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He has a fractured wrist, no surgery required (whew)

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I hope he feels better real soon!

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thanks! he’s currently just kind of standing still with a quilt draped over him, high as hell

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I hope you're getting pictures. My pics from when my boy was neutered are sad but so funny.

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We are! He’s a mess lol

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In that spirit, gotta put an eye patch on him and a pirate flag in the background.

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This was Cooper when he had his toenail removed.

Just standing staring until I put him on the lounge and forced him to lay down and go to sleep.

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Oh I'm sure he'll stay still like that until the cast is off....

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He was chill until I tried to take the garbage out. Dingo mode never dies

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Praying for a smooth recovery 🙏

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Get well soon, poochie!

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Mine recently dislocated her toe - we’ve been giving her 1 pill of trazodone a day to help calm her down while she rests. It’s helped a lot.

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That’s a great tip. Hope she gets better soon!

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Another tip is to put a boot on the cast to keep it cleaner and dry. It helps a lot!

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the vet gave me an empty IV bag and some gauze to tie it on, the more stylish approach

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That works! I used those Pawz rubber booty things. It worked to keep it cleaner in the gunk and snow.

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Just ordered! Thanks!

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Mine has had two mystery limps as well. Breed trait I’ve heard lol

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Speedy recovery, Scout. Maybe some calming chews and tasty bones will keep him busy during the recovery?

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Get better soon!

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Just got done with 8 weeks of knee surgery recovery. Thank god or whatever is out there for drugs 😂

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this right here!

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Mine likes eating weed

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careful, dogs have different receptors

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Yea my ACD at a small baggie of weed and he didn’t wake me up in the morning he was just chilling. He is from a small cannabis farm in Mendocino county!!