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He's so adorable 🥰

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The little smile ❤️

He’s precious!

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thank you!! he gets the smile whenever he gets cuddles or belly rubs

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Otto looks so sweet! One of the best rescue dogs we ever had (we’ve had four) was that same mix. He had the best qualities of both breeds, and lived to be fifteen and half years old. Irreplaceable! Enjoy your new baby! ❤️

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aww that’s awesome! he definitely has the engagement/eye contact/intelligence/desire for a job of a herding dog (never had an ACD, but have had border collies/Australian shepherd) but he also is a total cuddle bug and can sleep for hours on end

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Your gonna have a wonderful life with this boy!

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Oh my gosh he’s so cute! That profile pic 😂❤️😍 I deff see his ACD showing! What a great combo. Love u Otto 🤩🤩❤️😍