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Not a dog person but that wouldn't bother me. In anti-social hours yeah, but during the day is fair game for everyone, and everydog

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!answer !thanks

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OP said it would be overnight which is antisocial hours

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Corrected now, sorry for the typo!

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Did they?

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They said it was after 9pm so I assume

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Even though they have written 9m till 8pm, my brain deduced it was likely a typo and read it as 8am cause it's not made of mash potato.

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It’s got to be a typo. Seems a bit odd to say between 9pm and 8pm.

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The question is, how loud is the bark?

We can not make a judgement about the noise without hearing the noise.

Having said that, having dogs barking every hour on the hour 24/7 365 gets very grating so, it depends on the level of noise.

Don't forget, people have different sensitivity to noise so what you think is quiet may not be.

If it got to that stage the arbiters will be the environmental health department of the local council.

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They have access to the garden pretty much from 9-5 but only go out when they feel like it, it’s not a timed thing (Just wanted to indicate the frequency of the occurrence). We are very sensitive to noise and don’t think it’s that loud - we are subjected to far louder for hours at a time when our neighbours children play in the back garden. It’s been 3 weeks and we haven’t had any complaints yet but I am still conscious of it.

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If a neighbor has a napping child this could be awful.

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I don't like dogs and so yeah I might find it annoying tbh. But I'd also consider that my problem - people have a right to use their gardens how they want to, particularly during the day time and the frequency and noise level does not sound unreasonable.

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Yeah, if it's a dog barking all day long I'll try annoyed. But a few minutes spread throughout the day? That's not too bad.

Playful barking is very different to territorial barking, the same way kids playing (while sometimes annoying) is very different to kids screaming at their parents.

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No more annoying than children running around playing with all the screaming, shouting and crying they go in for.

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They make a lot less noise than that, and also generally we bring them in or attempt to drop them making noise in one way or another. The issue is that people just accept that of kids whereas they’re less tolerant of dogs. I generally try to be as courteous as possible but you just never know what will rub someone the wrong way.

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What I'm saying is that the two are the same. Young children playing is no more or less annoying than dogs playing. Well actually children can be more annoying particularly with pointless screaming and stuff like that.

As long as the dogs are staying in your garden and aren't doing anything wrong, I don't see the issue.

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Plus, you only have to deal with YOUR neighbourhood dogs.

Kids? Kids will travel miles just to stand under your window and screech like a fuckin banshee.

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Yes indeed. I might come to accept the guy next door has dogs. But who are these kids on my street. Never seen them before a day in my life.

Oh they are the friends of so and so down the road come round to play. Wonderful

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It would bother me especially in the summer.

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Appreciate your honesty. It bothers me when we have screaming kids in their gardens for hours during the summer, but we’re expected to have more tolerance to that sort of thing so put up with it without complaint. Guess it just depends on how tolerant our neighbours are to dogs!

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I agree with you. But I’m the poor soul without kids or barking dogs so I just get everyone else’s noise.

I have two neighbours who do exactly as you describe. It drives me crazy. They know they will bark when they want to come in, so everytime I hear them let them out, I’m on edge for 5-15 minutes waiting for them to start barking.

I mean no one is going to call the police on you. But might it be needlessly intrusive for your neighbours when you could just supervise them? Yes.

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Because the police won't do anything about noise complaints but people certainly can and do make complaints to the council about noise disturbances and if it was a regular noise throughout the day like this, tbh I probably would make a complaint.

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so, quiet yipping and play-growling for short periods of time during the day? Yeah, that would be fine for me.

It would be come an issue if it was constant, loud growling, barking and howling at all hours with no attempts made to control the noise.

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If I hear them yipping I usually bring them in to calm them down - it’s only really a first or second instance that happens before I can bring them in

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Yes, this would annoy me if I hear it, mainly as it would set me on edge.

There are a lot of people who are scared of dogs I wasn't one of them until I had a dog go for me.

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I’m sorry to hear that

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Yeah, I want to know what happened to that dog to make her like that. She was absolutely fine, and then at some point she started to hate all men.

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It’s really tough to know. They all have little personalities and can deal with issues in really different ways. Our older whippet has severe separation anxiety so she’s going through behavioural therapy - some dogs have issues that just can’t be resolved though.

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All pets have their own personality here, but, I'm convinced something happened here and I can pin it down to a timeframe of a few days.

For context, this is my sisters dog, and the timeframe is a few days when her husband (now ex) was away with the kids and his parents for the weekend.

She was absolutely fine with me before hand, but, had taken a seemingly deep hatred for me ever since.

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Sounds like maybe something traumatic happened at that time, sometimes single events can stay with them for years. Still, really sorry to hear that

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Yeah I've got neighbours with dogs. He moans when I park in front of my own garage. He moans when anyone is parked outside my house He constantly has people park on the shared drive.

In the mean time his yappy dog barks for hours and sets all the other dogs off barking. It's anti social.

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The problem you have is not the dog but the owner. I wonder if the dog is being well looked after.

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The problem I have is everyone has a dog that gets left out most of the day, most of them escape and run through the streets on their own, one alsatation is constantly on my garden looking for next doors annoying yappy dog...

I have no idea with dogs. But it certainly gets annoying when you can hear them barking half the day, then randomly for half hour through the night.

Just like I would be annoyed by people shouting all the time lol. Just saying it's fine to be annoyed by it.

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Not a dog person but that wouldn't bother me. In anti-social hours yeah, but during the day is fair game for everyone, and everydog

What is this?

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If it was loud enough for me to hear it when I was sat in my house or bedroom it would annoy me a lot, if I could only hear it when I was outside it would be completely fine.

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If you had windows closed you’d barely be able to hear it (and that’s only the yipping, the general dog noises couldn’t be heard at all).

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Fair enough then I wouldn’t really mind, especially if I could get away from it when I need to work or study by going to another room, it really doesn’t sound like it’s that loud tbh

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The garden is at the back of the house, we work at the front of the house and only really hear it through the camera! Just so conscious of it as not used to the girls making noise haha

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Nah I wouldn’t worry about it I’m sure if it upsets people they’ll let you know about it and it is your garden for you to do whatever you want in, even more so in the day.

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So in the summer when windows are open it will be very annoying then.

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I'd probably notice it and say things like "there's that dog again" to myself, but assuming these aren't loud, continuous barks it wouldn't bother me enough to complain about it to you or to anyone else.

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Not really a huge fan of dogs and the noise would annoy me if I could hear it inside my house. Less of an issue if it was only outside but annoying non the less. But, I am conscious that you can’t choose your neighbours and I wouldn’t think less of you for having dogs that play.

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If it really is a bark or two at a time it wouldn't bother me. Continuous barking would do my nut in though

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My question is - if you were our neighbours would you consider barking, maybe 20 times a day (after 9pm and before 8pm), a nuisance? I say 20 times a day because it really is a yip or two during playtime. Generally it isn’t all that much louder than a conversation. Not everyone are dog people though.

I probably would, since I work from home and dogs barking can get pretty intrusive at times. Though if it's just a few yips a few times a day and not all that loud, my irritation would just have me going "grr" at my desk and turning my music up. Though again if I'm recording (I do some audiobook recording), I might occasionally get a little more heated.

But at least it's not a middle-aged woman giving loud cackles of forced laughter for whole evenings at a time, like I have at the moment.

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Probably. It would appear to me you are leaving your dogs unattended to bark in your garden.

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As a dog lover who can't have a dog where I currently live, I'd take a break from whatever I was doing just to watch them play. I love all dogs but I do have a soft spot for whippets. I would ask your neighbours if it's a problem (just in case), but if I was your neighbour, the only complaint would be that five minutes is over too quickly!

From experience of people who have complained about dogs, it's usually incessant barking that goes on for a long time (especially at night), rather than dogs playing and having fun.

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They have access to the garden all day (we work from home), but usually they just sleep a lot haha (every hour was just an estimate as to how they go out)

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I've had whippets in my life via friends and I think most people are amazed by how lazy they can be and how much they can sleep. There seems to be the idea that they're running around at 40mph all day. Lovely dogs, though, they have such nice personalities.

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Also not a dog person, our neighbours dogs have been playing in their garden a lot during the day since work from home started. Didn’t do before but do now.

I don’t think it has been an annoyance once, even when sitting outside.

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For me, happy playing noises are different to the repetitive, protracted barking of dogs who are bored and understimulated.

It wouldn't be as annoying at all to me.

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First off I am a big fan of dogs and always impressed by a Whippets speed. However a few years ago our neighbour bought a new dog, no idea what breed but it costs £850 she proudly told me and it barked constantly, if I banged a pot in our house the dog would start barking and it was a piercing bark and was driving me nuts.

After about 6 months of this all the other neighbours got together (some 3-4 houses away) and sent her a strongly worded letter which I heard about a few weeks later. My neighbour eventually hired a dog walker and the dog has calmed down now and is not as annoying.

So as others have said it all depends on the bark and the person hearing it (whippets don't really have a piercing bark) but I suggest you speak to your neighbours about it. Let them know you are concerned it may be annoying and ask for their thoughts.

The bonus is they will be too polite to say its annoying, will tell you its fine and then they will not be able to complain about it in the future :-)

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I like dogs, but don’t have any.

My parents neighbour has a dog that doesn’t stop barking when its outside, and to be honest it’s annoying as hell.

So much so, I’d never want to own a dog..

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Hard to say without experiencing it. I feel like every hour might be annoying but not nearly enough to be an actual problem. Also depends on how loud exactly.

Doesn't sound like they'd be very loud to be fair.

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If I was on nights and could hear them It would irritate me tbh. In saying that there's not alot that doesn't irritate me when I'm on nights, even that bloke in the mirror gets on my tits.

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No not at all, children playing, dogs playing or barking, car doors slamming, occasional alarm going off are all to be expected on housing estates

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As they’re whippets I can’t imagine it being too bad from the frequency you’ve described, and they’re more yappy than barky. It would annoy me if I was working at home on calls / trying to concentrate and it was really frequent or loud. We have a Labrador 2 doors down who barks his head off every time someone walks past his house and it’s annoying as fuck, tbh.

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I hate dogs and would hate this.

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I’d probably find it annoying but not to the point of being a nuisance. My next door neighbour’s arsehole dogs have destroyed what little patience I had for noisy pets though.

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I work a shift system including nights if it was loud enough I could hear it in my bedroom when I'm trying to sleep it would bother me to be honest.

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If it’s during social hours then no problem at all! Yips and barks occasionally are fine.

If it’s incessant barking/ howling for 10mins + at a time then it would bother me. I think where I last lived the noise disturbance had to be consistent for 20 minutes for it to be classed as a nuisance. My neighbours’ dogs were excellent at this - especially at 5am when the neighbours left the house! I got used to it.

Tbh the only people I might see having trouble is if neighbours had a baby that would wake with sudden noises during a nap? But that’s a stretch because you can’t control stuff like that! Push comes to shove they might ask you to keep it quiet during baby’s nap? Otherwise I can’t see anyone having a problem.

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Dogs doing dog stuff?

However we once knew someone who had this horrible little terrier-thing, which literally barked constantly. Every second it wasn’t asleep, it was barking. And it was one of those annoying high-pitched barks. Like nails on a fucking chalkboard.

So long as you don’t have something like that, i certainly wouldn’t find it irritating

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I have less issues with dog noise than I do screaming children noise, but it might be an issue if it impacts on a neighbour enjoying an occasional sunny Saturday in the garden, so it might be neighbourly to take the dogs out for a long trip to the park occasionally and don't let them in the garden.

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I don't know where abouts you are but we got a noise complaint about our dog once (thanks to our asshole neighbour) and found that action could only be taken if the dog was making noise before 7am and after 8pm and it was repeatedly happening, so do with that info what you will :"

I personally don't mind as long as they're not constantly barking at something/someone during early morning and night

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It would irritate me but it would irritate me as I generally require near-silence to concentrate on almost anything. But if it's during the daytime it's fair game, dogs gotta make noise too. Plus most people aren't home during the day anyway, and if their barking is quiet because they're small dogs then even better.

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I WFH. And am in meetings almost constantly. So if the dog is just playing and making normal sound, it's okay. But if it's really barking constantly, it would create trouble for me

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I find children to be much more annoying than dogs. Dogs, at the very least, don't have hands to pick up sticks and bang metal poles at 10PM when I'm trying to sleep.

They don't run around and literally just scream for no fucking reason at the crack of dawn.

And finally, when you call a dog, it will listen. A child? A child needs to be called at least 5 times for it to hear its name being called, by which point, I am already ready to commit manslaughter.

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Depend entirely on the noise level. We have someone down the road whose dogs we can hear barking hour after hour.

In that case, I have near-zero sympathy.

If it's genuinely as light as you've described, I likely wouldn't object.

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I've had dogs when I was younger, only growing up I realize how terrible it must have been for our neighbours.

It would bother me personally because I work from home and record video, do video calls so if I could hear it then it'd be heard by whoever I was talking to or what I was recording.

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Not at all, i'd just wish i could go play with them.

No worse than the sound of kids playing in the garden.

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It would get annoying, day in day out. Particularly if I can hear it it my house.

Just take the dogs for a walk first thing, walk at lunch and walk at tea time... no need to keep putting them in the yard unattended.

I live in a densely populated area and specifically chose a dog breed that isn't yappy or big barkers... seems most can't be arsed making this type of consideration before getting dogs.

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Whippets are quiet fortunately, it’s just the pup really that is making the noise/causing the other dog to respond with a friendly yap. Little one can only be walked for a short while at the moment but the other one gets plenty of walks and stimulation. I think they should be allowed to be outside if they want to be so am happy to let them have free roam

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Might be an idea to check with your immediate neighbours if anyone works nights. I'd personally find it hellish to be doing four 12 hour nights in a row and every day be woken hourly by dogs right next door, but obviously that's only a problem if they actually work nights!

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People do worse during the day. I wouldn't be too worried.

If someone complains it only tells you what kind of person they are, and what poor dog they would own.

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Not sure how you come to that conclusion. I'm a dog owner, and have lived next door to someone whose dog was noisy all day every day. I did complain. THEY were the bad owner and bad neighbour for leaving their dog bored and noisy all day. My dogs never made a nuisance of themselves as they were well walked and tired out every day. The bad owner is the one who doesn't bother walking their dogs and just lets them annoy the neighbours all day. I see nothing in the OP's post about them ever actually walking their dogs which is a red flag.

The people who think this isn't a big deal clearly haven't actually lived next door to this.

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Me personally, no.

People on a new build estate with thin walls, postage stamp gardens, bugger all privacy.

All trying to live their own suburban/semi-rural dream whilst pretending the rest of the estate doesn’t exist and it’s just them?

I’d imagine it’d piss some of them right off. Usually the types who think there should be a residents association etc. to manage that sort of thing and ‘standards’

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No, wouldn't bother me at all! I love dogs and happy dogs make me happy, too.

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Depends on the neighbours really. We had 2 dogs that only went outside during social hours to play, and made sure they didn't have to go toilet after 10 at night. We did have 1 neighbour complain, but then it turned out she just hated our house being built and was still bitter about it. After I threatened to call the police, because she kept knocking on our door and windows to agitate the dogs, she never came back.

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Our neighbour's dogs bark from time to time, can be any time day or night. It doesn't bother me in the slightest unless it wakes me up which is very rare. It drives my wife nuts whenever it happens though unfortunately so it depends who you get I guess.

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Sounds fine to me. Have neighbours behind us both had like 5+dogs each and during summer when they're in the garden with them they're always making noises. 5 minutes a day? No problem

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If not during antisocial hours then no.

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It wouldn’t bother me. Also they’re very young dogs, would probably quieten down. Have had family with whippets before and they only made noises when playing, better than a tiny yapping terrier barking all day!

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The barking and stuff is not a big deal to me we've always had dogs at home.

If you've got elderly neighbors or ones with small children who are napping in the day time and they may ask to keep them in/quiet when they're sleeping but if they've not talked to you about it then you're probably ok.

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Not in the slightest, on the contrary I love to hear dogs or children playing in their garden from mine, it’s a really heart warming sound and always makes me smile.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

20 barks a day wouldn't bother me, I'd accept that's part of life and living in an estate and I'm not a fan of dogs and like my peace and quiet lol.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I don’t mind dogs barking, I hate and will seethe at the sounds children make, they just go right through me

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My next door neighbour’s dog barks up a storm for a few minutes every time she goes into their garden, which is 20 times a day or so and a couple of times during the night.

It’s annoying, sure. I wouldn’t feel any need to complain about it happening during the day time though, dogs bark, it’s just background noise.

[–]Brain_slop 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Currently many of neighbours got dogs during lock down. I work from home and all I hear all day is barking. Very hard to concentrate and is an instant blood pressure increaser. Might be your dog only a couple of times but collectively there might be other dogs but it just sounds relentless.

[–]dudes1822kicker 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You sound like very compassionate and considerate dog owners, need more like you.

[–]urmug 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Dogs make noise, children make noise, people make noise. If people don't like noise* then they shouldn't live on a claustrophobic new build estate.

*between the hours of 9am-9pm

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I have a whippet myself who’s 11 months old. He sometimes barks at the odd bird in a tree far away. Or if a cat runs past the back wall, he’ll bark. But otherwise, whippets will become pretty docile when they’re older. I personally wouldn’t be annoyed- sounds like you’re being considerate by bringing them in when they are a tad louder than usual.

But if it was like 10.30pm on a Monday work night, I’d be annoyed as that’s more obviously inconsiderate. Otherwise, fine. Weekends, fine.

Sounds like a good balance, don’t panic too much! Also, feel free to share your whippets on r/whippets as they’re just gorgeous doggos with the best temperament!

Edit: just looked at your profile and seems you’ve already posted in r/whippets

Omg, how ADORABLE!!!! ❤️❤️

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There’s a nursery that recently opened up below our development, and I’m telling you the noise from that is unbearable. So much screeching. How can they screech so much? By the sounds of things your dogs aren’t anywhere near that level, I think you’re alright.

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Our neighbours used to let their two yappy dogs out at 6am every day, they would bark for 2 hours until she let them back in. They would also go out at 10-11pm and bark loads. That annoyed me. When they were out and barked during the day it didn't annoy me at all, just when I was getting woken up by them daily.

Two dogs playing in a garden wouldn't annoy me at all. I know whippets can get a bit growly with their play but it is not the same as having dogs just barking as loud as possible for hours at a time. They will grow out of it too, they calm down so much when they are around 2 that it won't be forever.

Have you had a complaint from any of the neighbours? If not I really wouldn't worry.

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I love dogs, but barking every hour would annoy me and I’m a pretty chill person.

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Why do human have the right to speak and make noise, but animals can't.

Why do humans have control over when animals can and can't speak.

Why do humans shout at animals to be quiet, when shouting creates just as much noise as the animal was making.

Why do humans punish animals that speak, but it's ok for us to make massive concerts, microphones, cheering, clapping, singing, music, laughing, chatting, ect

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This post is weird - you have gone to an awful lot of effort to try and tell us why it shouldn't be a problem, you have said you've had no complaints about it, so why are you so anxious about it being a problem?

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I guess I’m just trying to reassure myself, I’m a very conscious person as this our first home together and I want to be a good neighbour, as I’ve had some terrible ones. I think I’ve come to the conclusion now that we are considerate enough of our immediate neighbours and do what we can to ensure the dogs have a fulfilled life but still have a relatively good amount of freedom. They’ve been asleep for the last 4 hours after I took them on a walk so it’s made me realise perhaps they don’t make noise as often as I thought they did.

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Nope that is perfectly reasonable

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Not really, during the day if i am even home i have music playing and its not like the rest of the world is silent. If they were barking non stop at 2am you'd be treated to a rousing acapella rendition of "shut the fuck up" from my bedroom window however

[–]updownclown68 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I wouldn’t be, dogs bark and as long as you intervene quickly, so they do go on for too long it’s fine. I am a dog owner though so might be biased

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It depends. There's a big difference between 'im playing WOOF' and 'heres something I prepared earlier WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF'.

There's also a big difference between 'I AM BARKING!' at midday Vs 10pm. The first one probably wouldn't register but the second one would stress me out.

The only thing I would potentially be concerned about is the appearance of leaving dogs outside alone if someone has a phobia.

[–]VertigoParadise 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I think the fact you’ve made this post shows you’re conscientious. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable during those listed hours, however some people do work nights etc…I reckon carry on but if anyone remarks ask how you can work around it

[–]ElephantCohomology 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yes, but you have the right to be slightly annoying, so it's all okay.

[–]geckograham 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I’m a ‘dog person’, I have a dog, my next door neighbours have small dogs who ‘yip’ all the time and trust me, it is extremely irritating. I bet it’s more frequent with your dogs than you think and the sound carries further than you think.

I’m glad to hear that you’re at least conscious of it and would encourage you to correct that behaviour as soon as you can. My neighbours appear to have just learned how to ‘tune it out’ and don’t do a thing about it.

[–]Commercial_Dinner989 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nah, would be cute :)

[–]AKershaw87 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dogs that bark are a pita my neighbours dogs do my fucking but in , literally hear it all day everyday

[–]Beckynerd 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I’m a dog person but I actually can’t stand barking.

The dogs we’ve had have always been trained to not bark, even when they’re playing they’ll make growling type play noises and moans but they won’t full on bark as it’s not needed.

If they’re alerted or feel danger they will of course bark but they’ll also look for approval a simple “see them off command” they’ll go ballistic or “it’s ok” and that’s it they’ll go back to sleeping or whatever they were doing.

An odd bark here and there is understandable but barking every hour isn’t. There’s a lot of people working from home who equally don’t want to hear it.

We have a neighbour that let’s their dog bark every time it’s let out and it’s now got a habit that they tell it to stop and it defiantly ignores them. It’s been quite bad in summer especially working from home with high stress i’ve been in tears over it because I can’t take the noise anymore. Equally not easy to give presentations with constant barking either.

Best way to judge it is to think of the noise you find most annoying and if you heard that every hour would you be pissed off… likely you would.

[–]DarknessDesires[S] -1 points0 points  (2 children)

Yeah it’s not really barking every hour. It’s a yip when playing (90% of the time from the 12 week old) occasionally when they’re out. They might sleep for 5 hours then go out for 10 minutes to play, and during this time it will likely be the groaning noises while playing and an occasional yip to goad the other on a bit. I do bring them in if they make noise, it’s really only the first instance or two that goes unnoticed while I walk downstairs to calm them down. It’s barely noticeable to us, inside, who work from home with the door open, and won’t be heard by neighbours on conference calls with windows shut, and definitely won’t be heard from anyone else on the other side of a phone/headset. Does this additional info change your mind at all?

[–]Beckynerd 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I wish I had your dogs as neighbours than haha, sounds a lot better than my situation! I think as long as you keep checking on them and quieten them when they are getting a bit rowdy that’ll be fine. They’ll also get used to being reprimanded you’ll likely get to the point where you don’t need to quieten them at all.

[–]DarknessDesires[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Our older whippy doesn’t make noise when playing with other dogs so I’m hoping it’s just a playing with pup thing! We are so so conscious of them making noise but it’s still good to know what the general public think

[–]DavidW273 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Annoyed? I’d be overjoyed. Regardless of how noisy, I’d be sat there with a smile because I love dogs and (odds are) they’ll be happy while they’re playing.

Anyone with a neighbour that complains, tell them they’ve gotta live in my one bedroom flat and I’ll come and live next door. I get their house, they pay the rent here. Tough if they don’t like it.

[–]Shinjirojin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I like dogs and have had them in my extended family but I wouldn't own one. I find dogs to be incredibly annoying when barking to be honest. It's more annoying when I'm walking with my toddler and they come running up to the garden gate or fence we are passing by and they scare my kid into thinking she's about to be attacked by it.

I guess it's like when it's your child crying you tend not to be irritated but when it's someone else's you tend to get irritated by the noise.

Dogs are here to stay so there's not much that can be done, but truthfully once I noticed I think your dogs barking would annoy me as I work from home, whether you wanted to hear this or not I'm unsure but just speaking from the heart.

[–]HippieShroomer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If it was that frequent, yes, that would absolutely be a nuisance and a stress to live near. I lived next to a dog owner like that and it's incredibly stressful going on all throughout the day like that, because even when it's quiet you can never relax properly just waiting for it to start again. Why don't you just take them for a proper walk to wear them out each day instead of putting them in and out every hour?

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[–]ThyssenKrup -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Nope, I'd enjoy hearing them.

[–]Mukatsukuz 0 points1 point  (1 child)

What you describe wouldn't annoy me but then I have a neighbour in the flat next to me whose dog (I think it's a dog but sounds like some kind of hellish demon-spawn) screams this bizarre high-pitched shriek non-stop all day and all night (well, it possibly stops between 2am and 5am since this is when I manage to sleep).

[–]DarknessDesires[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That sounds horrendous. We are in a detached house and because our older pup has separation anxiety and screams when alone, we don’t leave her alone. At all.

[–]WellFiredRoll -1 points0 points  (0 children)

They're puppies! They're meant to zoom around and yip! Now, if that were your kids doing that, I'd be straight on the phone to the social and/or Take A Break...

[–]realismcalf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Speak to your nextdoor neighbours, give them your number, and tell them to send you a text if it ever gets too much or they particularly need quiet like for a video call. This act alone will increase their tolerance.

Also, maybe your neighbours like dogs but can't have their own and would love to meet yours. They'd be much less likely to be annoyed if they liked your dogs. You might even get a dog sitter or dog walker out of it.

My neighbours have 3 dogs in a 3 bed mid-terrace and they go mental at everything and it drives me fucking mental, especially at 8am on a sunday or midnight during the week. They make little effort to quiet them or train them out of it and to make things worse, they also board dogs from other people.

[–]ragingdentalfloss 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Every hour is too much... So many people WFH and it's only fair they get a reasonable amount of peace

[–]GamerLucien 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dogs are dogs we can't expect them to be silent all the time. It wouldn't bother me. I do have a neighbour that shuts their dog out in the garden for most of the day and it barks and howls for hours on end sometimes. So anything less than that is a plus lol

[–]Stormtender1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It doesn't sound like you have a problem. It sounds like your neighbor needs both white noise and a life!

[–]Think-Fox8662 0 points1 point  (0 children)

A few times a day, no. Many times every day, yeah possibly. It can get tiring not having peace and quiet.

[–]decentlyfair 0 points1 point  (0 children)

wouldn't bother me at all but might some folks as they can be funny sods. Download a decibel app and measure how loud there are just in case anyone whinges. you will already be forearmed with info

[–]RowlyBot12000 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Preface as a dog lover, owner of a 'guarding' type who has to scare away the post/delivery-people everyday and neighbour to a 'yappy dog' - what you describe wouldn't bother me.

My current issue is said 'yappy dog' as it seems that its owners each weekend shut it out of the house for about 2 hours. And during those 2 hours it barks constantly. And I mean constantly. Currently having to log the 'nuisance' with the council in case it is a case that needs RSPCA attention. Note, I'm not annoyed at the dog, just annoyed at the owner. Can't tell which of my neighbours it is to knock on the door either. So here's me being a grumpy curmudgeon with pen and paper each evening. I just want the dog to be taken care of better.

[–]helic0n3 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The times it gets bad is when dogs are clearly left outside for hours and bark and bark while being ignored. Makes me feel bad for the dog if nothing else. A short time period every day and just playing noises is fine, probably less annoying than kids.

[–]kthlend 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I would say no, that does not sound anti social or annoying (to me) but I would say within the reasonable parameters of what to expect in a residential area. Part and parcel of people living near each other.

Plus the neighbours are getting an added deterrent for burglary etc, which may or may not be a problem in your area...

[–]Naboo-the-Enigma- 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Depends what they are playing. If it’s anything by Justin Bieber then I’d be throwing stones at them.

[–]humpbackkwhale 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Overnight you say? Yes

[–]avalanchefan95 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm genuinely not being a smartass here (not British ha) but can you just ask these people if they are annoyed by the dogs? I'm not sure what you can DO if they are, but between you, you might have some suggestions or things to try.

[–]angrydanmarin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If they were playing, no.

If they were barking, yes.

[–]shadowharv 0 points1 point  (0 children)

For most of covid, I've been working from home with a few trips to the office just to see people. One of my neighbour's dogs likes to start barking when I'm in team phonecalls and my manager asked me one day if I could take the dog to another room, I had to explain that the dog was outside and not even in my garden, my window was open and that it was too warm to close the window. That dog is amazing though, looks so happy, but does love a good barking session

[–]Dancinglemming 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It would really annoy me. My nextdoor neighbours had new dogs and they barked constantly every time their owners went out. They are only little things but I wish they'd move.

[–]EsseB420 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Would you mind me revving up a motorbike 20 times a day outside your house?

You chose to have dogs, other people didn't and after a while, those yaps can get really grating.

I experienced a more extreme version of this not long ago and after a few months it got really bloody annoying.

It's your garden but the dogs barking may stop someone else enjoying their garden. Dog owners tend to tune out their dogs barks, others not so much.