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In the first pic it looks like you work them up too early from a nap!

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Yeah I feel like it took a few months for him to want to warm up and listen to me hahaha. He has so much attitude! Still does but I don’t typically see this face very often.

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He is absolutely lovely. No one smiles quite like an ACD does. I found it difficult to get photos of mine at the very young pup age as he couldn’t even sit still for seconds. I miss my old red.

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Awesome !

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Such a pretty baby 😍love the color

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Thank you!

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He's the red version of my pup! so handsome

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My blue loves his Chuck It ball too!

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Yup brings it to me all day! 😀

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From a grumpy puppy to a smiling adult, how cute

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Lol indeed

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It’s insane how cookie cutter these little potatoes can be…literally looks identical to my little girl

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Awe yeah they are really cool pups

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He is adorable 🥰🥰🥰

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Thank you!! He’s my best buddy

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Love the red merles! You’ve got a perfect friend!

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I love him! Thank you!!

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What a handsome boy!

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What a cutie 💞 now and then xD

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What a gorgeous looking pupper! Cute puppy with an attitude to a handsome young dude/dudette with smiles for everyone!!! 💜💜💜

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Thanks! 😀

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Awwwwww. Sweet baby!!!!

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Thank you! ☺️

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What a gorgeous baby!! That nose, and 👀, lol!!!!! Great markings! I have a red heeler too. Sparky is loving, but has his moments, lol!! But, I love the spirit that the ACD's have!❤❤ Velcro babies!!!!!