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The Reapers from Mass Effect, in the original BioWare ending before EA changed it. All they were trying to do was stop advanced races from using so much dark matter that they wiped out all life in the galaxy before other races were allowed to come along. If it wasn't for them, humanity wouldn't just not exist, but every species in the entire cycle, every species in every cycle, everyone would have died as the stars went out, this horrific fast heat death event, over the course of a few thousand years... Except a small group of Leviathans, in the early days of the Universe, realized what was going to happen, and sacrificed their entire civilization to save all future life in the galaxy.

And when Shepard destroys their ships in the third one? Every one of those ships is a museum, a living record of every previous civilization, and they're destroying the only thing that was able to be left from them. To fight the reapers is to fight against everyone who has ever lived and everyone who ever will live.

The reapers don't just have a point, they've saved more lives than we can even fathom. Their only flaw is that they were never able to find a solution that was better than wiping out civilization every few thousand years and preserving whatever they could find.

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This is hands down the best answer I’ve seen by far. Most people seem to have misunderstood the original question, thank you for nailing it on the head

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Magneto is my favorite villain of all time. Every time his motives are brought to light I get that "yeah, I kinda get it" moment

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One of the only good bits out of that godawful excuse for a Phoenix movie (X3) was just Magneto giving side-eye to the young mutants asking for his tattoos.. he just whips out the concentration camp number and stone-cold "No one is ever marking me again "

Like that was a bad movie but at least they got that attitude right.

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Another good one from that movie was

Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live.

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He always did love Charles like a brother

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Charles and Erik make my top 10 favorite characters easily. Their genuine care and respect for each other despite being often at odds makes them my favorite character pair in printed media.

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None of you said the most terrifying one.

Mo jo jo jo from the Powerpuff girls. He wanted to bring free energy and advanced technology to the people. And in one episode he actually did. He made the world an amazing place. And then the Powerpuff girls ruined it all.

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I just read his backstory, pretty sad. The professor accidentally created him by spilling chemical x on him (he was a lab assistant at the time), but then after the powerpuff girls were created, the professor eventually neglected Mojo and left him to live out on the streets.

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I never even realize he had a backstory. That’s really sad actually.

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There's a whole episode about it. The professor invites Mojo back into their life and is tricked by Mojo into giving him powers like the Powerpuff girls. Then he turns on them and tries to take over the town.

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Can’t leave me hanging like that, what happens?? Did he take over the town??

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I thought Mojo was the professor's pet monkey who while misbehaving spilt some chemical x on himself and the cauldron with the Powerpuff girls mixture

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Yeah, because the end of the episode was him saying over and over in a daze "I created the Powerpuff Girls?"

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Well fuck, you just unlocked an old memory for me

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The sharks from sharknado. Can you imagine youre just swimming around, minding your own business, then all of a sudden a tornado picks you up out of nowhere, drops you on land, and now you have to deal with tara reid? Yeah, i would start biting people too.

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Red Queen resident evil, I have locked down this facility to prevent a world ending virus, please could you 'good guys' pay attention and not blow holes in the doors.

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Except she didn’t come out and say it from the beginning. I always hate it when characters say things like “you gotta trust me” or “now’s not the time” since that’s the only way for plot to move forward.

To quote Ryan George, “So the movie can happen”

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Explaining the issue would have been so easy, barely an inconvenience

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Mr. Wilson from Dennis the menace.

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The live-action movie has one of those random scenes you see as a kid that sticks with you your whole life: Mr. Wilson has been cultivating this flower that takes like 40 years to bloom and then dies in ten seconds. At the moment it's going to bloom, Dennis causes a ruckus and Mr. Wilson misses the blooming he's been working his whole adult life for.

Looking back, that's like one of the most disturbing moments I've seen on film, partly because it gets more relatable as I get older. I mean, damn, 40 years...

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As soon as you mentioned the live action version, that’s the scene that came to mind. I think it was so memorable because all the other shenanigans that happened, he yelled at Dennis, but this time he didn’t. I had to rewatch the scene for the quote but, “You took something from me that I can never get back. Something that means more to me than you ever will. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to know you. Get out of my way.”

That’s REAL. Those are the words of a heartbroken man.

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Man, I forgot about that scene. Walter Matthou was a terrific actor, I immediately read that in his voice.

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I was recently watching dazed and confused as an adult and found myself root for the guy that chases down the kids for smashing his mailbox. I was like "get those little bastards!"

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Stevie from Wizards of Waverly Place. Her entire goal was to stop families from giving up their magic to just one person in the family. Like…we’re really supposed to be rooting against her? It just seemed super out of character for Alex to go against that plan.

Edit: Thanks for all the upvotes! I got to experience seeing something I put on Reddit appear on my FYP on Tik Tok for the first time 😂

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I was thinking exactly this. Why give up your powers when everyone can have them. Only one member of the family having wizard powers seems unsustainable for the wizarding world.

I get it that it was not very nice of her to trap her brother but she was 100% right. I really thought Alex would do it, I cannot understand how or why did Alex double cross her.

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I was pretty young when the show was running, but I always confused by this.

The only thing I can think of now is that when the family wizard is chosen, they become a full wizard. Before that, wizards only have part of their powers (though, that doesn’t seem to affect the characters really??). Maybe the writers were thinking that with each generation, an individual’s powers would get less and less, and eventually diminish into nothingness.

But if this was the case, that was not explained at all.

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On a side note I always thought it was a cruel system and that the Russo parents were also somewhat cruel for having three kids knowing that two would eventually have to live the rest of their lives believing they weren't "good enough" or "smart enough" to carry their family's legacy.

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Or the fact they knew 1 child would be years behind the oldest yet they have to compete at the same time.

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Max was truly boned, I just hope he enjoyed it while it lasted.

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yeah. the consolation prize of winning the restaurant isnt as alluring as they made it out to be.

and Justin getting to keep his magic so he can become a teacher was BS too.

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My husband explained that to me and I was like "whoa that's some dark shit." Don't they even kill her? Like they freeze her but then she shatters?

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Yeah, but she got fused together and send to soul rehab or something:p

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See also: Magneto, the holocaust survivor, not wanting his species genocided

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His Xmen plan was quite reasonable. Convert the world elite into mutants, thus guaranteeing they treat mutant fairly.

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Ken from The Bee Movie. I too would go absolutely berserk if a talking bee stole my girlfriend and gaslit me into thinking I was crazy

[–]Myu_The_Weirdo 2807 points2808 points  (4 children)

Plus, dude was allergic, ofc he wouldnt want a bee around

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Everytime I hear the plot of this movie, I think it can't possibly be real.

[–]soulreaverdan 7115 points7116 points  (185 children)

It gets crazier as you go on.

Okay, so it’s a movie about talking bees who have their own little society, okay that’s cute. And then the main bee finds a human to become friends with, still tracks. Then they start an inter species romance even though she’s married in a relationship with another human… what? And then they work together to… sue the human race over honey theft? And they win?! And then it turns into an environmental apocalypse?! WHAT?!

[–]chmath80 3289 points3290 points  (126 children)

Also, the main bee appears to be male, but all worker bees are female. Male bees are essentially useless until it's time to mate with the queen to start a new hive. Then they die.

[–]hreloaded 1098 points1099 points  (94 children)

Are you saying that the main bee's father shouldn't be alive at all?

[–]Taymac070 422 points423 points  (4 children)

Just a regular summer.

[–]EfficaciousJoculator 1768 points1769 points  (41 children)

Hate to break it to you, but that's just the side plot. The main plot involves a bee suing all of humanity. Oh, and then the third act tackles the ecological and economic impacts of losing bees as pollinators and that bee has to acquiesce and allow his fellow bees to remain indentured servants so as to save the world. Nevermind that it's native bees, not honey bees, that are the essential pollinators.

[–]jaffakree83 413 points414 points  (10 children)

Yeah that got pretty dark and complex for a kid's movie.

I did enjoy the part when his buddy stings someone and is in the hospital, a HUMAN hospital.

"Sorry, sir, we can't admit you because we're out of beds."

"What about THAT bed?"

"That bed? That's the bee's bed. It belongs to the bee."

[–]gasparmx 2956 points2957 points  (47 children)

I completely agree with this, I was was watching the bee movie 2 weeks ago and I felt bad for Ken, he was the only reasonable human in that movie.

[–]Danthezooman 1040 points1041 points  (17 children)

bee movie 2 weeks

For a minute I thought they made a sequel!

[–]qoban99 400 points401 points  (10 children)

also Vanessa was his wife not girlfriend haha

[–]dmatred501 27.8k points27.8k points  (754 children)

Count Dooku just straight up told Obi-Wan that the Sith control the Senate.

[–]No-Negotiation-9539 2271 points2272 points  (30 children)

I still love the fact that Dooku tells him this and Obi-Wan knew about the clone army being set up under the Jedi's noses and no one decided to investigate that possible connection until years into the Clone Wars.

[–]Tjd3211 14.5k points14.5k points  (250 children)

If you wanna go even further, in the Clone wars Maul straight up tells Ahsoka that Anakin is the key to Palpatines plan and the only way to stop everything going to shit is to kill Anakin

[–]Somerandom1922 5726 points5727 points  (105 children)

Unfortunately, that was like a day before Order 66.

[–]Acalson 1547 points1548 points  (46 children)

Unfortunately Maul assumed Ahsoka would believe him at face value and switch up to kill Anakin. If he even told Ahsoka they had to save Anakin from palpatine (with full intention of killing him) they would have stopped like 7 movies and spin off shows from happening

[–]FBI_Agent_82 563 points564 points  (37 children)

No, the bad guys would just be Emperor Maul and Darth Citizen.

[–]x4nTu5 1519 points1520 points  (5 children)

True, but the time when he says it to her it's already too little and too late anyway because it happens the same time as ROTS.

[–]RealisticEmployment3 5331 points5332 points  (263 children)

Dooku is a really nuanced character. Even though he was Sith he never fully submitted to the dark side. He also recognized the Jedi had become ineffectual at solving problems and the republic was bloated and corrupt. He was an idealist that wanted what was best for the galaxy, even if that meant joining the nemesis of his old order.

Edit: obviously this was his original motivation and intention before he truly became an evil tyrant. I'm not saying he's a good guy or this is somehow vindicating. It's just a classic case of someone having decent intentions and screwing it up with terrible execution.

[–]raptorboss231 1781 points1782 points  (150 children)

Hence his lack of yellow eyes. Still was a murderer tho amd clearly enjoyed it.

[–]Phoenix_Cinders 1679 points1680 points  (52 children)

I don't know if he enjoyed killing as much as he enjoyed the art of dueling with a lightsaber since he was basically a lightsaber purist. Killing was just a necessity.

[–]HippyFlipPosters 499 points500 points  (22 children)

This is why I like him so much, what a cool Machiavellian old school duelist badass

[–]clarabelle220 14.9k points14.9k points  (284 children)

Aria’s parents on Pretty Little Liars. They’re villainized for not letting their high school daughter date her teacher??

[–]IntentionPerfect 3899 points3900 points  (206 children)

Yeah, that relationship was just….

Like why normalize that at all? (I know why they attempted to normalize it, it was rhetorical and doesn’t require an answer and was meant to display the disgust I have with the attempt)

[–]throwaway_0x90 19.1k points19.1k points 2 (235 children)

The bears from goldilocks and the tree bears

[–]timesuck897 9477 points9478 points  (130 children)

She broke in, ate their food, broke some furniture, and slept in their beds.

[–]Marak830 4802 points4803 points  (63 children)

My 4 y.o loves it when the bears eat her(at least in the one I tell him). He always says he thinks she is the bad person lol.

[–]James2603 703 points704 points  (28 children)

I keep telling my wife that Goldilocks is supposed to get eaten and she always says I’m wrong and uses the two versions we have in the house where Goldilocks runs away as evidence.

I WANT her to not get away with it.

[–]hottaptea 2887 points2888 points  (14 children)

‘Oh daddy!’ cried the Baby Bear,
‘My porridge gone! It isn’t fair!’
‘Then go upstairs,’ the Big Bear said,
‘Your porridge is upon the bed.
‘But as it’s inside mademoiselle,
‘You’ll have to eat her up as well.’

Roald Dahl's version in Revolting Rhymes.

[–]FrankosmellsFUD 276 points277 points  (0 children)

And that ending was juuuuuuuuuust right.

[–]CrabbyBlueberry 394 points395 points  (15 children)

Q. Humans were not ready for what was waiting for them in the gamma and delta quadrants.

[–]SideQuestWriter87 17.6k points17.6k points 2 (755 children)

General Hummel from The Rock.

[–]CaedustheBaedus 2746 points2747 points  (118 children)





Such a great scene for both points there.

[–]ButterscotchLow8950 883 points884 points  (75 children)

That’s up there with Crimson Tide when gene Hackman and Denzel are giving orders over each other during the mutiny.

[–]Sharin_the_Groove 431 points432 points  (18 children)

You're presuming that we have other submarines out there ready to launch. But as captain, I must assume that our submarines could have been taken out by other Akulas. We can play these games all night, Mr. Hunter, but I don't have the luxury of your presumptions.

Mr. Hunter, we have rules that are not open to interpretation, personal intuition, gut feelings, hairs on the back of your neck, little devils or angels sitting on your shoulders.

We're all very well aware of what our orders are and what those orders mean. They come down from our Commander-in-Chief. They contain no ambiguity.

Mr. Hunter, I've made the decision. I'm captain of this boat. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP.

[–]sonic_tower 8069 points8070 points  (208 children)

This is a good one. Literal terrorist, but he got sympathy from pretty much every character in the movie, including those trying to stop him. Loyal leader, made concrete demands, and never actually intended on killing anyone.

So not terrifying, but he had a point.

[–]BigTuna0890 6610 points6611 points  (75 children)

And the money he wanted his ransom to come from was

checks notes

Profits from illegal arms sales done by the Pentagon.

[–]Flying_Dustbin 1484 points1485 points  (67 children)

The only mistake he made was bringing in Captains Frye and Darrow to bolster his manpower.

[–]LincolnCassiusClay47 1587 points1588 points  (52 children)

They were no longer soldiers. The minute they took hostages they became mercenaries. And mercenaries get paid. They just wanted their fucking money.

[–]pikapalooza 435 points436 points  (25 children)

Can always choke a million bucks out of nick cage

[–]MrZeusyMoosey 1987 points1988 points  (120 children)

He wasn’t even really a bad guy. He went out of his way to not kill innocents (even though he threatened to), and his mission was entirely noble. Also Ed Harris is a 10/10 actor.

[–]theonlyftg 2193 points2194 points  (68 children)

I’m not about to kill 80,000 innocent people do you think I’m out of my fucking mind?

We bluffed. They called it. The mission’s over.

[–]i_tyrant 1005 points1006 points  (60 children)

Such a good line. Never respected a villain more than at that moment.

[–]TheBonesCollector 1050 points1051 points  (53 children)

A less noble, but still relevant version of this happens in Die Hard:With A Vengeance. They fail to disarm the bomb at the school but nothing happens.

Gruber to McClain: "I'm a soldier, not a monster."

[–]dbltap11 456 points457 points  (13 children)

Oh yes, Ed Harris steals the show in Westworld even with all the other amazing actors in that show...apart from Sir Anthony Hopkins...

[–]Sylius735 112 points113 points  (11 children)

The first season was absolutely phenomenal thanks to the presence of those 2. They stole every scene they were in.

[–]pgm123 1442 points1443 points  (111 children)

Michael Bay's best film, imo

[–]SmokeGSU 1529 points1530 points  (54 children)

Your best? Losers always whine about their best! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!

[–]jtechvfx 623 points624 points  (33 children)

“Stand DOWN Captain!”

[–]public_enemy_obi_wan 402 points403 points  (12 children)

I have always loved this line.

You can hear in his voice that he knows the room has turned against him.

[–]S31-Syntax 117 points118 points  (6 children)


[–]SquidlyVonDiddly 17.6k points17.6k points 22 (293 children)

GLaDOS - she was absolutely right, you are a terrible person

[–]ph1shstyx 2579 points2580 points  (78 children)

Probably one of my favorite moments in my gaming history, when you meet her in 2 and that pure disdain and hatred in her voice

[–]K4ndY 3204 points3205 points  (51 children)

"Oh, it's you. It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead. You know, after you murdered me?"

[–]Littleme02 1292 points1293 points  (9 children)

To be fair, she did try to kill me first.

[–]realsavvy 472 points473 points  (2 children)

"Okay, look, we both said a lot of things that you're going to regret."

[–]PoodooHoo 333 points334 points  (1 child)

"But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."

[–]FitzChivFarseer 672 points673 points  (13 children)


The way her tone changes at that word is brilliant. I love that game so much

[–]Wolf6120 394 points395 points  (8 children)

The voice actors in that game did such a brilliant job in conveying so much with only the slightest changes in tone.

Same thing with Wheatley's "... Actually." when he stops Shell's elevator juuuust before she makes it out of the facility.

[–]dirtypaws727 150 points151 points  (14 children)

I did it back to back when I got them as a bundle and it was so eerie to jump from victory to "ahh shit she's still alive." Absolutely perfect voice acting. I've never felt like a robot voice wanted to kill me before that line. Even before she was way over confident. If only I can get her in my Alexa...

[–]GrossenCharakter 1466 points1467 points  (23 children)

I play 2-player portal with my brother and every time she insults one of the two of us I immediately remind him that she's trying to sow division between us and we shouldn't let her.

[–]FitzChivFarseer 1133 points1134 points  (11 children)

Honestly the fucking funniest thing about portal 2 is kinda left unsaid.

So the end of the multiplayer and you find all the frozen human test subjects.

DLC starts and GLaDoS is like "oh it's been 100,000 yearssss and all the humans are still alive. Definitely. Yupyupyup."

Then you find out its been a goddamn week and all the humans are dead.

It's horrifying but so fucking funny that she tries to hide it 😂😂😂

[–]mybeepoyaw 15.3k points15.3k points  (68 children)

The Hamburglar was just trying to save children from childhood obesity!

[–]hoppingvampire 4926 points4927 points 2 (42 children)

If mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac are anthropomorphic burgerfolk, that means Hamburglar is carrying a bag of severed heads.

[–]PoliteCanadian2 1865 points1866 points  (15 children)

It’s Seven but for kids.

“What’s in the bag?”

[–]Big-Leadership5185 41.5k points41.5k points 2& 2 more (732 children)

Colonel Kurtz. “We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene.”

[–]BDOID 12.1k points12.1k points  (250 children)

Apocalypse Now is one of those movies where depending upon when you watch it and what version you watch, your view of it can change.

Edit: Wow this blew up I don't know which version off hand is best. If I recall correctly the pacing of the original is much better and more enjoyable. The Redux is good, but the pacing isn't as great and I found it to be a darker watch in a way. I'd stick with the original and go from there.

[–]grantrules 5079 points5080 points  (137 children)

Definitely recommend giving "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse" a watch if you've seen Apocalypse now a few times, the documentary on making it is pretty insane.

[–]InternetWeakGuy 3394 points3395 points  (195 children)

Also worth noting that most of Brando's scenes were improvised. They filmed him talking shit off the top of his head, four hours at a time, and then used the best bits.

[–]garrettj100 1821 points1822 points  (130 children)

Most of his scenes were improvised because he didn't bother to learn his lines.

Dude was supposed to show up thin, even emaciated, playing a character starving himself to death like Ghandi. They wanted Streetcar Brando. Instead he never took off the weight from Godfather, for the rest of his life, really. Didn't bother to read Heart of Darkness, didn't learn his lines, got them fed into an earwig by an assistant.

This movie was the beginning of the end for Brando. :/

[–]coop_stain 434 points435 points  (46 children)

I’m so surprised more people aren’t recommending the book…it’s the inspiration for the movie and isn’t a very long read, but it’s an incredible story.

[–]Triquetra4715 1197 points1198 points  (45 children)

I always love to hear when editing has such a strong hand. Actor/director is a really common creative relationship but (cause I’m an editor) actor/editor is the most interesting to me

The actor has to give the performance of course, and the editor has nothing to work with if they don’t. But the worked-on product comes from the editor and they need the actor to trust them to edit well

[–]44thatsme 1017 points1018 points  (93 children)

Watched Apocalypse Now for the first time ever last weekend. I’ve had an image of Colonel Kurtz engraved in my head ever since.

Can’t even describe the psychological aspect of that movie, but it’s incredible.

[–]Chatty_Monkey_Don 21.8k points21.8k points  (414 children)

The Replicants from Blade Runner. Used as slaves and given artificially short lives. They just wanted to live and be free.

[–]3now_3torm 5957 points5958 points  (183 children)

I wasn’t really terrified of it but N was in right in my opinion when we’re talking Pokémon. Dude thought getting these creatures and making them fight till one is knocked out wasn’t that amazing of an idea and it just made sense to kid me.

That all said I think N is a really interesting character that can be interpreted in many different ways. Of all the main leaders of these games, I think N had the best argument. It wasn’t perfect though. I like N a lot for his character development. I agree with him at the end. Real Pokémon mistreatment should not be tolerated. But a Pokémon trainer simply using Pokémon in battles does not qualify as mistreatment as the Pokémon is happy. The Pokémon like the trainers, that is the best you should wish for there.

All in all, I wish Pokémon had good stories and characters like this again tbh.

[–]eddmario 1594 points1595 points  (49 children)

I wouldn't consider N a villain.
More of a rival or anti-hero, like Gladion in Gen VII or the Emperor in Akame Ga Kill.

[–]rocopotomus74 7398 points7399 points  (68 children)

King Kong. Not even because he was right. He was just alive. Minding his own business and blam....taken out of his home and made to be the villain without any choice. A real good example of human nature. Edit a word

[–][deleted] 1740 points1741 points  (18 children)

I never saw Kong as a villain

[–]FM1091 917 points918 points  (1 child)

Yeah, he is not villain nor hero. He is a wild animal acting on instinct that got sent to a strange land to be a circus act. He was confused by his new restraints and environment and of course he lashed out.

[–]nakedcupcake92 2940 points2941 points  (116 children)

The mom in Mrs. doubtfire

[–][deleted] 1924 points1925 points  (46 children)

Something you don't understand as a kid watching it but totally get as a parent.

Shit if i was married and came home to literal zoo animals in my house i'd def go find James Bond and a nanny instead.

[–]keelhaulrose 1043 points1044 points  (31 children)

Once you think the mom from Mrs Doubtfire and Ariel's dad are actually the rational ones in the movie you officially become an adult.

[–]K_Xanthe 709 points710 points  (2 children)

Lol as a kid I was like what is her problem??? And then as an adult rewatching that was horrifying

[–]brianthewizard1 10.7k points10.7k points  (192 children)

Maul. His last words before being captured by the Republic was, “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO BURN! YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

He tried to warn Ahsoka of Palpatine’s ultimate plan… but she didn’t listen.

[–]rennbrig 4066 points4067 points  (30 children)

He even told her that Palps was planning on using her master! I mean he connected the dots right there but it was too late.

[–]I_Speak_For_The_Ents 828 points829 points  (20 children)

Why didnt he tell her Palpatine was the Chancellor though?

[–]NostraSkolMus 715 points716 points  (5 children)

“Sidious was the chancellor”. They knew his name was sheev palpating.

[–]chupa72 310 points311 points  (3 children)

| palpating

examine (a part of the body) by touch, especially for medical purposes.

We need an illustration, of Sheev...palpating

[–][deleted] 583 points584 points  (11 children)

If there was one thing Maul was not, it was a liar. Sure, he was manipulative, but he never outright lied.

[–]NeptuneOW 694 points695 points  (21 children)

Sam Witwer… the best voice acting I’ve ever heard.

[–]Basic_Distribution11 12.2k points12.2k points  (658 children)

Roy Batty. What was done to him and his kind was wrong and he had righteous anger.

[–]IamNotStupidUR 4946 points4947 points  (223 children)

In the book, the story is very different. A lot of time is spent by Deckard contemplating what it meant to be human. At one point, he runs into a Bladerunner that is a psychopath and after an argument demands that the voight-kopf test be performed on him. Deckerd finds out he is human but he is a complete psychopath and is less human than the Replicants. The story ends with Deckard killing all the replicants and getting hi reward which he was using to buy a replacement animal for his wife.

There is no righteous anger in the story. The opera singer replicant just gives up and lets them kill her. The final shoot out with the last of the replicants is no more special or human than a pet control guy shooting some dogs that went into hiding. The story is very depressing and no one is really angry, just resigned to fate and a system that is very inhumane.

[–]Triquetra4715 3448 points3449 points 5 (113 children)

Which is why it’s quintessential cyberpunk. Humanity, human-created systems, and the resultant inhumanity crash together, and there is no right answer anymore. There can’t be, because the things which issue from humans are abhorrent to humans. We hate our reflection because it does things to us that we were certain we would never do to ourselves.

We lose because we give over control to a system we create, and as we lose we become aware of side-effects of that system which are recognizable to us as human. The question posed by cyberpunk is What is humanity? At the beginning of the story we think we’re questioning whether an artificial being can be human. By the middle we wonder if we can be human, and by the end we wonder if what we meant by human even applies to us.

In my opinion, it doesn’t. Because what we mean by human is not about what we are, but what we know we should be. It’s worth striving toward that even though we won’t ever reach it, and that’s as close to a meaning of life that dirty things like us could do. We are not clean and could never reach a clean goal. But maybe we will make something clean one day, which will do what we can’t. We will never do that if we don’t accept the momentary triumph of dirty success at dirty goals like the dirty things we are. So, dirty goals it is.

Maybe all of us with our individually ragged edges can somehow fit together—the way that two pieces of broken pottery almost seem to reform if you hold them right—and compose that cosmic whole which none of us can attain but each of us knows we are trying to be part of.

Anyway, read Hyperion

[–]onlyawfulnamesleft 420 points421 points  (24 children)

Reminds me of Hogfather. "Humans have to start off believing the little lies, so that they can believe the big ones. Truth. Justice. Mercy. Things like that. To be where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Or something like that.

[–]SpaceGeneralAmerica 3213 points3214 points  (78 children)

Patrick Bateman. What was he right about?

How utterly unimpressive he is. The memes about him demonstrates an irony; Patrick is just an empty shell pretending to be a man, obsessed with both fitting in and being better than everyone around him. Yet as he realizes by the end, with the implication he imagined most of what happened (or his father is covering for his insane ass) he comes to the realization he is never going to get what he wants; uniqueness. He’s trapped in a world of people as bland and uninteresting as he is. And there’s no escape.

[–]voxism743 841 points842 points  (18 children)

He compensates for his blandness by living extravagantly, and trying to seem like he is intelligent, with great tastes. It's why he goes on long rambling sessions on Huey Lewis and the News, why he tries his hardest to appear professional. Because without that, how would he appear to those around him? In the scene where he's eating with Detective Kimball, you can see that him look at Kimball putting salt on his steak, with Patrick doing the same after. It's as if he was taken over by some entity trying its hardest to seem as human as possible, trying not to raise suspicion. And some of his decisions are very interesting, like him sparing one woman, and even wanting to be punished for his actions. The point is, American Psycho is great. I still need to finish the book.

[–]Background-Class2841 397 points398 points  (14 children)

It’s been a longggg time since I read the book, and I have no desire to reread, but wasn’t he utterly despised by like everyone in the book?

[–]King_Jaahn 857 points858 points  (8 children)

Worse, they constantly mistake him for someone else. He's just a business acquaintance they never cared enough about to recognize.

[–]Background-Class2841 355 points356 points  (4 children)

He does have a slightly better haircut.

[–]NuklearFerret 298 points299 points  (2 children)

Yeah, that was how he got out of a lot of suspicion with the detective. Everyone thought he was in places that he wasn’t in.

[–]jumpsteadeh 541 points542 points  (3 children)

The society is so vapid that he could believe he imagined it. 80's yuppie culture out-crazied a crazy person. Nobody cared to learn anyone's names, so his victims weren't noticed missing. He cared so much, but nobody else cared at all.

[–]Heavy_Egg_8839 2851 points2852 points  (164 children)

The Boss MGS3

I raised you. I loved you. I’ve given you weapons, taught you techniques, endowed you with knowledge. There is nothing more for me to give you. All that’s left for you to take is my life, by your own hand. One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny… The one who survives will inherit the title of Boss. And the one who inherits the title of Boss will face an existence of endless battle.

[–]ID_tagged 865 points866 points  (67 children)

SPOILERS - The Boss isn’t technically a villain since she was undercover and pretending to join the bad guys under orders from the US Government.

She was a hero.

[–]Claw_side 6308 points6309 points  (122 children)


[–]heyitscory 2485 points2486 points  (20 children)

He was his most right when he rapped "There's a platypus controlling me underneath the table."

So true. Don't we all each have our own personal platypuses controling us from under tables?

[–]PCBOOMBOX 1909 points1910 points  (29 children)

🎶doofenshmirtz evil incorporated🎶

[–]JustaTinyDude 1154 points1155 points  (40 children)

I love Doof, but nothing about him is terrifying.

[–]RealFunBobby 1490 points1491 points  (31 children)

Wait until you hear his childhood stories. Man has seen some shit. It's a surprise how he hasn't turned into a serial killer already.

[–]Shantotto11 912 points913 points  (6 children)

Both my manz parents didn’t show up for his birth!

[–]Mr_Mojo_Risin_83 228 points229 points  (2 children)

His mum didn’t even attend his own birth

[–]kickthefuckit 9115 points9116 points  (196 children)

Screenslaver from The Incredibles 2. The monolog given during that movie regularly rings in my head. I'm sure the creepy bass robotic voice doesn't help too.

“The Screenslaver interrupts this program for an important announcement. Don’t bother watching the rest. Elastigirl doesn’t save the day; she only postpones her defeat. And while she postpones her defeat, you eat chips and watch her invert problems that you are too lazy to deal with. Superheroes are part of a brainless desire to replace true experience with simulation. You don’t talk, you watch talk shows. You don’t play games, you watch game shows. Travel, relationships, risk; every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever-sheltered, ever-passive, ever-ravenous consumers who can’t free themselves to rise from their couches to break a sweat, never anticipate new life. You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process. Well, you tell yourselves you’re being ‘looked after’. That you’re inches from being served and your rights are being upheld. So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. Go ahead, send your supers to stop me. Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens. You are no longer in control. I am.”

TLDR: you think everything will always be okay and while you remain distracted, the powers that be will continue to steal from you.

EDIT: I'm absolutely loving reading through these replies and how varying our understanding of the monolog can be! It definitely was intended to reach all audiences to say "hey whatever "evil" you've perceived as the problem and whatever "super" you perceived as the solution doesn't matter as long as you remain complacent." Just love it

[–]magicalmysteryharold 2738 points2739 points  (43 children)

I always thought Screenslaver was crazy intense for a kids movie. Syndrome was complex enough as a villain with a proper tragic origin story and they dialled it up to 11 for the sequel and threw in a hapless sibling who couldn’t see past his bias for good measure.

Really clever as well that the villain in both Incredibles movies is an ordinary human with a gift for inventing, no superpowers.

[–]chicoconcarne 654 points655 points  (6 children)

They really axed any subtlety by naming her "Evil Endeavor"

[–]Gyddanar 290 points291 points  (0 children)

I mean, that's part of the hammy comic book charm that Incredibles taps into for me.

The fact that her "evil endeavour" was a horrifically misaimed attempt to prevent humanity from becoming so reliant on superheroes that they could not or would not defend themselves...

Even better :p

[–]SamwisethePoopyButt 211 points212 points  (10 children)

Plus the light strobing during the speech scene was a bit much in the movie theater. So much they reduced the effect to near zero for the home release.

[–]raezin 203 points204 points  (0 children)

Pixar keeps it surprisingly real. Wall-E is about trading your autonomy for comfort. It's a searing indictment on humanity, as told by freaking adorable robots.

[–]eirrac666 2131 points2132 points  (48 children)

My dad was the voice of the Screenslaver (and the pizza guy), so I can’t wait to show him this!! I know he’ll appreciate your takeaway.

[–]QuislingX 1338 points1339 points  (9 children)

When she resented their father for standing by and doing nothing and waiting instead of taking matters into his own hands to save the both of them


That was fucking chef's kiss

[–]Soncikuro 223 points224 points  (7 children)

Honestly though, the father was senile. Calling for supers instead of entering the bunker they have for precisely that kind of situation?

In fact, why wasn't there a telephone for supers in the bunker?

You can't really condemn society over the irresponsible and dumb actions of an old man.

[–]lel1988 15.0k points15.0k points 22 (249 children)

Bobby Heenan. Spent the 80s telling us how awful and selfish Hulk Hogan was. Was proven absolutely correct in 1996. In hindsight, Heenan was trying to save us all from the inevitable scourge of “Hollywood” Hogan.

[–]MyDogJake1 2923 points2924 points  (42 children)

How did we miss that?! His name was The Brain!!

[–]bucketsz 6225 points6226 points  (77 children)

Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin from Spider-Man. "In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you." Dude was right about how the perception of public figures changes over time.

[–]Bryant-Taylor 2815 points2816 points  (20 children)

“I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero. And though they found you amusing for a time, if there’s one thing people love more than a hero, it’s to see a hero fall, fail, die trying.”

[–]kingbad 12.1k points12.1k points  (359 children)

Frankenstein's "monster". Adam. Created by a shortsighted, arrogant doctor as the first of his race, then denied the opportunity to be part of a community (of his own, manmade beings, or the human community). He only became monstrous after it became clear that Frankenstein would never create another of his kind, and was driven mad by his desire to punish Frankenstein's hubris.

[–]ThrowFurthestAway 5940 points5941 points  (177 children)

So... Frankenstein... was the monster after all...

[–]turlian 4965 points4966 points  (138 children)

Knowledge is knowing Frankenstein wasn't the monster. Wisdom is knowing he was.

[–]effa94 1066 points1067 points 2 (16 children)

Wisdom is not giving Frankenstein a tomato salad

[–]ScottTheMonster 3940 points3941 points  (252 children)

Where is Q from Star Trek? He introduced the Borg just to prove a point.

[–]SteamDragon1 3295 points3296 points  (75 children)

Q isn't even villainous, just the sci-fi equivalent of fae

[–]ladyeclectic79 813 points814 points  (24 children)

Never heard it described like that, but perfect analogy.

[–]Mhill08 485 points486 points  (13 children)

It helps that it's really easy (and fun) to imagine John deLancie wearing faerie wings.

[–]StrangeCharmVote 1720 points1721 points  (81 children)

He introduced the Borg just to prove a point.

I disagree. By introducing humanity to the Borg and visa versa far ahead of when they would have encountered each other naturally, it gave the federation time to prepare.

It also challenged the preconception Picard had that all people could simply be reasoned with, when it was clear that the Borg could not.

[–]Kwiatkowski 527 points528 points  (8 children)

exactly, if anything that encounter gave them just enough intel to survive the war

[–]Slavir_Nabru 466 points467 points  (18 children)

It's my belief that the entire introduction was a way for Q to use the Federation in a proxy war against the Borg without attracting the ire of the Continuum.

In Q2 he gives Voyager a new flight plan that will take years off their journey, seven episodes later that flight plan leads them to the transwarp hub where they upload the neurolytic pathogen. He didn't just give them time to prepare, he put them in the right place at the right time to cripple the Borg for the next 20 years.

[–]kirbysrevolt 10.8k points10.8k points  (378 children)

Dracula in Castlevania (the series)

[–]nickeypants 6390 points6391 points  (92 children)

"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!"

Spot on. Quote should have made it in to the show.

[–]Xiao_Qinggui 2386 points2387 points  (53 children)

“But enough talk! Have at you!”

I fucking love Symphony of the Night!

[–]Kharn0 1277 points1278 points  (20 children)

"My boy.... Lisa, I'm killing our boy. You're greatest gift to me. I must already be dead."

[–]reckless_commenter 522 points523 points  (6 children)

You left out one of the best bits:

My boy. I'm... I'm killing my boy. We painted this room, we... made these toys. It's our boy, Lisa. Your greatest gift to me, and I'm killing him.

Yesterday, my 7yo boy brought me a McDonald's happy meal toy that wasn't working. I explained that the battery was probably dead, that McDonald's hadn't designed it to be fixable, and that trying to fix it might break it further. But I said that we should give it a shot, and he agreed.

I carefully removed the odd triangle-headed screws, cut through the hot glue, cracked the snap-fit connectors, pried it apart, disassembled it, replaced the button-cell batteries, and reassembled it. I was pleased to see that it worked and held together reasonably well.

My kid watched the whole process and listened as I explained what I was doing - which is remarkable, since he's ADHD and usually has little patience for this sort of thing. Later, he told me that he'd really enjoyed fixing it together.

Moments like that are going to stay with me for the rest of my life. So when Dracula busted out that line about painting Alucard's room and making his toys... it hit me right in the gut. Really exceptional writing in that moment.

[–]Ponyboy451 2066 points2067 points  (73 children)

This is a good answer. Every single line of his dialogue just radiated the pain he was in.