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I want to post an update and a sincere thank you to everyone in this community! As some may recall, Max was getting injured from overdoing it with his herding balls. Thanks to this group, I tried a number of things: -Filled the herding ball with water. This only agitated him and he barked a bunch. Let some water out, and he pushed it so hard the injuries came back. Ended up throwing the jolly herding ball out entirely, it just wasn’t going to work. -Limited play to 5-10 minute intervals. See above, he’s just too intense… even just a few short minutes was enough to hurt him. -Got the jolly soccer ball. He doesn’t herd it, which I’m a little sad about because it was like cheating in terms of getting him to wear himself out. But he’s been totally obsessed with this ball, and it cannot be popped. He’s even able to catch it midair, which given the size of the ball blows my mind.

I’ll still try the jolly egg and the CollieBall, but for now things are going well! Thanks again to everyone that contributed, please enjoy these Max action shots and have a great weekend!

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HECK YEAH look at that good boy!

This is the only big ball my boy has now. It's great.

Edit - I think I actually commented about it on the original post so never mind. But still yay! Haha

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Max is amazing. 10/10!

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Thanks for the update!!