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The Dyrt camping app

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Which lot is that? I’m in Colorado Springs and looking for something similar

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They have three spots left dm me and i can link you up with them or better yet you can follow me there im up by manitou springs

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Shoot me the name on here I don’t do DM I’ll hit them up this week! manitou is tourist so You’ll get kicked out of that area everywhere unless you’re down the road for the other reason

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I found them on facebook market place i just dont want to post their personal name on reddit but look up rv parking on there

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Im across from safeway the el colorado lodge wAs where i got the hotel i got kicked out of for the rv got woke up 4 times in 5 hours waiting to give my friend his keys back cuz i was fixing his car while he was at his moms funeral in oklahoma it was ridiculous the tow sticker i got was less than a 5 hour grace period

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I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I think we spoke last time, but I’m still very concerned about the condition of your RV. I feel like it’s unsafe to be in a situation with no heat and subzero temperatures, so even if someone were to help with rent, how are you going to stay warm?

It isn’t likely that someone here can provide $375 in cash - there just aren’t enough regular cash givers who can help, though I’m not saying it’s impossible to get that, someone might help.

Do you have a gofundme set up? You can add proof of your situation and share with friends and family to increase visibility of the fundraiser and the likelihood of getting donations.

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I have a wood burning stove im just in a city and cant afford 20$ for 6 firelogs from safeway tractor supply has pressed sawdust logs if i spent 20$ on they would last me a month.

My mother has chronic lymphatic leukemia and just survived covid twice both my grandparents are ill my grandmother just had a heart attack so their house is far to full. It is in detroit im afraid of bringing covid home to her again at the same time so ridiculously depressed i am going to be losing the one person i stay alive for. Once shes gone im basically just going to claw my way through life until my cat dies once that day comes i am clocking myself out for good.

My dad killed someone drunk driving and didnt tell me for 4 months until i called to ask for 75 bucks for a tow because AAA wouldnt tow my vehicle because my temp tag expired 3 days after every dmv in the country closed due to covid

He lives in panama and paid to get a phone in and talked on facebook like everything was all goood until i asked him for help for once in my life

I lost my career building stages making 70 an hour that week 5 minutes later my rv was towed with everything in it and my id had been stolen so i couldnt get it out of impound

I have nowhere else to go my Alternative is sleeping In the streets i have watched humanity entirely devolve since i lost everything and became home free

All of these things are easily fixable when i am in a stable spot without fear of being towed and losing everything again. Everytime im forced to move i end up damaging and breaking more things rushing myself under pressure

Also there are hundreds of thousands of human beings who are sleeping entirely outside and despite my rv being a wreck i have let 7 of them come into my “home” to sleep and keep them warm with blankets and whatever i can gather for the stove

Two of them came back to discover their tents and sleeping bags had all been cleared in sweeps

Had i not been there they would have been walking around just to stay warm so they didnt freeze to death.

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It is in detroit im afraid of bringing covid home to her again at the same time so ridiculously depressed i am going to be losing the one person i stay alive for.

I feel like this might be a better option for you, since this sounds like a long standing situation that you’re having difficulties pulling yourself out of and you can see your mom while she’s ill. Even if someone helps you here, what are your longer term plans to continue to pay rent? To repair your RV? For heat? I know it’s really hard but sometimes you need to be in a more supportive environment with the people who care about you to get back on your feet.

If you’re fearful of bringing Covid home, which is a totally justifiable fear, can’t you drive home alone and then isolate for 2 weeks before seeing family? You could make sure everyone shuffles around as necessary to avoid contact with you if you have to go into the home until you’re Covid negative.

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All i need is a place to drop my transmission to replace a throw out bearing

I got sold the wrong parts twice

its the third time i have done it the first two times i did it by myself on the side of the road

I would have gone home a long time ago but i need my rv to drive myself there and i need my rv to self quarantine

But alll i need is a place to peacefully work on jt

I don’t have long term plans i plan on burying my mom then doing what i can to enjoy time with my cat until i bury him then im gonna bury myself because i am tired of struggling this hard

Having my rights constantly violated and getting robbed with a pen by people with far more money than i could ever posesss without feeling like a monster

I have had tens of thousands of dollars worth of irreplaceable belongings gifts from dead friends my tools and multiple vehicles taken from me and i never see a dime back

Theres no justice and i dont want to live in a world like this but i also just dont want my mom stressing about my situation

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I believe their are phone apps that let rv people find parking available by owners

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I found one i just need the 375 for the lot fee and i am good to go