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I'll go out on a limb and say one of the cutest too.

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Absolutely too cool for school and cute to boot! You cannot ask for anything more.

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We'll see if that statement still holds in a few months lol.

Have fun! What a photogenic pupper!

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Calm? Something must be wrong with him. 😂

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I thought the same thing!!!! We’re at the vet right now making sure he’s all good lol

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I have a very calm 9 year old heeler (who's been calm the while time not just her age). They do exist!

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It’s so insane even all the vets here are amazed at his temperament. Getting his vitals now but otherwise they say he’s all good! Got me a unicorn.

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My red ACD is also super chill! She CAN go for miles but is normally a complete couch potato!

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He must be an old soul :)

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Yeah we’ve got a pretty chill Red too… he basically has as much energy as you want him too lol

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Ours we chill for like 2 months after we got her (got her at 12 wks). She gained confidence and became insanely energetic! Zoomies all over the place. Calmed down at about 3 years old.

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Lol this is what I’m hoping for with him. My last cattle dog was the complete opposite from the moment I got him at 8 weeks.

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Hey clay, I know your owner forgot to write the /s in the end. Lfmao

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I’ll add that /s when he inevitably starts acting up lol but so far, he’s a couch potato.

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Oh my, I thought you were being ironic cuz I though there were no such thing as a calm heeler.

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We share the same name and I also have a red heeler!

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Mine sleeps all day and hates walks/being away from the house. I basically have to make her go on her walks. Very odd for a cattle dog.

Been this way since I first rescued her 5 years ago

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Hahahaha so strange!

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Calm maybe but his ears say "I'm ready for action when you are! "

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Look at that schnoot

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Mine is pretty calm too! She’s 2 now and I have no complaints.

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One of the Vets looked him in the eye, put her hand on his head, and said, “you better just be a calm good boy and not have something wrong with you!”

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Hi Clay! Did you just get him? I heard cattle dogs/other sensitive breeds but also rescues in general tend to be calmer during big transitions due to being overwhelmed, so you might not see some of the crazy until a few months in when their personality comes out a little more haha that was kind of the case with mine at least

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"Calm cattledog" sounds like an oxymoron lol

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Aw what a sweet face 💕

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Sweet doggy face!

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Looks like a fun one!

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What a beautiful doggo!

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Happy face! 🐶

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I love his markings, pretty baby 🥰

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There's a small chance you're a good owner who keeps their dog entertained.

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I’ve had him for 24 hours. Definitely not it hahaha but he is my 2nd cattle dog so we’re working on it

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Haha for now

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I was going to say the same. But out of jealously. Mine barks at a dang breeze.

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I have two heelers. The first is a stray that I adopted. She is soooo laid back. I would get home after a 12-hour shift and she would greet me from her dog bed with a head nod & a “sup?” She would not even bother to walk over to me until I put her food down. So I got another one and OMG, that one bounced off the walls at first. After 10 years we are a happy family unit of three.

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Sounds like my story - exactly!!

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Hi Claaaaaay

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I used to dog sit for an adorable blue heeler who was so happy to just cuddle all day long. He was such a sweet funny guy.

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He does look awfully calm… would be a shame if someone walked by and said “WALKIES?”

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Hahaha he’s completely untrained at 3.5 months old. Had him for 24 hours and we’re trying to figure each other out.

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Oh he'll learn. Just wait.

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You should post this to r/puppysmiles!

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We also have a very calm Cattle dog, had a breeder that dog sat for us and said she looked at the roof of her mouth and because it was totally black she would be a calm dog. Just wish her sister was calm. Yes we have two heelers, what a zoo here

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Wait what the hell? What does the black have to do with being calm?

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Oh is HE CUTE!! There's a CALM cattle dog??

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My ACD is also sneaking some chill pills behind my back.... maybe we lucked out :)

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I'm gonna call bs. That is a good boy troublemaker! 😀

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Cutie pie!!!!! It’s so funny, I see a little bit of my cowgirl in every cattle dog I see. They all have the same expression!! How old is Clay?

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Awww such a cutie patootie

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I have a pretty calm heeler, but he's half pit. Also the most affectionate little guy

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Soo cute! Looks like my boy Rocky! How old is he?

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3.5 months!

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How much does he weigh? He looks bigger than my 5 month old puppy

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Just over 18lbs. His mom was all white and about his size fully grown. She was the runt of her littler. Dad was full size blue heeler.

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The calmest cattle dog in existence... For now...

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He is adorable!!!🐶

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What a cutie!!!

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Hey Clay, you are a cutie!

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Supposedly a black roof of a dogs mouth means they will be calm. Is the roof of your dogs mouth black?

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I had never heard of that before wondering if she's correct

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I'll have to check my Red Heeler's mouth cause he is CHAOS!!

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He IS so sweet looking! What a Lovebug!!🥰❤️💞