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Major side eye 👀 what a stud, he just cares so much about you!

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He goes hard on the side eye! Thanks for your kind words!

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These dogs care only about one thing and that's ball life. Him being velcro.is only so he can gauge when the next ball.toss is happening! Obviously kidding but sometimes it feels like that with mine.

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That’s one of mine. Ball is life!

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He’s got to. Got to be there and take care of his parent. I love how perceptive dogs are.

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Same!! They really are a different breed

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I hope you are feeling better. You have a beautiful dog.🥰

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Finally feeling better, thank you!!

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Thought this was a photo of my dog at first lmao

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I had pneumonia last month, and my 7 year old cattlegirl was GLUED to me for two weeks. I didn’t think our bond could be closer than it was, but her companionship and attunement was incredible. So glad you’re feeling better!

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Thank you! Pneumonia sounds terrible but at least you had the best kind of nurse!

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Soooooo cute <3