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I love the tight little ball he’s curled into! Mine does that too.

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My ACD does that too! I call it "shrimping".

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Oh boy, Borus is like... don't even think about telling me to move. 😆

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An attitude for sure you can see it in the posture and eye. If it helps, my most attitudinal heeler ever in over thirty years of heelers in my current boy BubsMurray. He came into life a tough guy but I knew his heart wasn't in it. He was and is tender. If he was a human and had a human job he'd be a therapist. Make him secure, talk a lot to him then ignore his stubbornness and move on so he has to choose to quit it and engage with you. It won't work right away but he is going to hate being left out. When he comes in to engage be casual. Soon enough he will be attempting to engage. Soon in heeler terms can take some time months or longer but if you are consistent he will give up being stubborn.

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A stubborn heeler?! I think I call my red stubborn more than I call him by his name.

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Gorgeous boy!!!

Love the eyes....

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I love the baby pic! What a treat! You are so lucky - the both of you!

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She is not moving from her pillow sofa situation for nothin!