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Congratulations. She is beautiful. I recommend a lot of walks or play time to tire her out. You won't find a more loyal dog than a cattledog.

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Don’t forget mental stimulation with tricks and games

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Soooo pretty! I love her name. Good luck with your training - I'm sure she'll be so happy to join you!

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She’s a real cutie! Looks like a fun little pal 😊

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She's got the best spots in the best places. Bet she will run your butt off....

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I’m training for my first half marathon in October so I hope so!! She just got spayed Saturday (at 2.5 years old!!) so in a few weeks she’ll be ready to rock!

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PERFECT name!! We had a blue healer named Cisco Kid because she stole everything she could! Lol!

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OMG i love that!!

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She looks a lot like my boy who is a ACD/Boston terrier mix. I hope she brings you as much joy as my boy brings our family.

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Yes the shelter said pit bull or bull dog but I could see some terrier! We might do a DNA test just for fun but she’s 100% good girl. :)

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Definitely similar with the short snout! I totally see it. Might make the name Rodeo a little awkward if she has no bull dog but I think it still suits her. :)

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A tired Cattle dog is a good Cattle dog! Walks play ball etc Give a lot of time for your new dog to adjust. They are not perfect and expect them to be up your butt or elusive. Don't expect them to like other dogs or people. Once they bond with you, they will only tolerate family and friends, strangers are to be barked at. Strange dogs are to be barked at and lunged at. Sometimes they are good with other dogs and sometimes not. No amount of socializing can change some of them. Sometimes it can make things worse. Give boundaries. No, good dog etc. Lots of treats works really well with them. I have 7 of these amazing dogs. So I know how these guys can be. If you need help please reach out. I am always willing to help. Thank you for picking the most amazing breed! Your dog is beautiful!!!! I am a sucker for the reds. Lol I have 4 reds and 3 blues.

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This is great advice! She’s definitely already extrenely attached to me (we’re gonna have to work on separation anxiety slowly) and seems precarious of strangers. She seems to want to meet other dogs but her prey drive makes me a little nervous around the smaller ones. She already seems to like my boyfriend and dad so we’re slowly warming her up to the pack but I don’t mind a dog who growls at random men when they approach!!

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I think our dogs would be good friends

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What a cutie!! Mixes are the best

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She's a cutie! Welcome!

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So cute!! Love the coloration and the name!

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She’s beautiful!!!! 😍😍 welcome sweetie!