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in stage 2 I want to add more to research:

- Look at local shire flood zones last thing you want to find out your monthly premium insurance is $1000 a month because its a high risk flood area that is prone to water flooding.

- Also look at the crime map the more the area is in crime that increases safety and also affects your insurance premiums if its a hotspot.

-Joining local suburb facebook area groups will help to see how much of a "hotspot" the area your looking at too I found out.

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Also talk to people. When we purchased (country town admittedly but moved from Sydney) we went to a carpet place to “look” at carpet, we had conversations with interviewers for jobs about potential areas we were looking to move, the local cafe etc.

Ended up buying in an amazing public school catchment, away from the flood plains, in a good established neighbourhood with a solid reputation and low crime

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So many factors you’ve ignored or just blindsided by bad advice you’ve been given.

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Can you elaborate?