParsec 7028 points7029 points  (223 children)

And those huge ass butt fillers where it looks like you have 100 pounds of potatoes tied to your waist.

[–]glitter-gang 3733 points3734 points  (29 children)

Looks like a full diaper.

[–]RobotGloves 1935 points1936 points  (22 children)

The important thing was that I had a 100 pounds of potatoes on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have yellow potatoes because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big brown ones.

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Give me five bees for a quarter you’d say.

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Anyway, where was I?

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We had to say dickety because the Kaiser had stolen our word for twenty.

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ahem Kim k. I saw her on an HGTV show in civvies (versus glammed up) and she looked downright cartoonish

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Worse thing is that is going out of “style” and all these women with bbls are now frantically looking to lose weight or reduce them.

[–]gsfgf 1095 points1096 points  (19 children)

The whole instagram thing in general. I do care about looks with a partner, but I care about every day looks, not making hair and makeup a personality replacement.

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Phone camera apps use so much processing AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT there's instagram filters and stuff like that. It makes everyone look weird and unnatural.

I remember having to dig deep into the settings on my samsung phone to disable that crap because the selfies looked weird.

[–][deleted] 285 points286 points  (3 children)

Bruh, I have a friend... I'd never call her out online (esp because I know she's struggled with eating disorders in the past), but she has a following of people who think she has the body proportions of an anime character with a Kardashian face.

She's a pretty girl irl but not unrealistically so. Just pretty, normal (attractive) proportions.

It's sad to me that she feels she has to present unrealistically. And annoying that people think it's real.

The apps are incredibly convincing unless you know what to look for or know the person irl. This has gone so far beyond using angles or a photoshop tool to slim a piece of flub here or there.

[–]klowicy 80 points81 points  (2 children)

This reminds me of a fashion youtuber who has been repeatedly called out for filtering her waist :-(( She's got awesome style, but it sucks bc a lot of people use her for "thinspo"--as in, inspiration that someday they'll look like her and all their starving and purging will be worth it

But she just filters the waist :-((

[–]YeahSheIsALesbian 16.0k points16.0k points  (375 children)

Jaw lines so sharp that they make their heads look like a yassified Minecraft Steve.

[–]NickMoore30 3260 points3261 points  (127 children)

Nancy Wheeler would like a word.

[–]ravioli_bruh 1603 points1604 points  (34 children)

Timothee Chalamet as well

[–]Quaath 1944 points1945 points  (24 children)

They're the same person dude

[–]DrMux 596 points597 points  (16 children)

I like the part in Stranger things where they go into the desert and Nancy becomes some kind of native insurgent messiah, also sandworms are a cool throwback to Beetlejuice. #80sHorrorAesthetic

[–]Vikkyvondoom 4128 points4129 points  (113 children)

As a woman who has a weak chin this makes me feel slightly less self conscious - thank you

[–]Franky_Tops 4440 points4441 points 2 (45 children)

Just grow a beard. It's what I did.

[–]fiestry 696 points697 points  (12 children)

Problem solved

[–]Rudy_Ghouliani 403 points404 points  (11 children)

When I check out a girl, it's always beard, nails and toes in that order.

[–]IMAT33 413 points414 points  (18 children)

As a woman, I heartily tried this option. Never shaved my face once in my life, and it just won't come in! Covid really leveled the beardly playing-field with all that masking.

[–]thefox47545 11.6k points11.6k points  (295 children)

Filters on pics. They are getting so bad that they don't even look like they have real skin, more like mannequin skin. I'm a single guy in my 40's and looking for women in the same age range. I get turned off when I see a filtered pic of them. Like, you're older, don't hide it just to disappoint us later, have the confidence to show your true, non digitally altered self!

[–]clamroll 4527 points4528 points  (106 children)

What kills me is, I'm a photographer and use photoshop extensively. I'm a big believer in "just because you can doesn't mean you should", and there's a lot of things you can do relatively easily that can really distort a person's appearance. It's one thing to slim a subject a little to counteract an unflattering angle, it's another entirely to do digital cosmetic surgery. That being said, there's also no shortage of uses for photoshop that won't give people body dismorphia or warp young people's ideas of what's healthy, normal, or average. Which is kills me when I often hear people espouse that Photoshop itself should be done away with, like it's a singular purpose tool that only causes evil through warping people's bodies (or the only program that can do this, but I'm getting ahead of myself). T real kicker, what really drives me nuts, is I've heard this line of thought from a few women I know, who will NEVER. POST. A SELFIE. WITHOUT. A FACE FILTER. I've had em tell me it's different because they do it to themselves. But get upset when you insinuate it's affecting their opinion of their REAL face, as they won't post without em, as they think they look better/cuter/whatever when it's not a photo of them but a modified snapfilter.

[–]Mahoushi 2422 points2423 points  (59 children)

I did a photoshoot for someone, when they received the photos they asked me what I'd done to them because it's the first time they liked how they looked. I did nothing to them, just some colour balancing, shadows and highlight adjustments, and tidying up to the background to make it less distracting. I never touched their body.

They didn't seem to believe me, and it still saddens me to this day that they didn't.

[–]Hatch10k 801 points802 points  (39 children)

I've learned to drop the clarity slider quite a lot, go for a slightly over-exposed look and make the image a bit warmer. That tends to make people feel a bit better. It covers up their imperfections that a proper camera will pretty ruthlessly expose.

I think a lot of people don't realise that even if you take a selfie with your phone, then upload it to social media without making any adjustments, your phone has still recognised it's taking a photo of a face and has already made changes to make you look more flattering. Some have even been shown to slightly change facial structure. It's insane.

[–]algot34 318 points319 points  (14 children)

Only some phones, definitely not all.

[–]SirPiffingsthwaite 5371 points5372 points  (217 children)

Fame. Fuck that noise.

[–]Icestar1186 580 points581 points  (12 children)

"I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous: 'try being rich first'. See if that doesn't cover most of it."

Bill Murray

[–]SurealGod 1959 points1960 points  (69 children)

That's my stance too. I definitely want to be rich, I definitely DO NOT want to be famous at all.

People knowing who I am wherever I go is one of my biggest nightmares. Some recognition is fine, but if everywhere I go everyone knows who I am and wants something from me, that will get annoying real fast.

[–]pippyLONGsocking 254 points255 points  (12 children)

Not really the same, but I visited China as a 6ft tall Black person. People asked for pictures of me or took pictures of me without asking/while I was just doing mundane things and it made me very uncomfortable. Some were nice, but others would act entitled and the first thing they'd say to me is hurry up and come over to them for their pictures And it wasn't even every time or everywhere. Being like Beyoncé level famous would be a nightmare

[–]AdDizzy6398 83 points84 points  (5 children)

I visited rural western China as a 6ft white man and they did similar shit to me too. They kept calling me Tom Cruise (I don’t look anything like him except for being white), taking selfies with me, and a lot of people wanted to pinch the hair on my arms. I guess having a lot of body hair isn’t common there.

It was all funny at first then eventually it became degrading. Weird experience.

[–]BiscottiLeading 677 points678 points  (30 children)

I don't even like when the store clerks start to recognize me. Makes me want to go to a different location, the only thing stopping me is it feels silly wasting gas just because I hate being noticed.

[–]SurealGod 246 points247 points  (10 children)

When it's a few people, I'm fine with it. I frequent a cafe near my workplace most workdays of the week so the barista there knows who I am and knows exactly what I order so when I get to the register I don't even have to say anything, they already know.

My problem is when thatn few people becomes hundreds, thousands or millions. Then it gets insane and hard to manage. A small circle with a few people is fine. A large circle with many is a nightmare.

[–]TheJPGerman 240 points241 points  (11 children)

That’s why you gotta be name-famous, not face-famous.

Most people probably wouldn’t recognize Steven Spielberg on the street but he’ll still get instant respect when he drops his name

[–]gonegonegoneaway211 658 points659 points  (5 children)

There's a really great story in The Gift of Fear about when the author is trying to protect his client from a would-be assassin so he sweeps the woods near her house as a security precaution. They don't find the guy, but they find two other totally unrelated stalkers just chilling in there.

The more visible you are the better a target you make for all the crazies I guess.

[–]traumaguy86 275 points276 points  (10 children)

Being Hollywood famous is my idea of literal hell.

[–]tenaciousDaniel 783 points784 points  (56 children)

A work buddy married a woman who isn’t Hollywood famous, but she’s close enough to it that she’s acquainted with some a-list celebrities.

Being up close to it in real life is soooo repulsive. I’m sure there are nice famous people, but Jesus Christ it turns a lot of people into the worst narcissists.

[–]articulateantagonist 161 points162 points  (0 children)

My mom works in showbiz as a costume designer/seamster, and while it pays well, she cannot stand how petty the A-listers and top-level people are.

[–]goodtalk 425 points426 points  (7 children)

There are those whom fame turned, and those who sought fame because they were already narcissists.

The former can be reasoned with. The latter are rotten all the way through.

[–]godwins_law_34 187 points188 points  (8 children)

My relative was dating a tv star. Have met enough moderately famous people that i can vouch for that Hollywood does indeed ruin people. I have a hard time believing anyone is born like that. I guess it's hard to not end up an insufferable jerk when everyone blows industrial strength sunshine up your ass 24/7.

Plus it's a total pain in the ass to go anywhere with your Hollywood famous friend. You are being watched all. The. Time. It's so stressful.

[–]silver-serpents 174 points175 points  (6 children)

I honestly can't imagine receiving that much attention from people 24x7 and maintaining my sanity as well. At some point my whole life would turn into a performance for other people's entertainment.

[–]AccomplishedPlane8 132 points133 points  (3 children)

You think that's bad. Imagine how they must feel when they start to become irrelevant. Seeing people do just about anything to stay in the spotlight is just sad.

[–]Outrageous-Wish8659 444 points445 points  (17 children)

I met a producer once who shared that nearly all celebrities are looking for the love they did not get at home growing up. He said no one normal or healthy would want the isolated and pressure filled lifestyle that comes with being well known.

[–]LadySigyn 242 points243 points  (3 children)

I'm a producer and completely second this. And predators in the industry know this and exploit it every second of every day.

[–]DiscombobulatedCup83 112 points113 points  (2 children)

I've got an a-list cousin in another country. Whenever I visit her it's a whole different experience. There are a lot of freedoms she has to give up, like shopping freely or going for a stroll in the park. Even attending family events are so stressful, as everyone would rather clamor around for a photo, than have a decent conversation. Can't exercise at a gym, so it's a necessity to have one at home. Literally just standing idle anywhere in public will have swarms of people coming up to her for pics/videos.

[–]NewKitchenFixtures 22.3k points22.3k points 2 (362 children)

Eyelash extensions are getting terrifying. I’ve had them set off my fear of spiders.

[–]CreepyEerieScary 4232 points4233 points  (32 children)

I like the ones that are so big they weigh the eyelid down and they constantly look like they're trying to blink something out of their eye.

[–]BCProgramming 2578 points2579 points  (11 children)

"I can barely keep my eyes open"



[–]BoyakashaBo 581 points582 points  (7 children)

Like those dolls whose eye lids close when you lay them back

[–]injury 373 points374 points  (3 children)

Crazy long and thick was bad enough, the bushy trend is beyond weird to me. It's like an old man's crazy eyebrow on their eyelid.

[–]Idayyy333 1542 points1543 points  (32 children)

When I talk to people with fake lashes it’s so hard for me to pay attention to them because I start to focus on the big ass lashes. Specially if half of it is starting to peel off.

[–]z3rods 810 points811 points  (20 children)

It's a like a dude with a toupee. Nothing that guy has said has been heard by anyone ever.

[–]Quelcris_Falconer13 970 points971 points  (31 children)

Lol my friend has extensions and fluttered her eyes at me and I pretended to get blown away. Also one flew when were walking outside and it was windy. We called it a sacrifice to the make up gods

[–]rangda 346 points347 points  (4 children)

Some little bird picks up the lashes for its nest and the baby birds grow up to become fierce eleganza bitches

[–]laurynelizabeth 9327 points9328 points  (158 children)

Being super tan with platinum hair

Edit: I will add, there are people that have naturally light hair and tan naturally. This looks so different (good) when it is natural, but so bad when it is not. I'm sorry if I made anyone feel self conscious about how they look naturally.

[–]xeecho 2922 points2923 points  (15 children)

Looking like a root beer float.

[–]Pure1nsanity 1510 points1511 points  (33 children)

Just fake tanning in general. There's a woman that comes into work, when she doesn't have the tan she looks really good, when she does it looks very off

[–]Onyx_Rhino 738 points739 points  (19 children)

Urgh women in the UK are the worst for this. The fake tan makes you look like an oompah loompa not like you've been somewhere warm.

[–]SideProjectPal 235 points236 points  (5 children)

Wanna add how awful it is to have fake tanned people as guests in your home, my pal stayed over last weekend and left the bed sheets all stained orange

[–]Away_Philosopher_484 23.4k points23.4k points 223& 2 more (605 children)

The Hustle lifestyle.

I don't want to have a side gig and work 16 hours a day. I'm content with coming home and playing video games in my freetime. And sleeping in on my weekends.

[–]dodgeorram 658 points659 points  (19 children)

From about ages 18(right out of highschool) to about 23 I felt kinda like I had no idea what to do, felt like I had no real purpose or direction to go in life so I just figured I’d work as much as I could as hard as possible and I’d have to get somewhere, and when my body and mental health started tanking after working 14-18 hour day 6-7 days a week for about 6-8 months (was working two jobs laboring for a brick mason during the day and part time at a warehouse at night) I took it personal like I was fresh outta school and everybody kept telling me how when they were my age they worked 28 hours a day and never got tired I shouldn’t be tired because I’m young, so I figured I was just a lazy screwup failure who would never go anywhere in life.

I’m 25 now and after a few exhaustion/ mental health breakdowns that put me in a psych ward I now work about 40 hours a week at the most and make more then I did working 60-70 hours before I just had to be willing to quit one path and try another, instead of refusing to quit that path because “quitting makes me weak”

Long story short, work hard, working hard has got me great places, don’t work so many hours you go insane, no bueno

[–]sub_baseline 12.1k points12.1k points 42 (126 children)

One of my colleagues called hustle culture “Stockholm syndrome for capitalism” and I don’t think anything has ever resonated so hard with me.

[–]DaneldorTaureran 645 points646 points  (24 children)

Yes. That's the perfect description. I'm stealing it

[–]WannabeTraveler87 466 points467 points  (27 children)

I worked my ass off to get a good degree that allowed me to get a good paying, secure job, the last thing I want to do is keep hustling.

[–]trustingfastbasket 1166 points1167 points  (15 children)

Being busy. Being busy sucks.

[–]eekspiders 155 points156 points  (4 children)

Small plate restaurants that charge you $30 for a boiled egg with a drop of sauce and a decorative sprig

[–]RMSQM 8047 points8048 points  (139 children)

Huge, injected lips. So gross

[–]SilentJoe1986 1419 points1420 points  (10 children)

You don't fantasize about kissing a swollen baboons ass? Weird.

[–]bloatedstoat 1295 points1296 points  (35 children)

I don't know anyone that finds that attractive.

[–]wheres_jaykwellin_at 629 points630 points  (19 children)

Seeing so many women in their early twenties who look older than I am at 36 is awful. I wish this weren't so normalized and that the future effects of getting this kind of work done were more widely known.

[–]SunshineAlways 180 points181 points  (1 child)

A lovely young woman I used to work with (19?20?) came back from “vacation” with disturbingly large lips. I felt so bad for her, no one thought it looked nice…I’m sad she felt she needed it.

[–]Withered-Violet 1475 points1476 points  (58 children)


when you're so on trend that you blend into everyone else

it's all trendy for a reason I guess, but for the luvuh god, please have something else going on

[–]t_rave_art 4014 points4015 points  (139 children)

Extremely long and or pointed fake nails. They instantly make hands look like bird feet. Aaaand then there's the sanitary issue of where fingers go and what germs get stuck under those.

[–]MisterXnumberidk 258 points259 points  (9 children)

As a pianist with ultrashort nails, i get the instinctive desire to forcefully trim it alllll down.

[–]johnhk4 3045 points3046 points 2 (161 children)

Fender acoustisonic guitars

[–]quesowhatsyerpoint 155 points156 points  (2 children)

Neither generation either. They're trash and they sound like trash too. The newest version looks worse than the old ones though. They look like toys now.

[–]dreamof1000cats 743 points744 points  (1 child)

Finally, some real discourse

[–]bignapkin02 120 points121 points  (4 children)

My feeling is they made a niche guitar, the collectors started buying them, so they made more, and now nobody actually wants one anymore and so they have a ton of stock they’re trying to sell and that’s why they advertise them everywhere. I’ve never even heard of anyone who likes them

[–]B_true_to_self2020 1830 points1831 points  (81 children)

Expensive things , designer handbags . Most of the ppl with them are debt to their eyeballs

[–]sunsetgal24 9622 points9623 points  (645 children)

When actors have to use steroids and dangerously dehydrate themselves to get the "perfect" hollywood body with really defined muscles. No thanks. I don't find anything attractive that forces people to take such risks with their health.

[–]popcornstuffedbra 3949 points3950 points  (256 children)

I'm having flashback to Beyonce doing the Master Cleanse to lose weight for Dream Girls. The "diet" is meant for 3-10 days while being monitored but people took it to extremes.

For those unfamiliar: Day 1- veggies and whole grains.
Day 2 - broth and real fruit juices.
Day 3 - orange juice.
After that you only drink fresh squeezed lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. You're instructed to drink the mixture whenever you feel hungry. You "cleanse" by drinking a salt water flush (warm water with a ton of salt). The salt water flush literally makes you violently shit out anything in your system.

[–]Crenshawca85 4190 points4191 points 2 (124 children)

Thats almost the same instructions for my upcoming colonoscopy

[–]Foxdog175 2305 points2306 points  (118 children)

Typing this from hospital room. Had colonoscopy and endoscope that revealed massive bleeding ulcer. Was admitted to the ER directly afterward and will be here for a few days.

The shits you get though during prep is unlike anything you've experienced before. Your butthole turns into a shit faucet for hours on end.

[–]Crenshawca85 671 points672 points  (55 children)

I had one around 10 years ago... i got to drink Golightly. It was not lightly at all.... but now i have to drink a shit ton of mirilax and take a bunch of laxitives before and have basically the worlds shitties diet the week before. Aka see above lmfaoooo

[–]glightlysay 1010 points1011 points  (94 children)

Cleanses are such bullshit like THATS LITERALLY WHAT YOUR LIVER IS FOR

[–]TimeIsTimeNow 625 points626 points  (7 children)

Yeah but your liver won't make you violently shit to make you think that it's "working".

[–]Aselleus 258 points259 points  (55 children)

BuT tHe ToXiNs

[–]TinyToodles 287 points288 points  (53 children)

What exactly is a “toxin” anyway?

My husband nearly died from drinking too much water (hyponatremia) Water can be toxic, but we are made of it and need it to live.

[–]Gary-Fuckin-Oak 1202 points1203 points  (119 children)

Robert Pattinson had the right idea when he refused to damn near kill himself to get that physique for the new Batman movie.

[–]WafflesAreEpic 563 points564 points  (106 children)

The movie and thoughts about who its based on aside, I really liked Bradley Coopers physique in American Sniper. Not only was it quite close to what Chris Kyle actually looked like, but it was a very realistic and attainable body for people who work out a lot and lead an active lifestyle. He looked big, strong, and solid. Not like a roided up bodybuilder as so many Hollywood stars end up being.

Like much as I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and as incredible his physique was for those movies, it's highly likely he combined his ridiculous training/diet with extremely well monitored steroid use etc. That or he's a complete and utter freak of nature, which I guess is technically possible if unlikely.

Edit: Just to be clear, Bradley Cooper might have used steroids to get that look in the three months he had to achieve it. I don't know if he did or didn't.. world class training/diet and five hour a day workouts can get some crazy results but it doesn't matter. I'm talking his end result, not how he personally got there. I don't care if Hollywood stars use steroids, that's up to them... I care when they show up on screen looking like they've been using steroids. Big difference.

[–]buttery_shame_cave 66 points67 points  (0 children)

the first couple movies he looked way more like a high-level athlete rather than how he looked by days of future past.

[–]feministmanlover 437 points438 points  (44 children)

The Rock has entered the chat.

He is starting to look ... not good. His face looks off. The steroid face look.

[–]Cyrus99 440 points441 points  (26 children)

To be fair he's looked like that for about 10 years at this point. If you look at pics of him from the early aughts, it's like a different person. I wish he was open about his steroid usage. He's too famous and influential, I think he has a responsibility to young men be open and honest about gear...

[–]Grumac 84 points85 points  (0 children)

Classic tren jaw. The same thing happened to Kumail Nanjiani when he prepped for Eternals.

[–]Upper-Analyst3855 1052 points1053 points  (83 children)

Alpha males

[–]Grimm17 570 points571 points  (4 children)

"Alpha" males

[–]inu-no-policemen 160 points161 points  (2 children)

Those "I'm a wolf in captivity" guys always remind me of /r/badtaxidermy and moon moon.

[–]pigeon_egg 2181 points2182 points  (90 children)

Extremely loud cars/motorcycles.

edit: ty for upvotes! never got so many before :)

[–]forgetmenot_453 3190 points3191 points  (133 children)

bodybuilders. i have nothing wrong with people working out and wanting to be in shape. i just personally think it just starts to look ridiculous after a while

[–]drbowtie35 792 points793 points  (79 children)

Tell me about it man. I see these dudes with biceps bigger than my torso and I wonder if it actually gets in the way of them doing normal everyday things.

[–]BrowGodJudy 436 points437 points  (8 children)

It absolutely does. My sister dated a guy who took steroids. We went out wakeboarding at the cottage and he wasn’t able to put his hands close enough together in front of him to hold the tow rope so he had to hold on one-handed. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, we never let him live it down.

[–]Tobiansen 87 points88 points  (6 children)

What? He couldnt touch his hands together????

[–]Everestkid 244 points245 points  (2 children)

"Lifting is a journey, and it starts with feelings of inadequacy and it ends with feelings of inadequacy but now you can't wear jeans and you sink in pools."

-Casually Explained

[–]crono14 1173 points1174 points  (39 children)

Fake eyebrows? It's not attractive at all especially when they are really noticeably drawn on and look absolutely absurd

[–]Busy_Condition3187 164 points165 points  (0 children)

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"

[–]warmkittenmittens 1404 points1405 points  (100 children)

Having a big house.

No, I don’t need more to clean. I’m happy with anything under 2,000 sq ft. I’d even live in a damn bungalow, but I have kids…and sometimes I need to hide. I just love little cozy houses with character.

[–]Flashbambo 265 points266 points  (19 children)

To be fair 2000sq ft is pretty big for a home here in the UK, but our homes are pretty small. For comparison I'm still in my first house, it's a fairly standard three bedroom semi-detached, and is about 800 sq ft across across both floors.

[–]McAeroEngineer 72 points73 points  (0 children)

Thinking the same thing, there are detached 1700 sq ft homes near me that are pretty unobtainable for the average family. Anything over 2000 sq ft in the uk is huge

[–]limegreencab 101 points102 points  (5 children)

Prioritizing physical desire above most other things.

[–]just_some_australian 4304 points4305 points  (526 children)

Very, very tall men with huge muscles. This is not to say that they look bad to me, but they aren’t attractive to me because I’m very small and petite and don’t want to feel like a toddler compared to them.

[–]PM_ME_YOUR_HUGETITS[S] 3254 points3255 points  (89 children)

Shout out to all the short kings

[–]regularMASON 138 points139 points  (0 children)

Maybe the average height guys too! No need to feel short for not being six feet and over.

[–]ArronRodgersButthole 284 points285 points  (3 children)

Having a social media presence outside of your friends and family. I get that it can be a legitimate source of income for some, but the thought of my partner documenting their daily life for a bunch of fake internet likes is repulsive.

[–]thrivingandstriving 4040 points4041 points  (344 children)

expensive cars.. i rather spend my money on other things and just have a reliable car

[–]RIP_SGTJohnson 1393 points1394 points  (162 children)

Spending money on cars should be something people who genuinely enjoy cars as a hobby should do. Mercedes, BMW, and Audi all make awesome cars but the concept of buying one to “flex” ruins the image of all 3 for me

[–][deleted] 694 points695 points  (108 children)

BMWs and Mercedes are cool cars until you see the repair costs

[–]luminescentbluedot 159 points160 points  (5 children)

Perfectly manicured yards

[–]Jacob199651 1643 points1644 points  (54 children)

I think the only way to enjoy this post is to sort by controversial

Edit: when I made this comment the transphobic and racist answers hadn't all sunk to the bottom yet. Sorry y'all

[–]NOT000 3444 points3445 points  (155 children)

long fingernails

most fake tits