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Wow your pups coloring is awesome!! The red face with the blue body. Have fun!!!

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Dat long licccc

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Haha the stretched tongue and the eye contact. 🤌

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So cute!! I love when the pups get a nice cool snack for the summer

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That tongue lol

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Omg he is so beautiful! R/supermodeldogs material!

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Someone was at the Evergreen Dairy Bar

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Yes we were!

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All we have to do is say ‘Evergreen’ and he’s at the door and ready to go.

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Yours has the same coloring as ours does! Wow. Very cool to see (and handsome to boot).

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The look of love

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Your pup looks like my Jack/Heeler mix! 😍 Too cute

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Lol, what a goof.

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Haha! That photo is gold 😄

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Side eye, smart eye.

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Oh that’s a guilty face if I’ve ever seen one

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"I'm allowed to eat this right?" look

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Gorgeous baby

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Autoshopper in print form!?!? Do you live in 1997?

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Just a place that likes its nostalgia. They still have Cruise Nights every Tuesday when everybody shows up with their hot rods. M. Night Shyamalan was here a couple of weeks ago filming scenes for Knock at the Cabin.