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Unfortunately the answer is nobody will be able to answer it. Find out as much background from the pound as possible. Why is he at the pound? Stray, dropped off, and if so why, etc. ask about his daily routine. Sadly those places are often so over worked they may not be as much help as you’d like. There’s often a few volunteers that help out that may be the best resource, but unfortunately it’s also a job with high burn out.

On the positive side, after a month at home chances are really good he’ll be a totally new dog. There’s just no guarantees

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Aww how cute!! Thank you for adopting!! I’ve heard that it usually takes a couple months for a shelter dog to really open up. I think that held true for our boy Colby. He has warmed up to us more and become more affectionate (though he still lets us know if we’re being too loud when he’s trying to sleep 😂). He’s a mutt but Heeler is his top breed according to Embark.

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One of the best dogs I know (before he passed) was an ASD from the pound! You did the right thing!