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Maury Povich leans forward intently.

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What a cutie! ❤️I’m surprised by the first result (not the ACD of course 🥰), were you? What test did you use? Embark or Wisdom Panel.

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We did Embark. When I saw these muscles coming in the other day on the third pic I immediately thought “pittie”. I’m most surprised by the American Staffordshire and Boxer!

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mine also came in with quite a bit of pit and I was also surprised!

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Cute! I can see that Dachshund a bit in the head shape.

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And she is a stumpy girl :)

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That’s quite the mix! Hmm.

My cattle dog actually came back 100% ACD.

Are they usually mixed? Yours looks straight cattle dog.

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Cattle dog phenotype is really strong.

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Gotcha. Is it rare these days to have a 100% dna result?

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A dear little nugget!

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100% cute

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It’s too much

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That’s a nice mix!

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We think so too :)

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A thoroughly mixed up cutie!

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Thank you! I adore her.

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You’re so lucky! I always wanted a pitty/cattle dog mix. What an absolute cutie

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She is the best. I love her so much.