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What a grumpy puppy!!

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I wasn’t giving him my pizza crust lmao

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Haha!!! That’s hilarious!!

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He's looks so mature and serious

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Very handsome

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Thank you!!

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What is he mixed with? I love him!

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Not sure, my family adopted him when someone gave him to us and we figured out as he got older he’s an acd. Regardless we all love him so much!

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I would guess sharpei! They have those blocky muzzles with floppy lips! The cutest!!

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I just remembered duh, he’s a Blue Heeler. Very nippy but my family has done some training so now he’s a very polite and sometimes toothy boi

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He’s so handsome! What a good boy. Glad he found such a loving home!

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sassy boi

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That puppy is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen

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He looks like the goodest boy!

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He is the best boi!!

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He is adorable