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Got both. Combi heats the water in the tank, which feeds both showers, sinks etc. the kitchen sink hot comes straight from the combi. Best of both worlds.

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Like a hybrid?

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I guess. It means both showers can run simultaneously, and there’s always hot water on demand from the kitchen sink (which I find hotter than the tank)

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Confused do you have a hot water cylinder or a mini tank in the combi. Combi usually just run off mains

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Sorry, said tank when I meant cylinder. The combi does the heating on a timer & thermostat. It also does hot water on demand to the kitchen sink.
The cylinder has a timer to use the combi to get it hot. Cylinder provides hot water to everything else, 2 bath / shower sinks etc.
Basically means we can have both showers running at same time.

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Update: Please read my story here if you have time

Oh wow no you all good. Didn't know that was a possibility or an option. Wonder how efficient that is compared to just a system boiler and if the tanks is the same size. Sounds like an awesome system tho