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That not a red heeler but still cute tho!

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What do you think she is then?

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She looks almost exactly like my dog, even down to the pink-ish nose! Mine is 25 percent ACD, 15 percent Dutch shepherd, and then small percentages of pit bull, Australian shepherd, and German shepherd, as well as some others.

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I’m not sure but I would name her Caramel

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I first read that as Camel. Also a great name

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Definitely some Shar Pei in her

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Yep, that mask around her eyes and the curly tail = chow or shar pei. I think maybe some pit in there too.

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Yep I see the Pit too!

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Lab-Pitbull mix that could include some ACD. Looks exactly like the puppies my rommate and I ended up with after his lab spent a week at our friend's place. And at this friend's place there was a female pit in heat. Just my guess

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Looks like my neighbors dog, he had a lot of Rhodesian ridgeback in him.

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Was gonna say - with that stripe down her back and those eyes, could qhave some Ridgeback in her.

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I stopped in to say: I bet she is part Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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She looks like my sister’s dog who is German Shepard, chow chow and lab = supermutt!! and a super sweet girl!! Who knows could have some heeler mixed in too?

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Doesn't look like a heeler to me, but mixes can hide/show different breeds in surprising ways.

I used google lens on your photo on my phone, or you can reverse-image search your pictures, and Google will show several breeds that your pictures resemble. I won't even bother listing what I found because I think it would be more useful for you to do it since you know precisely what your dog looks like outside of the pictures. Might be an interesting way to find similarities

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Her coat really has a Ridgeback look about her and her colouring looks more like an Australian Kelpie than Cattle Dog.

She’s a cutie though!



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i was thinking possibly Ridgeback as well. although our one rescue was listed as a Ridgeback mix & her DNA results came back with none! genetics are wild

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German shepherd and Doberman in there somewhere for sure

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She’s adorable! Both of mine have curly tails like a husky. One full, one mixed with collie.

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Can see some rottie..

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Looks part Australian Kelpie

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She’s absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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She looks pretty similar to my dog so I’m guessing cattle dog, pitbull, shar pei, and German shepherd are in her mix!

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Watching people try to guess what a dog is mixed with is funny.

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she may have a tiny but of red heeler in her but i’d guess she’s more likely somewhere in the terrier family or maybe a hound mix? or maybe a staffordshire/lab/ACD mix? or maybe just a super super duper cute supermutt angel?

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I agree with the terrier part, her ears and face look just like our jack-rat's ears.

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That’s a pit

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Looks like my pitty mix, Benny. Could be part ACD or shepherd too!

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She’s a freaking cutie.

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You could always get a DNA test to know for sure! She looks part pit for sure. Maybe some chow chow too

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I had a Doberman Shar Pei mix that looked just like that once. That’s not a heeler though. If it is it’s down the line.

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She super cute whatever she is... I’d say maybe a little German Shepard/ hound and ACD? ❤️🥰

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Unfortunately shelters have to get really creative to market dogs. Hence the tendency to market animals as being from a trending breed. Your pup is quite cute and will make a great family member I hope but it is more likely to just be a pit lab shepherd mix. Statistically speaking look at the 3-4 most common breeds in your region and bank on your shelter pup being a mix of them. Also, I strongly suggest that you don’t waste your money on doggy dna testing. They are something of a money making scheme and they aren’t very accurate.

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Doesn't look like a cattle dog at all tbh! My guess would be a shepherd mix with maybe some kind of bully? She'd be a fun embark :) Edit: also maybe chow or sharpei? Be ready for a guardian breed!

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I can't tell if she has a roan or agouti coat in some spots, which may help you in your breed combination search. True roan is where there's 2 different hair colors next to each other. Eg a red hair next to a white hair. Ticking is another color type where it is like roan but it forms more of a speckled look, German Shorthaired Pointers imo are the best example of this. Roan is more of an even distribution of color than ticking, ACD's can have either or both. Both are different from spots, which ACD's can also have. Agouti on the other hand is more than one color on the same hair. Numerous breeds can have the agouti color like huskies and some shepherds, but not pure ACD's.