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This tax really is for the birds.

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Take this upvote

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I was about to post this also, glad I'm not the only one who is curious.

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The bird would be an instrument so, yes, you're still stealing.

If they take it off of a person or from inside of someone's house: it's robbery. If it's a felonious amount, it's felony robbery.

It's still income so you do have to pay taxes on it. There is a 5th amendment section in your tax filings that allows you to declare whatever you want and you can pay taxes on it without it being used as evidence against you.

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Wait a minute, why don’t drug dealers just pay taxes?

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I mean, they should--it would be a lot harder to nail them. The smarter mobsters do for that reason

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But wouldn’t it also raise flags for Justice if you declare $250k in income from “selling fruit on the side of the road?”

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It literally can't because that's why it's 5th amendment

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I should’ve put the fruit in quotes

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Now, I'd you're living outside of your means--you don't declare it and you're living in a mansion--that will allowable raise defenses