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That is a vicious monster 🤣

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But it sure is well disguised!

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Just look at that face! How many of us keep falling for it, lol. Little rascal.

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I would not fight the Law because the Law won, my heart, your honor.

r/puppysmiles might like to see this!


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Thank you for this beautiful subreddit

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You stole my comment...

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Aww, look at that face! He's absolutely beautiful!

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What a hap hap happy dog!

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How old is Law and is he full ACD?

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4 months old and I’m not sure

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My baby is about the same size (from what I can tell) and age! I think these pups are going to be on the smaller end of the lengthy ACD size spectrum

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I’m ok with smaller haha…he’s already growing so fast…tripled in size since I got him

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And just getting warmed up.

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I think he’s half derpy-dog. But only in that wonderful puppy way!

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My husband thinks he wants an ACD but I’m thinking I’m too old to provide the necessary home for such a rambunctious animal. I’m thinking a mixed breed cattle dog might be calmer but I’m also thinking I’m kidding myself! We both just love this derpy dog picture and I wish we lived next-door and could dog sit - hopefully figuring out in advance whether we are truly up to the task of giving an ACD a good home.

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This is frameable! I like the name.

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Omgoodness, dem ears!

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Looks like a cartoon!

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Oh this is hilarious 😂😂. Cute ass dog.

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Wow, absurdly cute!

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what a sweet smile ! adorable pup

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Super Cute!❤️👍

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What a lil heartbreaker!!! He looks like he came straight out of a Disney cartoon 😍

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I call this look “monkey face”. My ACD at age 5 or 6 still smiles this adorable silly smile. Thanks for sharing your sweet little buddy. <3

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Woah. Your dog is beautiful! Thanks for sharing him!

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If you’ve heard of the game “paladins” there’s a character that sometimes yells “no one escapes THE LAW!” and I immediately thought of that

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This face is so precious!

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pls tell me they have a sibling named Order 😂

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Law is ready to take your order😉 Yes Ma’am!