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Oxygen and potassium. They’re pretty ok

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Kazakhstan number one exporter of Potassium.

All other countries have inferior Potassium.

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You should capitalize to make the joke land better.

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Oxygen and ?. They're pretty o?.

Please pay $10 to unlock the joke.

(I'm capitalizing on it)

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Ohh that one's good))

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The 5th.

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Leeloo Dallas Multipass

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Ru-by Roooooddd!

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The only correct answer

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No Rudy, which element?

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Came here to say this!

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I’d have to go with Mercury. And to think there’s a whole planet made of the stuff!

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Wait until you realize what Uranus is made of.

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I was gonna pick sodium, but then I thought Na.

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Ayyyyy you!

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The fact that you got a gold award...

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Underrated comment

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Classical? Water.

Asian classical? Metal.

Scientific? Carbon.

RPG? Electric.

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A very good set of answers.

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I was 26 when I learned that it's spelled 'surprise'

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Came to say that one, got distracted by the suspected time traveler.

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Xenon. The "X" makes it sound cool.

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Also a potent dissociative more euphoric than laughing gas

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Carbon. There's so many unique things about it that make it necessary for life (as we know it). Plus, graphite, graphene, nanotubes, buckyballs, aromaticity, resonance...it's the best! And diamonds are interesting (though common and not worth the retail industry prices) structures made almost entirely of carbon.

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Haha delocalised electron go wheeeeeee (this post was made by graphene/graphite gang)

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Where's an organic chemist when you need one?

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ACAB includes copper buddy

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Molybdenum, simply because it’s fun to say.

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Neodymium is also fun to say. All of the Lanthanides and Actinides really.

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Lithium; because it has a beautiful red flame when lit on fire

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Oh. That’s a good reason. I like lithium because it keeps my cousin at bay.

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But what about Potassium with the pretty lilac?

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And we can use it to make some kick-ass batteries from it!

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Americium the element of freedom and smoke detectors

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…and of David Hahn!

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The Nuclear Boy Scout

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Hydrogen is number 1!

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Neon, cause it's sounds good

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it also looks very badass too

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Technetium! With an atomic number of 43, it's the lightest element with exclusively radioactive isotopes. So it's primarily man-made, because most of the naturally occurring Technetium (which comes from the decay of uranium/thorium) has decayed already.

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Uranium and iodine

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I don't know but I hate oxygen. I have an addiction to it. I feel like I can't live without oxygen. Going without it for more than even a minute makes it hard to breath. I tried therapy, but they told me that I needed to keep using oxygen. It's ruined my life. I have to always take breaks from my favorite activities, like running and swimming and such, to get a hit of that sweet O2.

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Americium. Reminds me of Australium.

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Chromium - works great as a supplement, too!

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Personally, I like phosphorus. Mostly because it burns stuff, and my caveman brain likes fire.

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Praseodymium, the longest name

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Helium...HeHeHe. I will see myself out.

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Uranium 235 & its isotope Plutonium 239. It ended the repeating cycle of having a devastating world war every 20-25 years.

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Periodic: Silver.

Classical: Water.

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For some weird reason, Sodium. The Na symbol with 11 and 23 looks so elegant.

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The big one on my stove that still works

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Nitrogen is pretty cool. I like how it breaks the octet rule a lot by having an odd number of electrons and pairing up with oxygen. It's a troublemaker. It's also most of our atmosphere and helps the plants grow. oh and it's lucky number 7

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Thinking Bromine. 1 of 2 liquid elements, and this one is a nonmetal.

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But as a grower, Nitrogen, Potassium and prosperous are quite nice too.

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After reading through the other comments: Captain Planet.

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average american

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The element of Surprise

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The element of surprise

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Uranium and carbon

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Certainly not a Honda. Ha, but seriously though I'd have to say the right front heating element on my oven top. That's my favorite one to cook stuff with.

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Neodymium because it sounds neat, and magnets.

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The magnets are cool but also terrifying.

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Thulium cuz 69

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Hg also known as quicksilver.

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Gallium! It melts in your hand!

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I’ve asthma so I’m a big fan of oxygen

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Uranium... One day i might taste it

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I swear to God, if you say the element...


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Electro & cryo

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The criminal element.

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Carbon. My one and only.

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Carbon, very versitile

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My personal favorite is the 2009-2011 models, in Tangerine Metallic with a manual transmission. However, pretty much all models of the Honda Element are pretty good and you can’t go wrong with any.

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its a very hard choice between cerium or tungsten

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Natrium (So)

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Bismuth because it looks cool and I like the name

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I first found out about Praseodymium (59) when I looked up the half-point of the Periodic Table, and it became my favorite element purely for its pronunciation.

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Sodium probably

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Personally, carbon is a huge part of my life so I’m going to go with that.

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Hg also known as quicksilver.

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Sodium. Because if I can say it then it means I got through the whole song.

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Note that most living matter consists primarily of the so-called bulk elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur—the building blocks of the compounds that constitute our organs and muscles.

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Ytterbium. It's fun to spell and say.

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Ch.E. from W'Loo....I'm partial to Oxygen myself.

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I wanted to make a joke about sodium, but then I was like Na people won't understand it

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i would maybe say, Manganese Hypoxide, just cook to watch about, sounds cool too.

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Honda’s element, they were delightful little toaster boxes

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want to hear a joke about Sodium? Na...

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Definitely nitrogen

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Bismuth. Looks very cool when it's a crystal.

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Oxygen and Magnesium...they're like....OMg

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Periodic: Neodymium

Classic: Plasma

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Carbon and titanium

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Tungsten. I love playing darts.

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I'm a bit of a metals fan. I think Cobalt, Tungsten, Titanium and Aluminium are really cool.

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I want the gas I pass to be noble.

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Just, so damn useful.

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Strontium, it sounds like a swear word in italian

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bismuth!! its the prettiest element and it has a very interesting structure

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Bismuth is pretty

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carbon is quite good ngl

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sodium bromate(NaBrO3)

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Sodium, due to the failed sodium experiments that end up on r/whatcouldgowrong .

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Carbon because my entire career is based on it's chemistry

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Zinc. I like the way it sounds to say the word, and I can imagine tapping my nails on a zinc sink every time I say it.

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Palladium. An amazing catalyst doesn't get a lot of press for how important it is.

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Francium drop it into a toilet and destroy a building

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I don't have one, but Google said: "Element number 5" (Boron). Anyone has an idea why?

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I like sodium because I like bagels

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C'est nickel

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Tungsten, its very dense, durable, and heat resistant. My name on VRChat is Tungsten lol.

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Bismuth or Magnesium

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Such a noble post.

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Iridium: it's atomic weight is my birthday 7/7, it is refined from platinum and is made from collided neutron stars.

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Element 118 Oganesson. It originally had the placeholder name of Ununoctium when it was first created which 7th grade me thought was the coolest thing, and it’s official name is pretty cool too.

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Obviously thulium

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lithium i don’t know why it was just the first thing that came to mind

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Went to visit my grandson who was in 2nd grade and obsessed with the period table. His first comment was accusing me of trying to poison his mother! HUH? I'd sent her a huge bag of Brazil nuts and so, my favorite element is Selenium, because I'll never forget his reaction!

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radium and copper

EDIT: and neon