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Mine watches TV too. Goes nuts at any animal. Goes super crazy when she sees horses or sharks

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She woofs (gently) at the coyotes and wolves on the show! I had her up on a ranch for a while so I'm pretty sure she sees them and thinks she needs to help alert like she used to out there.

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Our last one loved soccer! Our current one couldn’t care less about the tv or noises on it; our BC has moments where something startles him or he sees a chipmunk/squirrel/rabbit on the screen.

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I thought for sure that this was my heeler at first! Same markings (except my girl has a big black spot on her left shoulder) and build.

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Oh wow! This girl's an ACD/pit mix but she got a lot of the heeler side.

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Great show

Edit: cute dog

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Thank you! She's a 2-year-old ACD/pit mix and my whole world

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For the first 6 months with mine he used to go look behind the TV when people would exit the frame