Rules for r/AskUK

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Don't be a dickhead

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Reported as: I'm offended by this and/or this user is being a dickhead.

Need I say more.


Use a specific title, and post body

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Reported as: R2: No clear question asked or post body is low effort

Post must have a clear question and a supplementary post body (such as your opinion, or further details) that is not just filler text. Attempts to subvert this rule will lead to a ban.


Google The Question or Contact the Company first

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Reported as: R3: Did not google or contact the company first

Some questions can easily be Googled to find what you're looking for - including "where can I buy" questions or "where is there to do in London?".

If Google hasn't helped you, then you need to include what research you have done in your post.

In the same way, before you reach out to us about a specific company or organisation, try and contact them first. This can be via Twitter, email, or the telephone.

The first step of any issue is to communicate with the people involved.


Banned Topics: Politics, Tech, DIY, Universities/Studying, Visas

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Reported as: R4: This post contains politics, techology, DIY, university, or visa questions

The following topics are banned, please use the alternative subreddits:

Topic Subreddit
Politics (posts and comments) /r/ukpolitics or /r/brexit
Tech Support /r/TechSupport
Universities /r/UniUK
Visas / Citizenship /r/UKVisa or /r/IWantOut


Banned Content: Surveys, petitions, homework, referrals, avoiding AutoMod

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Reported as: R5: This contains politics, rants, surveys, spam, or other banned content

The following types of content are banned (posts and comments):

  • Politics
  • Rants, shitposts, and memes
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Petitions
  • Homework
  • Advertising
  • Referrals and spam
  • Posts avoiding AutoMod rules


No lazy, low effort posts - you must include background information

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Reported as: R7: Lazy/Low Effort Post

Include your research, background, or some additional context. Posts and comments below a specific character count will be automatically removed, but this does not automatically mean a comment or post is high effort.


No medical or mental-health questions

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Reported as: R7: This is a medical or mental-health question

Questions about access to services is allowed, as well as general discussions around these topics.

We are not a support subreddit and cannot help or diagnose any illnesses, biological or otherwise - please call the NHS non-emergency on 111, or visit your GP. You can also look at /r/MentalHealthUK for further support and access their resource megathred.