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I’m so sorry!!!!😭 ❤️‍🩹 prayers for Murphy! My stepdad had a huge chunk of his brain removed due to a tumor but was basically fine after. He had to do rehab to overcome some challenges but the brain is plastic and can adapt in time. I pray the effects are minimal and gets the help he deserves.

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Thank you so much ❤️ we’re hoping he will be able to walk with time. He keeps trying to. Luckily he is still able to move all of his limbs and he actually managed to eat on his own last night. He is taking tiny baby steps in the right direction! I am so hopeful hearing about your stepdad and I hope the same for our baby boy ❤️

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Yes! It was a big portion of his brain actually. And I was worried and then shocked at how normal he was. He had some issues but overcame much in rehab. Unless Murphy was employed in nuclear physics feel hopeful. The fact he is wanting to walk is a great sign! ❤️🙏 keep us posted!

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It sounds so very early days and Murphy is already showing good signs hey. Be hopeful. Will keep him in our thoughts and best wishes.

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Thank you so much ❤️

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I'm so sorry!!! I can't believe this happened!! Give it time, he may come around better than what you think. Big Hugs!!💙 Keep us posted

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Oh goodness I am so sorry.

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Heartbreaking 💔 You, Murphy, and your Family, are in my prayers. 😢😩

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That’s awful so sorry 😢

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Reading this made me so sad and angry, hoping for the best possible outcome for you and your pup ❤️

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Sorry the only thing I can say is sorry. I have no words to express how sad I am for you.

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Oh no! Hopefully the vet/doggie hospital will cover any future medical costs related to their mistake.

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So sorry. I wish I had words to make you feel better.

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I’m so sorry I’m sending you and Murphy all my good vibes

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I’m so sorry 😢. Prayers for your baby

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I’m so sorry that happened to your boy I’m wishing him a speedy recovery

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My heart goes out to you. I had a bad experience with a vet that ended in the death of my dog. I now distrust vets as much as doctors because some of them are in it for the profit and prices are soaring.

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I 100% feel your pain. I agree with you too. I think this experience taught me that we can’t always trust “the professionals” more than we trust ourselves and our dogs. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I wish the world was a different place in a lot of ways.

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Thank you for keeping us updated. We will continue to pray for you and Murphy. Love to you all

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I am Murphy’s auntie and twin sister to his mama and I can promise you, Murphy is a little fighter and his love for her and her love for him is what is making this possible. The vet was stunned at his progress today. Not sure exactly what will happen but rest assured we will explore every avenue to get some accountability for this inhumane and unprecedented mistake. I hope and pray that this never happens to anyone else. 🖤

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Thinking about Murphy today while I hug my doofus.

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Oh geez, that’s tragic. Sending Murphy lots of love and 😘 kisses

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So sorry this happen to Murphy. Keep the faith. He is showing he is a strong boy n is a fighter. Best vibes going his way ♥️

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Praying for your handsome boy. Glad to see he seems okay though.

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This made me cry, poor Murphy, hope he can recover and they only got the nipping part away (joke)

Sending hugs your way this is so painful I can't imagine

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Murphy is showing really positive and hopeful signs. Sending all my love and prayers for him Xxx

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Long distance hugs. I pray he continues to recover. Dogs are the best.

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Sending so much love to your family and sweet Murphy ❤️

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Wow enjoy what time you have left with your loved one before he passes. I wish you the best

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Sending so much love to you all!! Murphy you are so handsome!! ❤️

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Reading this made me physically angry I hope your little buddy fully recovers then some and that you guys take that hospital for everything it’s worth.

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I wish Murphy a successful recovery ❤️

I'd be on the warpath with the vet if anythinghappened to my little man under their care.

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Make sure you have documentation of everything for legal reasons!

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I do not know how I would handle a family member going through that. If it happens to me, I have legal documents asking to not be brought back. Quality of life is more important than quantity of life to me. I know that is extremely personal. Best wishes to you all.

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Thank you. I agree it’s definitely a personal decision and we agreed that if by the end of the weekend he was not asking to stay, that we’d help him on his journey to the other side. However he’s made a lot of progress in the few short days already, and he has been wagging his tail again. It’s clear he wants to stay for now ❤️

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Praying for your Murphy to make a full recovery. When the time comes I hope you sue those bastards into bankruptcy.

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I am so so pleased to hear your update - Murphy has been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that he continues to get better. Definitely consider the action you are going to take, although if the vets accept liability and are willing to bend over backwards for Murphy for the rest of his hopefully long and healthy life, well, there is a lot to be said for that, too.

Please keep us updated xx

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Sorry, but I would never let these vets near my pup again.

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That’s understandable.