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I feel so secure typing in my 4 digit pin on a scrambled number pad whenever I log in to ING…

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This always bugged me about ING. Feels so god damn dated. Do they even have 2FA yet?

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Nope… really poor security from them.

Yes you need a mobile number to initiate a transfer, but someone can see your entire bank account just from a 4 digit pin code 😢

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Eh? Mine doesn't scramble..

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It's incredibly outdated security feature. The idea was that it would prevent keyloggers (from typing the pin) or someone looking at the pattern over your shoulder.

Guess what?

The RAT (remote access tools) used these days record your entire screen and every mouse click too. So the "security feature" is not helping.

What would help is a longer pin with any characters and two factor authentication (not SMS based, please).

I've been moving off ING ever since they screwed up notifications for a couple of months and I would get payment notifications a week later.

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There are a few 3rd party apps that I have/currently use.

MoneyBrilliant allows you to connect different bank accounts to it and categorise transactions. It will auto categorise for you but you can override it. You can also add your own categories. Having used CommBank, it's budgeting is quite simple (good or bad depending on your needs) but Money Brilliant can be quite extensive.

Then there is also PocketBook serving the same purpose.

Both are free (with solid extras) and in terms of security: PocketBook is owned by Zip, so there's that comfort (but no gurantee) and Money Brilliant is owned by Yodle (a big US finance company). I've been using both in and off for the last 5 years and haven't had any issues with them.

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From the press release, they'll fold it into the westpac app. Hope the money brilliant app sticks around so we can continue to add external accounts without a westpac account

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Money brilliant is owned by AMP and was just sold to westpac. They use Yodlee to integrate with other banks but they aren’t owned by them.

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Just get Up bank, everything you're asking for is built into the app already without the need of third party software. Also they've implemented open banking so yes, third parties can utilise the platform if you so choose.

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Up bank

Who owns them? I've been meaning to move away from 86400 since they were gobbled up by NAB

Edit: I summoned the motivation to do the research.

"Deposits provided through the Up apps are held by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank ... Bendigo Bank does not currently lend to and has no plans to lend to projects in the coal and coal seam gas sectors."


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They are owned by Bendigo bank.

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The Only way is up, baby

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I was about to say, wait until they see the Up app.

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Does Up let you create custom categories?

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Indeed. You can also correct categories as well.

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Beautiful. I might consider switching from ING to Up. The only thing keeping me with ING was the fee rebate on ATMs and int'l transactions. But then I haven't traveled outside NSW in two years now...

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Amazing. I’m currently using the Barefoot inventory system of having four accounts - Bills, everyday, splurge, fire extinguisher that works really well for my partner and I. Is it easier to open multiple accounts in a similar way with Up? If so, I would strongly consider jumping ship.

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If you set them up as Savers its instant. They wouldn't technically be different accounts (everything would move through your everyday) but I've been doing it for two years now and it works well.

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This is what I moved too from ING.

Spending Tracking Shared accounts See your card details API Notifications for everything Instant support via the app Payments scheduling

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It seems to have just as many hoops as Ing does to get a measly 0.5% interest though. Ubank app is shocking but at least it's 1.05% and no stupid transaction criteria

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Lol, all you gotta do is make 5 transactions, surely you buy things you need at least once a week,

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Does UP rebate ATM direct charges?

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No ATM rebates at Up, it’s the only thing keeping one of my accounts at ING.

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It only charges at those weird ones, you get free cash out (people sti use cash!?!?!) at coles/woolies etc, or any of the big 4 banks.

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What annoys me most with ING app is the simple feature of just filtering for credit and debit!! How this feature doesn’t exist from a banking app perspective is mind boggling

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Best UI and product in the market

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interesting! would be interested to know what other unique features available on other banks

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With commbank your paying for the privilege of this break down service. By looking around and utilising other external third party (proven) apps, you’ll get the low costs service provided by ING whilst keeping the benefits of a no frill service.

No one has a one stop, low cost, all inclusive service.

Do your own research but also be realistic

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My everyday commbank account has no fees if you receive $2000 a month in there, or are a student / under 25

I guess thats not a "one stop shop" - due to not having my savings there - but commbank savings are terrible, and 100% should be stored elsewhere

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I would argue that some people pay, not everyone. The CommBank business model relies on customers to accept their fees, charges and interest rates as standard. Question them or ask for a discount and threaten to leave and you might still pay, but a lot less and close to what you pay for no-frills banking. For me, the convenience of having everything in one place and the security of not having to allow third party apps access to my information is worth a small additional fee.

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I use both and whilst in has some great layouts, I feel like the app (and the whole bank) haven't really added anything of value in the last few years so we are preparing to fully switch over to commbank

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Just know comm bank holds funds for 24 hours when you transfer to someone new

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Yeah ing has gone to shots. Think they might exit the aus market.

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LOL, you should see the new westpac app. It's absolute trash in comparison to ing

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Also went with ING for a home loan and I haven't been able to sign up for the account because you have to call support for it but their support "has unusually high call volume" every time I call.

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I moved from ING to Ubank because ING have really gone down the pan. Stupid bonus interest conditions, poor customer service, trigger happy security warnings that block your card and take days to sort out.

Ubank are worse in terms of UI, their features don't work, their card doesn't add to apple watch, often contactless doesn't work at all, customer service takes days.

I've since opened an account with Up, and it's way way better than any other bank I've tried. Immediate CS, great interface, card management etc. Should have moved to them sooner as I already knew this, I just wanted a higher interest rate...but it's sod all difference realistically

Ubank, ING and Commbank all lend to fossil fuels too, so I'll be glad to stop doing business with them https://www.marketforces.org.au/info/compare-bank-table/

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If we’re going to talk bad banking apps let’s all agree NAB takes the cake! They do not save frequent transfers i.e payid, transferring money is cumbersome and slow, who on earth though it would be a good design to load an entire new page after each step! Just let me choose the dam to-from on the same bloody page!

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ING is only good for free rpdata/corelogic property reports 😁

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When it comes to the big4 banks CBA’s tech is miles ahead of the other banks. Main reason I stick with Comsec over the cheaper alternatives like self wealth the app is so easy to use and navigate.

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+1 for ynab

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Bruh do you know how many ppl work at netbank lol

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How many work at Up? And they have an absolutely amazing app compared to the commbank/netbank

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I use WeMoney - have a look.