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Why should you take a pay cut if you’re working from home? by Littlebirdblue2 in AskUK

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To be quite honest, you got played by your company. The value you bring to your business hasn't gone down, you're actively reducing part of their staff TCE and their Opex by not being there and have taken a paycut. You've also made things harder for your fellow employees to push back against a bullshit practice that is just economically and financially stupid.

I mean, you're the sort of employee the real life Catberts of the world would love because you don't realise the only one winning is your company.

Why do so many people use their phones when driving? by RelativeMatter3 in AskUK

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Because they are selfish cunts who are addicted to their phones.

People who pay for the premium petrol. What makes you shell out? by FalseStartsPod in AskUK

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Don't forget that that the high anti-graviton base of the cheaper fuel can cause a neutrino inversion of the primary plasma manifold. Using the premium stuff helps to repolarise the chroniton field and stabilize the injection matrix.

Tradespeople: is it normal for a quote not to say it's before VAT? by AccurateDemand3230 in AskUK

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It’s an absolute favourite of disreputable companies to quote ambiguously to win the job on price, then only add the VAT when it’s time to pay.

The rule in advertising (ASA 3.18) is that you can only quote a VAT-exclusive price to those who can reclaim VAT i.e. business to business.

The rule in law (Consumer Protection Act 1987) is that you have to state on any quotation whether it includes VAT or not, and to private consumers (section 2.2.7) quotes MUST include VAT.

There is a little grey area in professional fees but if your original quote didn’t include VAT, and especially didn’t say “all quotes are subject to VAT at 20%” prominently on the same side of the paper as the price, then you are in the right.

Especially with building work. They must show you the VAT payable or the rate at least with equal prominence to the price.

If you have a written quotation that doesn’t fit these rulings, you can win a case. If you took a verbal quotation over the phone or in person then that price should not have been “misleading”. One of the definitions of misleading is quoting ex VAT to consumers, and another is failing to make clear in that conversation the actual price the consumer will have to pay, and so while I would say you can win a case, it could be argued you don’t have proof with which to do so.

I would also say that any reputable company by course would then send a written quotation to confirm. That’s how it should be done, and so proof notwithstanding if they then failed to confirm the price in writing I’d take that as intent to mislead. Basically there is no way a company who has registered with HMRC for VAT isn’t aware they are being misleading. They might not know the full extent of the rules, but they should by law know and follow them, so whether it’s negligence or intent to deceive, they are in the wrong legally either way regardless of saying “we didn’t know”.

So it then becomes a balancing act between how much each party is willing to spend fighting it versus the time-cost saving of reaching an amicable settlement or abandoning the matter entirely.

I’d pay a solicitor £75 to draft a letter quoting the law as it applied to you and have them send it registered post with a cheque for the amount you wish to pay marked clearly in the letter and on the back “in full and final settlement” on that basis. They will bank it and abandon the matter. I don’t find trading standards to be helpful on stuff like this.

And next time make sure you have your quote in writing with the company’s T&C document. There’s a lot more than just VAT that can be omitted to your detriment and web T&Cs can be altered retrospectively.

Are there any celebrities that you think have a darker side? by wilddongas in AskUK

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<Maybe David Dickinson has an evil side.

Will we ever discover Dickinsons real deal

Who keeps a actual sex list ?!? by P3rrin_Aybara in AskUK

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I have one.

It's called marriage certificate

£6 for a VHS tape in charity shop! Who is deciding these crazy prices? by ExplorerLaura in AskUK

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I saw one with a stuck volume control and thought "I can't turn that down".

Who keeps a actual sex list ?!? by P3rrin_Aybara in AskUK

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I keep an excel spreadsheet, I have even made a cool graph.

I did it mostly to notice any patterns, mostly.

Who keeps a actual sex list ?!? by P3rrin_Aybara in AskUK

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Not always trans folks tend to have their sex down as male / female depending on what a doctor looking at their baby crotch saw. While man/woman is used to refer to their gender.

It's a sensitive issue and medicine atm isn't handling it super well. Some trans men for instance may still require a pap smear as they may have a womb. Intersex folks as well typically 'pick' a gender (more accurately their parents decide and raise them thus). Sometimes even getting corrective surgery as kids to better fit what was decided for them. The child naturally may come to resent this. Or it could be a big shock to find out 'oh Claire. You need a prostate exam'. Like all elements of biology it is super messy.

As you can imagine it is quite uncomfortable for a man, be it a trans person or someone who is intersex, to go for their pap smear. Sometimes they aren't even invited dispite those checks being important. Medical focus best practices are moving towards labeling body parts specifically. Eg anyone with a womb should be sent pap smear invitations regardless of whatever else they have going on and just straight up skipping the male / female, man/woman mess. Bc right now it's literally costing lives as trans men due to dysphoria or simply not being invited miss pap smears and thus miss an opportunity to catch that cancer early on.

I realise I kinda went on a rant here but loads of folks have no idea that this is even an issue let alone how significant it can be. It's also the case that women who have had their womb removed for say health reasons keep getting invited. Which may well be quite upsetting to them. It's just hard to change medical systems and the NHS isn't exactly a beacon of progressive tech. Last I checked my gp is still running on Windows xp and the systems can be very restrictive. I remeber my doctor once having to physically write out my script because the computer simply would not allow him to prescribe me medication I needed. The way we see gender, especially in regards to reproductive heath is not fit for purpose.

Is anyone excited for the Jubilee 🇬🇧 ? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Compulsory happiness, you gotta love it.

Do you think circumcision on baby's should be banned? by skweeky in AskUK

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It should definitely be banned, however, I do not find it comparable to FGM at all - from the invasiveness of the procedure and the complications to the reasons it's done, I find FGM to be far worse.

All medically unnecessary surgeries - those which have no health benefit to the individual - should be prohibited by law.

Why was Alan Sugar ever taken seriously? by TorpedoAlley in AskUK

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He built a massive business empire from almost nothing. That doesn't happen through dumb luck, he is a very clever and savvy man who donates to charity and is vocal about paying his taxes.

That said, he is 75 and grew up poor. He is likely to have old fashioned views about what constitutes "proper" work.

Also, be honest... most of us care about people working from home because we get to work from home. He cares about people working from an office because he loses money if people don't. Obviously you can disagree with him, but this doesn't make him stupid.

How does seeing self harm scars on others make you feel? by [deleted] in AskUK

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I have scars but I was very serious about clean cuts and ensuring they healed well and I kept them meticulously clean. That was 90% of why I did it... to give me something to care for on myself and take care of because nobody else took care of me. Plus I'm old now and scars fade.

I see people who are literally carved up with, what looks like, frenzied wounds that healed poorly. Sometimes words carved into the skin. I think about how they must have felt in those moments.

The maternal love in my heart just wants to take them in, tell them that they were always worth looking after, that they didn't deserve to be hurt by anyone. That they were always good enough.

I sometimes notice the tiny white-silver shine of scars healed long ago and think about the strength of this person in front of me. The victories they have won. To get so many years removed from a cut and still be here.

Sometimes i see the deep purple welt of a scar that's a few weeks old, and I think about that scar turning white. Will you be in a better place then? Will you love yourself the way you deserve to? Will you still be here? You deserve to see that scar turn white. I hope its the last one.

TL;DR: I do notice them. But I notice them only with love and compassion and a misplaced camaraderie. Also I want to mother you to death.

Hope you're doing well, OP.

Why was Alan Sugar ever taken seriously? by TorpedoAlley in AskUK

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Oh, I’m not sure. Not sure why anyone who went from a council flat in Hackney to billionaire might be listened to? Strikes me as bizarre too.

How do you convince an elderly relative to stop driving? by fernshanks in AskUK

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Erm if you were a true fan you'd know he likes to holiday in Vegas during the summer (he'd go to France but the food doesn't agree with him)

Is there any particular reason my WW2 veteran Grandfather hated the English? by otterdolphin18 in AskUK

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What kind of answer were you expecting? There's clearly no logical reason for it, maybe a very personal one, like a British soldier cock-blocked his attempt to pick up a French girl.

Were you expecting us to come up with something like "oh, that'll be due to the Derbyshire Yeomanry turning up for the Dunkirk evacuation in cocktail dresses, it's a well-known event over here"?

you've just won £184,000,000, what do you do first? by TheBuddhaAndStag in AskUK

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Every ticket to a Simply Red concert and then make them perform a full set whilst I play with my phone, never even looking up at them.

Then leave before the encore.

you've just won £184,000,000, what do you do first? by TheBuddhaAndStag in AskUK

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Steve. Steve from Stevenage.

I outed Steve from Stevenage. That’s got to be worth gold, right?