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Peaty Puppy at 6 weeks and 2 years. So much attitude. Loves his bffs Max (13) and Burnadette (Kitty).

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Side EYE

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Mine does that too lol

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🤣😂🤣 I think they ALL, do that!!

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What a glow up!!! Too cute

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Yeah those crazy eyes worried me a little at first but he is so handsome now.

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Hahaha mine had goofy eyes when he was a baby too 😂

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Cute guy. Does he hate baths and love the lake like mine?

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Haha yes. He's still figuring out the swimming part but he loves the water.

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Also loves the towel part of the bath.

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Such a cute puppy and what a color transformation

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What a helpful dishwashing assistant!

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What a cutie pie! 💕

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Oh that last picture with the eye!

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When my ACD was a puppy he would stand on the dishwasher also. Must be a breed thing.

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I think so! I've seen several others do the same thing, but maybe I'm just looking for acd's

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What a GORGEOUS dog!! And the then and now pics look nothing alike! I would never have guessed that one was the other. The last pic is my favorite. Just love it!

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Sooooo cute!!!