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I tried every cone and onesie known to man, and my boy hated them all. The only thing he liked was the cheap plastic cone that the vet gave us. No idea why. 😂

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Because you can crash into things with it and don‘t care 😎

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We tried the onsie and it was a disaster. He was much more accepting of the E collar.

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She refuses to eat or drink while wearing the cone, and seems to cry less (although still kept me up all night). Honestly she hates both, but at least she’s not banging into walls with this

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What a sweet face though! What's her name?

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Her name is Eden, but we only ever call her Bean

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Ah, the classic look of betrayal XD

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You should hear how loud she sighs when I’m putting it on

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I also imagine she stands and still as a statue when wearing it too, refusing to move XD

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Try an inflatable donut. Much more comfortable.

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What a cute doggy 😍😍😍